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  1. From the moment we arrived until the moment we left we felt like we had always jumped there. Made almost every load I wanted to be on, and had plenty of talented jumpers to learn from. We showed up randomly (on our way to another DZ) and couldn't have been happier that we did. We camped for the weekend and left with many new friends. I would recommend this DZ to anyone. Can't wait to go back.
  2. Dropout at parachute Montreal. It's mid August I think 11-14 this year. Sky an, otter and possibly a Caravan to add to it this year. They have a huge dinner and fireworks display. And discounted jump tickets (2 years ago $29)
  3. I've actually got another thought for you, we'll maybe more of a suggestion. I noticed a very big difference between a Storm 170 and the 1 jump i put on a Sabre2 170. Do you have the opportunity to borrow a sabre 2 170? Satire 1/2/3? Or any of those canopies in a 150? Maybe trying one of those out before making the step to a Xfire could really help to show you the difference between a spectre and a less dicle canopy. When did go from a 170 to a 150 i stayed with a Storm (i also lost weight before i downsized) there was a difference for sure in speed and riser pressure but not the same sort of overall performance difference that i noticed between the storm and sabre2
  4. yes Peter. Jump 35. So i think what Peter was trying to do here is what i was trying to do. Just to tell you that my situation was similar to yours in terms of rapid downsizing. I did not make the move to elliptical though. I was also fine. For 49 jumps. I started skydiving when i was older, married, a little more settled in life etc. I knew I'd kill myself if i started when i was 18.
  5. i put nearly 50 jumps on a Storm 170 oaded at about 1.1 maybe just a bit more. I was landing where i wanted, standing up impressing myself how well i was doing actually. I had done a flight 1 course as well. The FIRST time i didnt land in the landing area i made 2 bad decisions close to the ground. I crashed into a parking lot, broke a femur close enough to the hip that it required 2 rods instead of 1 with screws. I also needed to have 1 of the 4 broken bones in my foot rebuilt and much to the surprise of the doctors, my physiotherapist AND many of my friends i was able to walk again. 18 months limping, and almost 3 years later i still go to physio. 53 weeks after the crash i upsides back to a 230, re took a first jump course and have taken multiple canopy courses, and a few 1:1 canopy coaching days. Shit happens fast on almost any canopy. But it can happen faster. I'm not saying don't do it, just saying that in my case if i would have put more time on bigger canopies, and taken the coaching before i downsized as well as had some more experience. I surely would not have had a $40043 hospital Bill (for 54 hours of being in there), nor would i be able to predict weather, and i wouldn't have needed more than a year off of skydiving.
  6. Amad, The best way to start this process is to talk to your instructors at your DZ. At best you get 25 opinions from a message board here and you ttry and figure out who is full of shit, who is looking after their own interests and who is genuinely trying to help out. Having said that the first few things you need to think about is 1) what are your short term goals in the sport. 2) what are your long term goals ie: wingsuiting, freeflying etcm I personally purchased new. I couldn't wait and by 30 jumps had brand new gear. The worst part for me was I bought a stock rig and it didn't fit perfectly sio when freeflying started the rig would slip off my shoulder a bit. Getting it custom would have saved me from purchasing a custom container later. So many questions need to be answered before someone "should" be advising you about what gear to look for.
  7. I'm going in December to travel around for a month. Thinking about making a jump or few. I'd prefer not to bring my own gear, wondering if anyone has been and can say anything about their rental gear or if it's even worth jumping there. Thanks
  8. Peter you wrote that not too long after my opening. To thestarter of this thread, I could also stand to lose a few pounds, but I don't think my 185lb body on a 270 Solo was what did it. I had an opening that caused whiplash and had me doing physio for months. Put me out for 30 days and like someone else said my body tensed like crazy for the next 50 jumps expecting a hard opening. This one opening was a big determining factor on purchasing a storm due to its very soft openings. A search resulted in this, which might be helpful: Oh, that was my thread from a year back. Not much has changed -- Here's a pic of another student's Solo opening this year. Sucked to be him. Lots of canopy out while only slightly above his instructors, plus twists and a broken line.
  9. I just really needed to quote the first line. On April 27 I femur'd in NY. I was on a 1 week trip with my wife. She took a class for photography and I took the opportunity to jump at a larger dz. After getting caught upwind, I landed in a parking lot behind the hanger. I had a $1091 ambulance ride, and then a 3 day stay in thr hospital that included titanium in my leg to put it back together. $40043 (which included food). Get the insurance! I had some, we kept our house.
  10. ill nerd it up a bit I cant remember the horsepower of each motor but I believe it is 300hp and there are 4 of them. 300hp x 746 watts/hp = 223.8kw x 4 = 895kw electricity is billed by Kilowatt hours. rates fluctuate and there are all kinds of BS service charges in our province so if we averaged (inc fees etc) the hydro consumption out to $0.30/kwh they would have a bill of $268/hr of tunnel time. This doesn't include general lighting, computers, etc. I also think Im being conservative in my estimates and their hydro bills will likely be much higher than this.
  11. I actually think decompression has a great idea. If I may add to the "uses" of this idea, I would say that this could become a new tool for the student to novice skydiver in helping them downsize. Not only will the skydiving bladder assist the student to have a fall rate consistent with his/her instructor or coach. this brand new device will allow potential downsizers to not only determine how their projected wing loading will effect flight but will help them by slowly increasing their WL they will be better able to predict and practice flare technique to match their new approach speeds. The jumper simply "drops" 1 or 2 lbs/jump for their 15 jumps leading to their first jump on their new canopy. Just a thought, but I would try if not buy one. I am also willing to bet that a simple idea, with relatively simple design would cost much less to create a prototype than many other ideas that may come up. This will help a student out substantially.
  12. Could I see some math? I serious doubt an A license and a 'good deal' rig is >$10,000 but yeah, it is expensive. PFF course (Canadian version of AFF) $2260 15 additional jumps to make the 25 $600 6 Coach jumps slots and fees $360 rental of equipment before purchase $600 16 mins tunnel time after failed jump$300 helmet $300 altimeter, jumpsuit, shoes, etc $600 purchase of new (i know the other person said good used rig) a lot inc new aad adds up fast. not to mention that was just the A. it also doesnt count gas, days off work, rain days and wasted $$. Oh yeah and as a new skydiver getting used to the rules LOTS OF BEER!