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  1. jlmiracle

    Monterey Skydive should be called out!

    Did you tell them you were recording? What is California's laws regarding recording a conversation? I doubt there is a dropzone anywhere in the world that can say they have never had an injury. How major or minor may depend on how they would answer your question. People have different experiences at different dropzones. If you go looking for dirt, there will be someone out there that will feed you dirt on any dropzone - whether its true or just even exaggerated. Good luck to you.
  2. jlmiracle

    Youngest Swooper?

    Jeffery still is a Blue Angel ; ).
  3. jlmiracle

    USPA Board Meeting

    YOU are the bitchy little person barronn. Bill has been on Dropzone.com since the beginning. He had been a moderator so he might have quite a few posts. I have read all your posts regarding this BSR. WHAT is the big deal? Did you pitch a fit when seatbelts became mandatory in cars and aircraft? Why did it take them so long to require it?. Why didn't they do it in the beginning? Could it because because they didn't know how bad it was in the beginning before they collected data? Don't try to say you not against it because you obviously are because you won't let it go. Lobby the board to have it removed if you feel so strongly against it and according to you have you all this "support" backing you up. Give them a better way. Don't just respond with "well you should know". Enlighten us. Tell us what we should know.
  4. jlmiracle

    USPA Board Meeting

    If you are not against it, why do you keep fighting about it? Why the BSR? IMO - maybe because instructors/staff can have such egos that that unless you make it a requirement, they don't believe it applies to them and so many are certainly not going to admit to a mistake. Mistakes are made, AAD's fire, and hopefully no one will die because the mistake is made. We learn from them and move on. Why not require everyone report? IMO - Need to start somewhere. Maybe we need to be more concerned about the students, whose training them, and whose jumping with them. I'm sure the USPA would be happy to receive other reports on AAD's firing if anyone wanted to let them know. WFFC - there were not as many AAD's worn back in the day so you wouldn't see that many fire. How many low pulls were there back then? I am not a big fan of the USPA and how they secretly do things but you are pitching a fit over nothing.
  5. jlmiracle

    Feedback on new forum functionality

    Horrible. Can't find anything. I think I'm done with this site.
  6. jlmiracle

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Well Chuck, we had to go the a board meeting, many years ago, to GET a rating course at out DZ because several Board members said it would never happen because we were not a GM DZ. Don Yarling said there was no reason, what so ever, we should have had to show up for a meeting to fight for it, it should have just happened if we had the people to attend. Cost us plane tickets, hotel, and time off work. Watched Danny Page play solitare on his computer during most meetings and at the end, the Chairman at the time, sat there and read the Sunday paper during the voting. What happened at the next meeting? The BOD decided they would charge an fee (extortion) to non-GM DZ's to hold a rating's course. A fee that would be passed on to those attending the course and making it so expensive, it wouldn't be worth it. A course that benefits individual due paying members. The "right thing" should have been to never charge that fee to non-GM DZ's. Judy
  7. jlmiracle

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Skydiver landed on car, went through the windshield, hit so hard he bent the dash, broke his leg. It was better than him impaling himself on the fence. Skydivers landing on cars happens more often then you know. Another example would be damage to crops/farming equipment. A lot of dropzones are located by farmland. But don't get me wrong...not a big fan of the USPA (especially the GM program). Thinks it total BS that non GM dz's have to pay an extortion fee to have a rating course held at a non GM DZ even though it is supposed to be for the benefit of the individual member and not GM dropzones. Judy
  8. Maybe he was snorting the condoms.
  9. Lodi is not a USPA Group Member Dropzone. I don't know how many non-GM dz's there are in total out there. It may be as simple as not wanting to spend the money on the GM as they don't see the benefit. Many still require their jumpers to be USPA members. J
  10. There was no attachment for article X. Judy
  11. It was better written than many articles over the years, but they down-played the dangers of skydiving too much. I did find the "membrane" reference kinda funny though. Made me think of alien skin. Judy
  12. jlmiracle

    USPA Elections 2

    Where are the video's sent? RD or to headquarters or full board? Is it only the RD that decides their fate? This has ALWAYS been an issue with the USPA, lack of consistency in dishing out/or not punishments. Everything they put in their manuals are vague and I believe they are opening themselves up for many lawsuits when they suspend one and not another. For me, it's not just coming down to who should I or should I not vote for but do I even want to remain a member of this organization. I am not in the eastern region but hope they pick a good one this time (as with every region). Judy
  13. jlmiracle

    Bob Sinclair

    So sorry to hear this! Bob also was involved in a lot of early skydiving TV shows. I loved to hear his stories. Blue Skies Bob!
  14. Never mind, they just showed it again and the offending jumper. Nice. J
  15. jlmiracle

    So I know this guy...

    Apparently I am not drunk enough to follow this post. I will try again later this evening after I polish off a bottle. J