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  1. michalm21

    Skydivingmovies.com is back!

    I have tens, if not 100+ videos from the old site. Once I go through them I can upload too
  2. michalm21

    Any veterinarians? Cat ate a short string

    Thanks Phillbo! She's a happy cat so far. I'll be keeping an eye on her.
  3. michalm21

    Any veterinarians? Cat ate a short string

    Thanks for your post. I've wondered how digestible that thread was, it's possible it was already partially digested too! I'll call the vet tomorrow and ask if he would recommend any preventative screening. Luckily all signs point to my cat being ok.
  4. michalm21

    Any veterinarians? Cat ate a short string

    Before I call my vet again, I figured I'd try to get some suggestions here. 6 days ago my silly big fat cat (15lbs) ate a piece of butcher's string that was wrapped around my beef... It was maybe 4 inches long and she swallowed it in no time! So we called the vet immediately, and they said to monitor the cat for any vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy and look through the litter box. Well, it's now been 6 days, cat is normal, eats plenty, acts fine, no vomiting, no signs of discomfort or distress... but also no string in the litter box either. So, before we panic, what should I ask the vet about then I call later tonight or tomorrow after it's been a week? It's possible that the sting bunched up in a ball and already was excreted - I could have missed it, but I doubt it. May still be in the stomach, may be in the intestine so I'm worrying it can cause some gradual intestinal issues. Any ideas what I should insist on doing next? Vet will likely say to monitor, because they're not the 'we will do every test possible' type of vets, which can be good, but also could be a bit annoying. Is 4" not long enough to worry about? I'm also looking into giving her some hairball paw gel for some extra lubrication... Other suggestions?
  5. michalm21

    could you help with my survey?

    Thanks guys, I need 6 more (ideally female) to satisfy my own goal of responses. But regardless of what happens I need to close the survey tonight and start doing analysis. Thanks everyone!
  6. michalm21

    could you help with my survey?

    Thank you!
  7. michalm21

    could you help with my survey?

    that's fine :) I won't even know your answers, all I need is more data points so thank you doing it. // I also understand it's not a great survey, but it will get the job done.
  8. michalm21

    could you help with my survey?

    My semester is about to end and I need a few more responses on my electric car survey so I can complete a class project... I really hate posting, but would anyone mind filling it out? It is estimated that it will take less than 4 minutes of your time. Thank you. http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2477028/Electric-Car-Readiness-Survey
  9. Not to bash your post, but it's like asking what car is the best... It all depends on what you work with, what video formats, what software. I'm sure some more knowledgable people will give you suggestions, but it'd be great if you posted more details about the footage you plan working with and what you're transcoding to (and from). I've worked on both OS X and Win. For my non commercial purposes (read home video on a big screen) it's a wash (doesn't matter really) but I prefer macs. Edited: search this forum for DSE's posts. He usually posts great advice on this subject.
  10. michalm21

    USPA elections

    Well true. To be accurate, it was his buddy Kurt who went head down but Rich was S&TA and enjoyed watching those videos.
  11. michalm21

    USPA elections

    Marko, I think you forgot to tell Mike how also Rich was fired from his PD job for running illegal poker tournaments. Representing the law and breaking it at the same time. Quite a parallel to his USPA position. What about flying in the caravan without seat belts during take off ? Signing off on water training ... Without any training. Head down tandems... And no, all above is not hearsay. I've seen it over the years. We really need a revolution at the USPA. Hope many more people vote and vote for the better candidates.
  12. michalm21

    USPA elections

    Bravo, Marko. Someone else has the ball to call it as it is. Rich is a real POS, and I started on the same dz as you in LI around the same time, and had good times hanging out with him. Unbelievable how more I learn about him as time flies by and it's incredible the double standards he will have and get away with it! I voted today, and I did not vote for him or his crony regional director candidate either.
  13. I also haven't heard of any refunds of people's money left on account. But Ray was never an upstanding guy. Just learning about it from news report. Never got any notification via email; phones are disconnected. Good riddance. This place sucked big time anyway - tandem factory closing as early as 4pm on weekend when tandems were done and saying 'f u' to the fun jumpers who then just stopped showing up anyway.
  14. michalm21

    Bridge Day 2015

    This is correct - the event should be boycotted and many BASE jumpers are not attending. Please do the BASE community a favor and do not go this year. Go to Twin instead, you will have more fun anyway.
  15. michalm21

    Rich Winstock Swoop Incident Cover-Up

    Let's not forget that the first time he resigned his resignation wasn't accepted. I'm happy he's gone, guy has no morals and doesn't deserve the seat. I've known him for many years and I won't be crying over it.