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  1. Hooknswoop

    Container comparison

    Not all containers are equal. First thing to look at is re-sell value. The containers that hold their value more than others do so for a reason. Next is discussing what your rigger prefers to pack. Some containers require knowledge and experience with that specific reserve container to get it to pack up cleanly. If you have the only container of that type that your rigger ever packs, it will be more of a challenge fro them. Lastly, the Micron has magnetic riser covers. They do not open until deployment. They open at the same time (unlike tuck tabs), and they open before the canopy comes out of the bag. Microns have internal riser covers. Microns have the Shyhook as an option. Recently did 3 intentional cutaways on a Micron, 2 with Skyhook, 1 without. Skyhook is amazing. Microns have a semi-stowless main deployment bag as an option. Easier to pack and better openings. The freefly pud main PC handle is nice. New construction method on leg pads is very nice. UPT's customer service is industry-leading. With few exceptions, all containers are good these days. But Microns are better. Derek V
  2. I tried cutting a line over. On a jump where I knew I would have a line over. On a PD-170. From 13,500 feet. Couldn’t do it. Cutting a line over is not a good plan. Better than doing nothing, but your odds of finding the correct line and then cutting it are not good. Derek V
  3. I wouldn’t try this on a main canopy, I definitely would try this on a reserve canopy. Derek V
  4. Hooknswoop

    4-way exit FAIL - skydiver loses shoe

    The issues with this Skydive have been covered very well already. I won’t recover them. What continues to be an issue is how this is being received. There is a process to learning from a mistake. Step 1, own it. As a part of the group, you were part of the decision making process, even if you chose not not speak up and participate in that process. Therefore, a poor plan is your fault. Once you accept that this was your fault (and everyone in the group should do the same), you can move on the step 2. You skipped this step and that is why there are so many replies to your post. Step 2, identify the mistakes. Step 3, identify what should have been done to prevent each mistake. Finally, Step 4, implement these solutions (learn from the mistake(s)). If you skip step 1, step 4 doesn’t really happen because if you didn’t make a mistake, why would you need to fix anything? Yes, it is ok to laugh at mistakes that by luck didn’t result in a problem. But only AFTER steps 1-4, not BEFORE. Derek V
  5. Hooknswoop

    Required pull force for main d-bag extraction

    Did you check the kill line length with the bridle under tension? Derek V
  6. Hooknswoop

    Required pull force for main d-bag extraction

    Do you have a spectra kill line PC? The spectra will shrink with heat from the friction with the bridle when the PC collapses. To check it, the bridle has to be under tension. A kill line will look correct with the load tapes taking the force until you tension the bridle, then the kill line will be taking the force and not allowing the PC to fully inflate. Check the length of your kill line with the bridle under tension. Derek V
  7. Hooknswoop

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    The USPA voted to give the museum $25,000 per year for 5 years for a total of $125,000 to a project with no scheduled opening date? Tell me that isn’t true. If it is true, I have a project that could use $125,000. Derek V
  8. Hooknswoop

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    To summarize; Chuck went from believing the “The GM program should be scrapped where it stands.”, to the Chair of the GM Program. He says it has teeth now, but is sworn to secrecy and cannot tell the membership what those teeth are. USPA gave $25,000 to the skydiving museum and wind tunnel. The museum’s website says a 2018 opening. That is not accurate and the museum and USPA can’t (or won’t) tell us when the museum and wind tunnel are actually scheduled to open. USPA is supposed to be training the US parachute team. They do not supply any funds to the team (that money seems to have gone towards a project with no schedule), and cannot describe what training they provide. Selecting the team manager is not providing training. What did I leave out? Derek V
  9. Hooknswoop

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    The old, “If you don’t like it, run for office argument”. I pay membership dues. I pay to have a voice. I am working within the system, expressing my opinion to USPA. I haven’t seen any teeth being put into the GM program. Has USPA changed it’s charter to include supporting regulating, guiding, or otherwise getting into the business of DZ’s? The USPA selects the team manager. That is the training provided to the US parachute team? I would support sending the $25,000 we sent the museum (their website still says they plan on opening the wind tunnel in 2018, no one seems to know when it will really open) to pay for training the US parachute team. Derek V
  10. Hooknswoop

    182 engine failures

    USPA’s response to the NTSB report regarding jump ship incidents; Derek V
  11. Hooknswoop

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Irony score 8? What training does USPA provide the US parachute team? Derek V
  12. Hooknswoop

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    What training does USPA give the US Parachute Team? When is the museum and wind tunnel expected to open? Derek V
  13. Hooknswoop

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    “Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 21:01 The Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame is pleased to announce it is collaborating with Skyventure iFly to co-locate the Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame with a 16-foot iFly wind tunnel in North Orlando, Florida. The museum is currently working with a leading design firm to combine building space and functions and iFly is actively searching for a suitable piece of property as a venue for the combined facility. The co-venture is expected to open its doors in 2018.” When is the wind tunnel expected to open? I can tell you for sure it won’t be 2018. Derek V
  14. Hooknswoop

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Do you think USPA certifies DZ’s? From uspa.org; “No organization rates the relative safety of skydiving schools” What is it that you think USPA does that ensures the peopl on the plane with you meet a certain standard? Derek V