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  1. Keithor

    Skydive Palatka

    From the moment we arrived until the moment we left we felt like we had always jumped there. Made almost every load I wanted to be on, and had plenty of talented jumpers to learn from. We showed up randomly (on our way to another DZ) and couldn't have been happier that we did. We camped for the weekend and left with many new friends. I would recommend this DZ to anyone. Can't wait to go back.
  2. Keithor

    Wings W14. Could fit 7cell 150 Yes or No

    You can fit anything you want into it, it will probably work most times. The company who makes your container gives you guidelines for safety reasons. I really think you should listen to them. I know it sucks to spend the money especially if you change your mind. If money is an issue just think about how worthless that container will be once someone has worn it while impacting the earth at 100 mph (I figure the PCIT will slow you down about 20 mph) Seriously though. Just because someone has done it in the past or is doing it doesnt make it safe. Your life is on the line. Trade the container, buy a new one, or use a canopy that will fit properly. You mentioned going down 2 sizes from what the manufacturer is recommending.... its time for a new container. Just one more thing, many of the seven cells on the market are smaller bulk canopies and pack smaller. You may be making the container even softer depending on what 7 cell you have.
  3. Keithor

    After Christmas Sales?

    You said you were jumping with the military. I know Mirage has a military discount and so does Wings I believe. I don't know if retired counts ot if you need to be active but ask around it will probably be the best pricing you will get! I am currently jumping a Storm myself. It's a great canopy and I feel like it will always open for me. It has some great openings if packed right (like I'm sure most canopies will). It's pretty solid and flies well. The only other canopies I can compare it to are the student canopies I was jumping. I personally bought a Stock Wings container and I love it. No matter what you get, be sure to get the spacer foam leg pads. I jumped a few rigs with and without it and I would pay much more than any company charges for the upgrade. I hope that helps.
  4. Keithor

    Help me plan the best vacation ever!

    Sorry you don't have wads of cash burt south Pacific is an option. I've travelled a little around the globe and my best advice is to look on and check out the money and expenses page for each country on your list. The costs to Tahiti alone might be more than 1 week in central America or Spain for that matter, and that would include all you jumping. You should narrow it down to a couple places before asking people here about other dz's imo. Good luck to you
  5. Keithor

    Help w/GoPro

    Go to Not trying to be a dick. But if you type your question in there you are 99% likely to get a youtube video of some guy showing you step by step how to do it. You may be wanting to use it for skydiving but there are many more uses for it than that. Your best chance of the answer you are looking for is the biggest audience Good luck!