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  1. perfect, now at least that might explained the twisted middle left finger and its pain. I guess its just a reflex thinking it would ease the load on my lower part due to previous pain. But will try to remember the advice next time. Body position was normal arch with no turns. However as you and others mentioned it happens even everything appear normal. Thnx
  2. Great idea, thnx. I will get in touch with instructor to check this possibility.
  3. Canopy Aerodyne Solo 250. Well I mean by prepared that you expect something like that could happen which is better than caught by surprised. Take things into account like suggestions above and may be harden a bit after throughing PC. I never thought of reading or watching videos of 'hard opening' bcs it was unknown. I'm glad to hear that things seems to be normal at least during packing. Get more jumps and experiance is the key factor here
  4. Thanks all for these encouraging tips, as a conclusion I'm sure then the issue: 1) I was not prepared for this as it was not covered during theory, we focused on what might go wrong during or after deployment and how to mitigate that. Its always good to have first time experience in order to be ready next time. 2) Weight, this would be good motivation to loose couple of 10s of pounds 3) Lack of sleep, if I remember correctly everything went wrong during the two jumps that morning from forgetting to mixing up the tasks. The 50sec FF felt like only 5sec. I hope this would help fresh SD's like me.
  5. Honestly I've no clue. May be they mean all the way up?
  6. Hi SD's, I'm very new to this sport, did my 6th AFF jump two weeks ago (repeating 5th). My bad luck we were in hurry to catch the plane in 20 min so the packing was a bit quick than normal. During deployment I felt like been hit by truck, just performed the quick check for canopy followed by pause as I could not breath for 15 sec, my goggles dropped to nick. My worry that I will loose consciousness during landing. The pain in the chest was so bad that I could not lay down that day anymore. Next morning I performed x-ray and doctor mention muscle ruptured between 3rd and 4th rib. So prescription are pain killers and relax for a week. No more jumps as long as the pain not totally disappeared. Fortunately, the action was caught by instructor camera. I played that many times and my conclusion (from reading around) that slider was not in stop position. I need your opinion from the video I placed in youtube (HD) so I can monitor the packing as this incident is the only nightmare in SD for me now. http://youtu.be/1uWw291jprA Your inputs will be really appreciated.
  7. Thnx, now i feel still have hope.... Good luck mate..
  8. Thnx mate for nice tips, i did 30min this week in tunnel, helped much to sync my turns. i will try to be more rigged while opening next jump (today).
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  15. Hi there, I'm just new and old for this sport, started my aff two weeks ago in age of 44 as my childhood dream is to fly like birds, hope things will go as planned but so far i keep turning left. Instructor said my issue that i'm not relaxed enough ;) In my 6th jump I had a hard opening were a rib muscle ruptured and required 3 weeks of break. I see that I can learn a lot from your experience. Have fun,,,, Rida