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  1. And you have something other than your gut feeling to support this? How much less? Derek V
  2. "But I also know the G3 isn't going to do much of anything to prevent a concussion. " For the same impact, how much will a G4 protect the wearer compared to a G3? Motorcycle helmets failing actual testing with DOT certification; https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.dot.gov/files/documents/final_sae_motorcycle_presentation_v2-tag.pdf https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2019/02/20/4-out-of-10-dot-certified-helmets-fail-government-performance-tests/ Reading this; https://www.satra.com/ppe/EN966.php After reading this, I don't know how much of an impact a helmet with this rating will take and leave me injury-free. I also don't know if a G3 protects me the same, more, or less than a G4 from the same impact. Derek V
  3. Not all containers are equal. First thing to look at is re-sell value. The containers that hold their value more than others do so for a reason. Next is discussing what your rigger prefers to pack. Some containers require knowledge and experience with that specific reserve container to get it to pack up cleanly. If you have the only container of that type that your rigger ever packs, it will be more of a challenge fro them. Lastly, the Micron has magnetic riser covers. They do not open until deployment. They open at the same time (unlike tuck tabs), and they open before the canopy comes out of the bag. Microns have internal riser covers. Microns have the Shyhook as an option. Recently did 3 intentional cutaways on a Micron, 2 with Skyhook, 1 without. Skyhook is amazing. Microns have a semi-stowless main deployment bag as an option. Easier to pack and better openings. The freefly pud main PC handle is nice. New construction method on leg pads is very nice. UPT's customer service is industry-leading. With few exceptions, all containers are good these days. But Microns are better. Derek V
  4. I tried cutting a line over. On a jump where I knew I would have a line over. On a PD-170. From 13,500 feet. Couldn’t do it. Cutting a line over is not a good plan. Better than doing nothing, but your odds of finding the correct line and then cutting it are not good. Derek V
  5. I wouldn’t try this on a main canopy, I definitely would try this on a reserve canopy. Derek V
  6. The issues with this Skydive have been covered very well already. I won’t recover them. What continues to be an issue is how this is being received. There is a process to learning from a mistake. Step 1, own it. As a part of the group, you were part of the decision making process, even if you chose not not speak up and participate in that process. Therefore, a poor plan is your fault. Once you accept that this was your fault (and everyone in the group should do the same), you can move on the step 2. You skipped this step and that is why there are so many replies to your post. Step 2, identify the mistakes. Step 3, identify what should have been done to prevent each mistake. Finally, Step 4, implement these solutions (learn from the mistake(s)). If you skip step 1, step 4 doesn’t really happen because if you didn’t make a mistake, why would you need to fix anything? Yes, it is ok to laugh at mistakes that by luck didn’t result in a problem. But only AFTER steps 1-4, not BEFORE. Derek V
  7. Did you check the kill line length with the bridle under tension? Derek V
  8. Do you have a spectra kill line PC? The spectra will shrink with heat from the friction with the bridle when the PC collapses. To check it, the bridle has to be under tension. A kill line will look correct with the load tapes taking the force until you tension the bridle, then the kill line will be taking the force and not allowing the PC to fully inflate. Check the length of your kill line with the bridle under tension. Derek V
  9. A couple of pilot bail out rigs can be opened and reclosed without breaking the seal, if you know what you are doing. That would be intentional tampering, something a reserve seal isn’t intended to defeat. Any rig is susceptible to intentional tampering, seal or no seal. It is a non-issue. If the FAA didn’t require it, I wouldn’t put a seal on my rigs. Derek V
  10. You are correct. Can you open your reserve and reclose it without breaking the seal? Derek V
  11. The reserve seal is required by the FAA. It cannot prevent intentional tampering of any reserve system. It does prevent someone from opening and repacking the reserve on almost all containers. Derek V
  12. My concern about the Racer is not intentional tampering. The reason I will not pack a Racer reserve is because the owner (or anyone) can then tighten the closing loop without breaking the seal. If they over-tighten it, creating a high/impossible pull force. At that point there is nothing to show the loop was tightened after it left my hands. This is not some clever intentional tampering, it is following the instructions in the manual to re-seat the reserve PC after the pack job settles. Derek V
  13. Yep. Given that I have asked the museum for more information and they have stopped responding and the onus is on the museum to present that information since they are taking our money, I have met them more than halfway. I am justified at this point in criticizing USPA's donations to the museum and the museum's failure to provide more information. When asked, they did not say they are working on a new plan, since their current plan is not going anywhere. They sticking with the current, unworkable, plan. “Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 21:01 The Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame is pleased to announce it is collaborating with Skyventure iFly to co-locate the Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame with a 16-foot iFly wind tunnel in North Orlando, Florida. The museum is currently working with a leading design firm to combine building space and functions and iFly is actively searching for a suitable piece of property as a venue for the combined facility. The co-venture is expected to open its doors in 2018.” "Good morning, as soon I answer your question, I will be wrong. However the best estimate we can give you is that we are three-four years from opening the doors. However, if iFLY accelerates their timeline, we will move sooner." "Good day, iFLY has identified a few pieces of real estate in North Orlando and are in discussions with the developers; that is the most we can tell you at this point in time." Derek V
  14. 2 problems with this; 1- If USPA is giving them our money, there shouldn't be a "behind the scenes". We should be given that information. 2- I, and others, have sought out the information behind scenes since it was not forthcoming. What we have gotten is either an unworkable plan, or nothing. If the museum wants our money, they need to be forthcoming with this information. I am not against the museum. I am against USPA giving them a lot of money that could be used elsewhere (I know you keep calling it not much, but $150,000+ is not chump change) on a project that we don't know enough about. And what we do know is that it looks like USPA is wasting the money. Either am I. Derek V
  15. I watched it again, never saw anything that would resemble deploying the reserve. I did manage to freeze the video and you can see the carabiner failing. That system used 6+ carabiners. My reserve attaches to the carabiners, (front mount, speed wing). Derek V