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  1. CrashProne


    Jump more.
  2. CrashProne

    Hot Air Balloon jump - USA

    Came here to say the same as posters above. Eloy or Perris, both great choices.
  3. CrashProne

    got my WS1 this weekend

    Lol, where I jump, the radness quotient of wingsuit jumps is pretty closely aligned with the inverse of free fall time!
  4. CrashProne

    Tall Paul Gilbert

    Dammit, had no idea. Only met him a couple of times, but he was sure fun to be around!!!
  5. CrashProne

    First Rig - Making the most of a container

    190/170 rigs are fairly easy to find used, and can be had for a reasonable price. If you buy it right and treat it well, you could sell it later for nearly what you paid, not so for gear bought new. I’m a bit bigger than you, my first rig was a used Infinity setup with a Pilot 210. Bought it used, put 150 jumps on it and sold it for $100 less than I paid. Current rig is an Infinity I-46. It held a standard ZP Pilot 188 easily and now a ZP Pilot 150 rides back there just fine as well. You might look at an I-45 for an LPV 188 and you’ll be more than fine down into the 150 range.
  6. CrashProne

    is it safe to downsize from 230 to 190 ???

    The jump from 230 to 190 may or may not be a dramatic one for you, based on too many factors to list. However, add in the change from one parachute type to another, and it's starting to add up to a LARGE change in performance. I'd recommend you consider that before making a decision. PERSONALLY, I feel the safest course would be to use the provided rental gear until comfortable on a 190 before jumping your "new" gear (which, judging from your description, isn't very "new" at all).
  7. CrashProne

    Open letter to all DZO's

    not a Porter. That’s an Atlas Kudu Regarding this stall/spin video... Does anyone other than me have a creepy feeling that this was intentional? I’ve stalled a bunch of airplanes and spun more than a few (always intentionally), and I’ve NEVER been in a situation that would have taken 1/10 the time to recover. It has been my experience that a concerted effort is required to keep an airplane spinning that long and hard. If you watch carefully, you can see at several times during the developed spin, he’s still holding UP elevator, which of course is opposite what you would do to recover from the spin.
  8. CrashProne

    Looking for some video footage

    What Boogie, what dropzone and what dates?
  9. CrashProne

    Aerodyne Zulu - Lower wingloading behaviour

    I demo'd a 172 for a couple of weeks, loaded right about 1.33:1. I had 200 jumps at the time, and had been flying Pilot 188 and 210 prior to that time. I enjoyed the Zulu a ton. Openings were quite nice, shorter than the Pilot, but comfortable and predictable with good heading performance. On toggles, it flew similar to Pilot, just considerably more responsive. Front riser pressure was a good bit lighter, and recovery arc was still positive, but longer and more gradual. Flare was strong even with nothing but straight in landings. After the Zulu demo, I dropped in a Sabre 2 170 for two weeks, and it felt like a dog by comparison. Way heavier on steering inputs, slower to turn and react, but still good landing performance. I didn't end up buying one because I'm also a beginner wingsuit flyer, and needed something square. However, if I can get a second rig put together soon, I'll likely drop a Zulu in it!
  10. CrashProne

    Safire 3 vs. Pilot...

    No input on this? Bueller???
  11. CrashProne


    G3 is a great choice, can't comment on the Phantom. Once you put an audible in your helmet, it will stay there. No need to look for one that does both, just plan to get both. (Visual altimeter first, of course.)
  12. CrashProne

    2 way drills

    Don't know anything about that, but have you downloaded the Rhythm 101 app to your phone yet? It has a few nice 2 and 3 way drills, with description and video.
  13. CrashProne

    Tracking contest

    Sounds fun, I'll play!
  14. CrashProne

    Voodoo Curv rig size and Pilot ZPX pack volume

    I've noticed this as a trend, it seems several container manufacturers treat the Pilot line as having a larger pack volume than similar square foot canopies from other lines/makers. For example, Infinity recommends a larger container for a Pilot 188 than for a Sabre 2 190...
  15. CrashProne

    Dizzy after skydiving

    I did, but mostly only on my first 20 jumps or so and it only lasted a few minutes. Don't know how many jumps you have, but I'm betting the more you jump, the less you'll notice it. Also, if you have any congestion or a head cold, that can certainly make it a bit worse. Are you equalizing your ears on the way down? I know I usually need to, and it helps.