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  1. TMPattersonJr

    Small containers

    Wish you the best of luck in finding a H/C used for someone your size. The possibility of getting one re-sized smaller to fit is possible but the cost might be preventative. If your budget can handle it that is an option or you could also look into a Shadow Racer. Probably the least expensive new container on the market. You can contact me directly by PM if you wish to get more info on the Shadow Racer. Again I wish you the best of luck I hope you find something that fits you well. There are many H/C options available to you, and any Master Rigger or the manufacturer could modify anything you think would be a close fit. I would contact the manufacturer of whatever container you're looking at and get an idea of the cost to modify the harness to fit. There are plenty of containers in the classifieds to fit the size canopies you're looking at but again most of them are on average sized for someone 5'7"-6'0" and 150-190 lbs. So these are the obstacles you're looking at to get a container that fits both you and your canopies properly.
  2. TMPattersonJr

    jump total on neptune 3

    Yes you can set jump number, ff time, and canopy time for the N3
  3. TMPattersonJr

    Loosening the chest strap to much?

    I think I remember your rig (I'm the inspector at Mirage), it should have about a 20 - 22 inch chest strap. I've got a 24" inch on my rig and I loosen it all the way on every jump and have never had a problem. Even after a RDS mal 2 weekends ago leading to a chop, once the reserve was open and flying I did my usual routine, look at my landing options, loosen chest strap, unstow toggles, see if the canopy will not kill me (barring user error) on landing. Then looked at where my stuff was going and followed it down since it was on the airport. So others may chime in but I've never had an ill handling canopy because of loosening the chest strap.
  4. TMPattersonJr

    Katana with Wingsuit

    Wouldn't suggest it, did 1 jump on a KA-135 at about 1.4 and lived but that was more than enough for me. Scary Perry and Jairo Garcia are two people that I know that had no problems jumping high performance canopies w/ wing suits and then both had hair raising rides that ended up as a reserve rides. Ask them about their experience with it and you might think twice.
  5. I remember there used to be a DZ at the St. Mary's Airport in California Md. i don't know if it is still open or not. I haven't been up there in many many years and it's not listed on here or in Parachutist.
  6. TMPattersonJr

    Brake Line problem

    It looks like the excess line that was finger trapped after your brake toggles were put on. If it is there's no reason that you can't finish re-finger trapping it or if there's a ton of excess you should be able to cut it off. But have your rigger take a look at it and make the final decision before you go wacking something off. The picture is a bit fuzzy to me and it just looks part of the finger trapping that has come undone.
  7. TMPattersonJr


    Other: NONE.........YET
  8. TMPattersonJr

    New Canopy

  9. TMPattersonJr

    Rate my first video

  10. TMPattersonJr

    GlidePath Ariel 170 Lines Specs

    Flight Concepts might be your first call, they are making all of the canopies that Glide Path used to.
  11. TMPattersonJr

    "A" License Baby!!!

  12. TMPattersonJr

    Florida DZs During the Week

    Try this one!!! That week Wednesday might be pretty slow but the fun should really get started on Thursday!!!! 3 for the 182, 10 for the Caravan and by the time the skyvan gets there we should have plenty of people to fly any of 'em. Alot of the people that jump with us also come from the G'Ville area. So give it a thought!!!! Edited because I have a Putnam County Education!!!
  13. TMPattersonJr

    License E & F?

    They don't exist (in the USPA as far as other countries PA's i dunno), I don't have a license as of yet, hence my license in the column to the left.