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  1. If the flag next to the OP's name is correct might be worth pointing out that there's some new incoming 'canopy rules' arriving into the UK. They are still a work in progress and unclear as to what's going to be, but the french system is being touted as the preferred base to work from. With that in mind, it would be good for the OP to think about "future-proofing" his canopy choices. For example, the writing is on the wall for a minimum of 2000 jumps for any crossbraced canopy, so really is no point for him to consider one neither now nor in the near future given his jump numbers. Non-crossbraced high performance wings may be having a closer look as well given the recent fatalities that prompted this review and the adoption of rules were on in Katanas. That is besides the wisdom of seeking to downsize or looking at more agressive canopies to fix a perceived problem which is likely more a technique issue that should be resolved with more practice and adequate coaching rather than a canopy choice issue. I mean, 6s double to single 90 degree turn in a xf2 @1.5wl in 230ft just doesn't compute and i'd put that to wrong technique hands down as it sounds like you are carving rather than diving. From a safety aspect I'd look at sorting that out as my first port of call, as in you dont want to 'discover' the right technique by chance in a random jump and suddenly have your 250ft dive turn into a 350 footer. But that's a conversation you really should be having with an experienced coach who can watch your landings and assess where you should be going with it
  2. Closed for good with both the Hiper and pr-nitro sites/branches not in business anymore. As giacomo says you can try precision aerodynamics who make a 'copy' of it.
  3. Pop into a go-outdoors and grab a bunch of these https://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/15911156/niteize-s-biner-microlock-black-15911156/
  4. If i had read through this^ first it would have saved me some writing :-)
  5. Couple quick things from watching the video. First, you are leaning to the right when you pull. You can see the horizon going wonky. That will turn your burble into a big ass vortex which will rotate your bag/packjob before it gets to line stretch like it happened in this jump. It also means that when you get snatched you get ragdolled to create even more twists. If the packjob gets thrown around it will also open harder as the slider will come off the stops before bottom skin inflation, compundng the ragdolling issue. So dedicate a number of jumps to do practice pulls smoothly and slow concentrating in keeping level and being symetrical, as well as getting comfortable with flying the suit during the pull sequence. There's no rush to pitch in a wingsuit, we are falling relatively slow. Also try and make sure you slow down first efficiently without dirtying the air behind you. The link above has some stuff about it The other thing, once the twists are in full flow there's not much you can do to stop them, and all you might achieve by reaching wildly into the risers is getting your fingers trapped between the twists. What you can do though, is prevent the canopy from diving by ensuring the risers are level. So as soon as you see you are getting twisted grab the risers low down or at the three rings and yank the right/left risers as needed to make them even before the twists lock them in an uneven position. Keep the fight to maintain the risers level until the whole thing settles. With a canopy flying level you got more time to get rid of the twists and is way less stressful. Besides that, storms are notoriously bad ws canopies. Just because they are 7 cells does not mean they are ws friendly. Other things you may want to consider are semi-stowless bags, 9ft bridal and big PC if you don't have them already.
  6. As above. I installed gswoop to have a look and went to uninstall it after a little play, but neither it has an uninstaller nor it shows up in the list of installed programs to be able to uninstall it through windows, even though it shows as an installed app when using the search box. Any ideas how to get rid of it?
  7. I'd strongly NOT recommend MEL Mark Lancaster. You are more likely to be robbed off your money than getting a canopy relined by him. Plenty of posts around about him on that, and if you think that's a thing of the past, he conned me for a few hundred bucks just recently.
