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  1. Hi Dave, I have a couple of requests. I'm still getting traffic from posts on dz.com and want to provide the people with the old videos. Would you mind uploading the following? roger_nelson.wmv 0208.wmv yotmb.wmv OLN_Fearless.wmv mccordia_herc2004_trailer.wmv Exit1.mpg plffast.wmv jeb_demo-big.WMV Whenever you got some spare time, no rush
  2. Thanks for the correction, my english isn't on point apparently :) All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  3. Yeah, this feature is on my TODO list. You will also be able to bulk select the kind of movies you searched for and auto play those. But this may take a while. I'm doing development in my spare time and am still looking for sponsors. All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  4. All of you veterans will probably remember the time when we posted all of our movies on skydivingmovies.com. But somewhere in 2009 I guess the server crashed and there were no backups. Since then I missed the website so much that I've now recreated it to my best ability. But I'll let PilotDave be the judge of that . Officially the new site is hosted at skydivingmovies.org, but thanks to CraigPoxon you will also land there by typing skydivingmovies.com. Big thanks to him for pointing old links towards the new website. Many of you are probably wondering why another skydivingmovies website when we allready have jointheteem? Well, this website is database and community oriented. Everyone can contribute and searching videos should become an easy task. It also has an algorithm based on view count, rating and comments to calculate what videos are most popular. This way you can keep posted on only the best of the best. You can also use the newsletter to subscribe to a specific category. Why am I posting this here? I want to ask all of you guys to contribute to the website so we can make a massive database again with all of your skydive related videos. Become a member now! PS: All feedback is welcome, just post your comment in this thread. All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  5. I tried discussing this with my psychiatrist today. She also rejected my arguments. During the session she made several comments on what a difficult patient I am and they could have easily discharged me from the hospital because all I did was lay down in the couch. I told her I needed more help in getting my ass into fitness therapy and she said the staff already tried everything to help me get into therapy. She said I needed to show more commitment to fight my depression. The basic line I got from the conversation was "you are responsible for your depression, you should solve it". That's why I escaped from the hospital and will ask they fire me immediatly. If I have to believe my psychiater there is nothing they can do to help me and I should go find alternatives. I'm really dissapointed in the way they treated me... All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  6. Just stumbled upon a 4 minute video about depression. It seems so well explained. In an other way that doctors and psychiaters have given to me: http://9gag.tv/p/aKkd3X/learn-the-science-of-depression-in-4-minute-it-s-worth-your-time-asapscience Could anyone tel me why my brain hasn't been scanned yet and why my DNA hasn't been analyzed? According to this video that should be the first things to do before the doctor can diagnose you and start treatment to stimulate brain growth? The more I do research the more I keep getting pointed at cannabis. http://www.jci.org/articles/view/25509 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH5yzEu3JGQ#t=195 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurogenesis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U8XARojnbM&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzdN-gHrsEQ&feature=youtu.be&a Why haven't my doctors put me on CBD yet? All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  7. You should not compare alcohol with cannabis, if you do you should first read this: http://archive.saferchoice.org/content/view/24/53/ Cannabis is a plant! Why would you prohibit people from using pure nature for their own benefit? It's only because all the medical pill companies are fucking scared cannabis is going to cost them money cause it can replace a lot of synthetic shit they sell. All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  8. I am very serious. I'm using the internet now because I find it hard to talk to people in person about my problems. I don't mind trolls that say I'm full of shit other than they make it a harder read for people who are really interested. In the next few weeks I'm going to try and change this. I will let you know what effect it has on my mood. I'm not bi-polar, I don't have any ups at all. That's what makes it so hard to implement lifestyle changes. I'm always down and tired. I choose not to endanger anyone. I just quit jumping when I'm feeling too bad. It just really scares me that the last thing that made me want to live is getting fucked by my depression. I'm not just bored of skydiving, there is so much more I want to learn and experience. All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  9. What the fuck is your problem? Maybe the fact that he posted in Speakers Corner trying to glean votes online for legalizing cannabis in Europe? I don't even smoke cannabis. I started promoting the legalization because I believe it can help in curing cancer and other illnesses. What's wrong with trying to help other people? I just haven't figured out how to help myself through depression. Saying I'm full of shit doesn't really touch my feelings. I know why I do stuff, and I am fully aware not all people agree with me. But people who keep mixing up different subjects just make it a hard read for others... All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  10. These are things I used to be able to do but my energy levels are constantly so low I can't even make it to the gym that is only 1km from home. And making fresh food has never been my strong side. Though I will try to get some fruits into my body. Thx for the tips. I did have my blood checked by my doctor and everything was okey then. But that was like 9 years ago when it first started. So maybe I'll have it checked again. Wellbutrin was one of the first meds I took against depression. And at that time it didn't seem to have a great effect on me. But now the depression has gotten so bad it might be worth trying again. I'll ask my psychiater tomorrow. . I did do a sleep research like a month ago and I do seem to wake up more than regular person. I still need to contact the hospital to see if there is something I can do to improve my sleep. Because I wake up more tired than I go to bed. Could that have something to do with my dreams? Almost every time I wake up, I am dreaming. And the dreams do involve a lot of stress... I try to cut as much sugar out of my diet because depression caused me to gain a lot of weight. But one thing I still can't kick is cafeïne. I tell myself I need it to keep awake. But I'm long passed that momemt. Cafeïne has no effect on me any more. So I could just as well try to stop that nasty habit. I'll give it a try. Thx for the tips. I try to avoid friends as much as possible because I don't want them to see me suffer. They always ask me if there is anything they can do to help, but I don't even know how I can help myself. All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  11. Again you are mixing up different subjects. One thing has nothing to do with the other. All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  12. I have been taking meds for years. Had electroshock therapy and other therapies. Nothing seems to work :( All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.
  13. I am an atheïst, I don't smoke and I sometimes drink. I'm just promoting this subject because I believe that cannabis has many positive effects (f.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DttdDOqQMuY) on people and legalizing would decriminalise and decrease price. You should just compare how many deaths war through religion have caused compared to people overdosed on cannabis (millions versus 0)... Now can you shut up? All speeding past collide and crashing, I'm in paradise.