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  1. GoneCodFishing

    Scotty Burns

    You are cute
  2. GoneCodFishing

    Air Speed

    A guy in the wingsuit forum had a functioning portable pitot tube of some sort he was using on his wingsuit. Might be worth a message. His thread was called "wingsuit IAS" or something like that and it's from not too long ago
  3. GoneCodFishing

    UV damage on nylon... Need source

    Have you tried googling "UV degradation on nylon"? Plenty of hits at differing levels of nerdyness...
  4. GoneCodFishing

    1 inch wide buckles rated for 2,500 pounds

    Can't help with American manufacturers, but in Europe Austrialpin do a full range i.e http://www.austrialpin.net/products/military/framebuckles.ASP And catalogue http://downloads.austrialpin.at/cobra.pdf
  5. GoneCodFishing

    3 ring systems

    Mechanical advantage. Each ring reduces the forces transferred higher up, so that at the loop end the forces are so small that pulling the cable through is relatively easy. With 2 rings you may not be strong enough to pull it through.
  6. GoneCodFishing

    Dark lines

    There's one thing wingsuiters like less than speedflying, and that is videographer wannabees spamming unrelated forums with their shitty videos in a bid to somehow be famous, or something. Stick to the speedflying forums and stop spamming us, or if you really really need to do forum posts to get anyone to watch your videos then put them in the bonfire section. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?forum=1;
  7. GoneCodFishing

    Wingsuit fit

    P.s. Before it gets mentioned. Try before you buy not really an option as most likely i'd be buying from overseas. P.p.s. Suit wanted for performance. Already have an acro able suit which i'm keeping
  8. GoneCodFishing

    HIGH SPEED EXIT - 140Knots by JuanMayer.com

    Excellent pic! Permission to use it as my wallpaper?
  9. GoneCodFishing

    4 Smart Questions That Shut Down The Spin Cycle

    That slider is upside down...
  10. GoneCodFishing

    Nitro slider size?

  11. GoneCodFishing

    Jumpsuits from Pakistan AWO

    Seeing as the product photos on the website are ripped from other manufacturer's sites with a touch of photoshop added to them i'd be very wary...
  12. GoneCodFishing

    Squirrel Funk

    I totally approve of their product naming of late. I've had some good fun googling for some of their latest offerings. Try doing a google image search for 'squirrel sumo' or 'squirrel funk' to see what i mean
  13. You've got PdF slinks. They hook up differently, but many container manufacturers don't approve them to be used on their rigs.
  14. GoneCodFishing

    Forgecraft Hardware

    This may or may not be useful to you, but the SWL will usually be 20% of the minimum breaking load.
  15. GoneCodFishing

    Cross port vent damage

    I had an Electra 190 with exactly the same damage. Apparently it is normal and nothing to worry.