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  1. Hi all, Xielo has two locations, one is by Bogota and one is by cartagena. The cartagena staff are amazing... but have not had an operation runaway in over 2 months.. Something the owner neglected to tell us. We had contacted her 1 week before our trip. she told us to bring our gear. She even told us it was totally safe to check our gear as she always does it to avoid security issues. She did inform they were a tandem DZ and that we would have to go up with tandems, we were totally cool with that. Once we land we get a message saying hey sorry to say the runaway has been damaged and is being repaired... Ok that sucks.... but our hotels had us staying in the town of the DZ so we went out anyways. We arrived and our hostel owner told us the runaway has been down for repairs for months, we then meet the DZ staff who are like ya they aren't even booking tandems they haven't been for a very long time. We found out owner was just hoping that the runaway construction would be finished when we arrived.. (its completion date was december 22nd we were there december 9th) ok so that really sucks... we get to the airport and they force us to check our bags, what ever... but then they ripped over my rig during transit at the cartagena airport. Xielo owner and cartagena airport can not be trusted
  2. We do sell it, there might be a bias but its not intentional. I hesitate to put it back in I will have to talk it over to determine the direction we want to go on this one Skydiving boogie calendar
  3. She says there was no particular reason but that when it came to AAD she only wanted us to mention ones with a long history. Skydiving boogie calendar
  4. I tore apart a few helmets from 4 brands, I don't want to name brands or anything like that as I am trying to stay neutral on helmet brands but one brand did have a layer that breaks down on impact the other brands did not. The layer that broke down was in no way an amazing level of defense though. I wanted to stay vague on the topic so that people would do research and understand what makes a helmet incredibly important. More demand for safer helmets is a good thing is what I Thoguht As per seeing helmet damage omg have i ever. I witnessed a motorcycle crash and that is what made me passionate about helmets. I also had a friend take a serious blow with a ski helmet on and the helmet showed zero damage other then a scratch yet he still had a concussion. I don't remember what the materiel was as this was like 5 years ago. I will have to put more details I wanted to keep it simple so i stripped it down but apparently I did that to much. Thank you for the input! Skydiving boogie calendar
  5. I had the m2 AAD in the article originally but my PR person removed it. I also fixed Skyhook the MARD Thank you, Skydiving boogie calendar
  6. Funny you say that, I had it about twice as long and people told me it was to technical so I hacked it down. I guess I need to find the middle ground Skydiving boogie calendar
  7. Hi, we are in the process of posting an article on our website but we want you guys to give suggestions / destroy it before we put it live. Thanks for your help :) Skydiving boogie calendar
  8. This post comes up as a top hit in Google, So I feel as if an update is justified for those still looking. So the used market has moved away from DZ to Facebook. You can find the Canadian used market here Skydiving boogie calendar
  9. Contacted both, They aren't responding Guess its a bit to early in the season still! Skydiving boogie calendar
  10. Thank You I have added it to my event listing :) Skydiving boogie calendar
  11. Hello, I am currently putting together a list of 2017 boogies in Canada, my list so far is The Great Canadian Free Fall Festival at Skydive Okanagan for Canada Day long weekend. BC Day North West Boogie at Skydive Vancouver for August Long Weekend. and Usually Skydive Burnaby holds a festival / Boogie for September long weekend. Are there any other big ones that the DZO's hold? Thank you Skydiving boogie calendar