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  1. Not to bash your post, but it's like asking what car is the best... It all depends on what you work with, what video formats, what software. I'm sure some more knowledgable people will give you suggestions, but it'd be great if you posted more details about the footage you plan working with and what you're transcoding to (and from). I've worked on both OS X and Win. For my non commercial purposes (read home video on a big screen) it's a wash (doesn't matter really) but I prefer macs. Edited: search this forum for DSE's posts. He usually posts great advice on this subject.
  2. I also haven't heard of any refunds of people's money left on account. But Ray was never an upstanding guy. Just learning about it from news report. Never got any notification via email; phones are disconnected. Good riddance. This place sucked big time anyway - tandem factory closing as early as 4pm on weekend when tandems were done and saying 'f u' to the fun jumpers who then just stopped showing up anyway.
  3. michalm21

    Luke Aikins Planning No-Parachute Jump From 25 000ft

    a door to what exactly?
  4. michalm21

    Got my SkySnatch PC

    To reduce oscillations, one may want to use f111 instead of zp and that should be sufficient enough for skydiving. Saves $80 as well. It's cool that you got it but seems like an overkill for skydiving
  5. hmm, never thought of that but I actually like the idea!
  6. Scott Miller swooping a 220 Navigator
  7. michalm21

    Wingsuits BANNED!

    Another sensational post. Yes, temporary ban on wingsuits in Chamonix. This is BASE. Nothing to post here about. Looks like the town wants to start discussion to facilitate wingsuiting along with other aerial sports in the area. Of course there will be a temporary ban, especially after a fatality. Again, this is BASE. Some people do stupid shit, sometimes there are accidents. You don't know the details. But hey - WINGSUITS BANNED!
  8. michalm21

    Initial head down. Daffy or Shelf?

    Well, to the little I know all together about head down flying, I am in the process of learning it in the tunnel as well so I feel like this input may be relevant. Doing probably 5 hours now since January, I've started learning both daffies and hook (shelf), plus transitions, more sitflying, backflying, arched backfly, and other little tricks to develop more body mechanics that will help me to become a complete flyer. So I'm told and I believe you need to do all 3. By 3 I mean your regular("good") daffy, "bad" daffy and hook. The reasoning for both daffies and hook at the same time is to develop full awareness and ablility to fly in any position, switch comfortably, etc. Since you (just like me) don't have any experience in the sky, means we likely don't have any good habits, so I believe it is good to start learning the broad spectrum of HD. Yes, flying will come slower and tunnel is $$$, but I'd rather take extra 6 months and fly comfortable all 3 positions, than learn faster but only fly one position as this will decrease my mobility (and level of comfort) in a formation. Anyone else with their outlook on this?
  9. michalm21

    Apache XRW

  10. michalm21

    S-bird review

    Awesome, congrats! Now go tell your V4 friend to use magnets in the leg wing
  11. michalm21


  12. michalm21

    New personal best!

    that's great! my best time in my TS is 163s in Raptor, (but also from 14k pulling below 3 - maybe 2.5-2.7) and I weight 165 with 5'11 hahahah Best in S-Bird I demoed (1 jump) was 169. My best in V3 is 173 so far from 14k to 3.5 Anyway, time is not all :) I'm more curious about maximizing forward speed and see those clouds go zoom zoom
  13. michalm21

    Glue from logos

    Hi, when I asked before I was recommended mineral spirits, goo gone or lighter fluid( Naptha) Tried both goo gone and mineral spirits and both worked well removing glue residue from rip stop tape. Here's a link to my question: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3984088;page=unread#unread Hope it helps.
  14. michalm21

    Does this look dangerous?

    I'd rent a bigger student container and put that BASE canopy in that. Then you can track it, hop&pop without worrying it will prematurely "escape" and wraps around the tail possibly killing all aboard the aircraft. I would personally NOT jump it. It shouldn't be hard to rent a student container for that increased safety and/or piece of mind. edited to add: using big student container is what I've been using with my BASE canopy