  8. A guy in the wingsuit forum had a functioning portable pitot tube of some sort he was using on his wingsuit. Might be worth a message. His thread was called "wingsuit IAS" or something like that and it's from not too long ago
  9. I have the feeling that either i'm misunderstanding you, or you are misunderstanding how it works. The IAS for best glide will be unique to each person with their unique suit, for a given body position. Whatever it is for you, flying the one suit you own and that doesn't mean model, but actual suit, will be unique for you and won't be the same for anybody else. If you and me have identical body proportions, but i'm heavier than you, my airspeed will have to be faster for the exact same body position and AoA. If you and me are the same height and weight, but my arms are longer than you, my airspeed for best glide will be slower than yours. We might both be flying a c-race, but my c-race is not the same as your c-race, and they'll have similar but ultimately very different planforms. If you and me are the same height, weight, and limb proportions, but i have bulky shoulders, a beer belly, or skinny legs, both the airspeed and AoA for best glide will be different. Your 'aircraft' and my 'aircraft' have both different shapes, drag, lift and weight distribution. If you and me have different height, weight, proportions, etc. You might as well be throwing random numbers and have as much chance of being accurate as your target IAS. Planes come out of factory all being the same shape and weight, but wingsuits come out of the factory not 2 of them the same, and the lumps of meat strapped inside are all also considerably different. The only way you can find what the speed for best glide is for you, is to achieve the best glide possible, and then look at what the airspeed was when you achieved it. You can't do it the other way around, and that IAS for best glide for a specific AoA for a given very specific body position will only be true for you and nobody else. And that's not even going into the fact that you can probably achieve your best glide airspeed at any glide between 0/1 to 3/1 or whatever is your best glide, since best glide sits close to your stall speed. So if your target IAS is 130mph, you can do 130mph balled up and flatspinning while going straight down, angle flying with the armwings fully folded and the knees dropped dirty, with dihedral and air-braking with your chest, etc. You are however better of looking at the breakdown of speeds, since lets say flying with a horizontal of 120mph and a vertical of 40mph for a resulting glide of 3/1 gives you more info and feedback about what you are doing than just knowing you are doing 126.5mph. On the ball horizontal but too fast vertical? You are probably arching, or going too steep while being draggy. On the ball vertical but too slow horizontal? You are probably flying too flat. Too slow vertical and slow horizontal? You are probably de-arching too much. Too fast vertical and horizontal? You are probably going too steep. Stuff like that .
  10. No i cannot, because i still haven´t managed to fly the best L/D achievable for the specific suits i own, with my own body inside them.
  11. Ground Speed (GS) - Nope, we are making wind (near) negligible and we are measuring the vertical component True Airspeed (TAS) - Nope, as said above the SAS mode compensates for density and temperature changes Calibrated Airspeed (CAS) - No really. The flysight has a smoothing logarithm, but i think that's not active for the beepers, and i don't know if this sort of calibration qualifies for CAS as opposed to just calibrating the pitot tube environent. If it is, then here's the winner Equivalent Airspeed (EAS) - How fast do you fly that wingsuit? At the speeds and altitudes we fly wingsuits, EAS = CAS Indicated Airspeed (IAS) - Either this, or CAs, depenidng on the flysight smoothing or not. But you knew that already... For the purposes of training with a wingsuit it works well enough, but if you want to make your own toys then that's awesome, good luck with it
  12. You can set up your flysight to output SAS, and then fly crosswind runs. A 30mph crosswind when you are doing 120mph will only add 3.5mph, and the SAS output takes into account differences in air density at different altitudes, so the beeper/voice will gain you good feedback on how you are doing. Set the beeper/voice to indicate total speed, and that's your airspeed right there. To have an accurate idea of what the wind is doing give your flysight to the pilot and have him record the ride to altitude every couple of hours, and then use the flysight viewer's wind tool to check the wind's direction at different altitudes.
  13. Don't you just hate it when these guys with their fancy gopros physically force you off the plane in the wrong spot making you take an off landing... It's even worse when they hold your hands in freefall meaning you can't pull a bit higher to ensure making the PLA!
  14. Is that d-bag in the photo a good fit for the container? Have you tried simulating a deployment to see if the bag is catching on the sideflaps making it rotate? With the container fully closed, stand on a chair and pull on the bridle to pull the pin and lift the d-bag, and see if it comes out straight, or maybe one corner comes out first, or there is some resistance from the flaps. Give it a bunch of tries and see if you can spot something. If you can borrow somebody's bag/pc for a couple of jumps it would be a good idea to definitely discount the PC. Did you compare the lenght of the support tapes on it to make sure it's round and symetrical? ETA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auIexsbmmEo