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  1. “And by reducing the number of IEs they reduced the number of courses toget ratings” I don’t see how less courses affects the quality (up or down) of the AFFI’s that pass the course. The issue is the course standards. The course standards were lowered because of the instructor shortage. Instead of allowing the market to self correct, USPA put their thumb on the scale. A quick review of how things have changed; Old course vs. new course. Old course you had 6 jumps to get 12 points. You could from 0-4 points on each jumps. New course, you pass 3 of 4 and you’re an affi. Lets look at how this works at the old vs. new course; Jump 1, you have a bad jump. 0 points / Fail jump 2, you have an OK jump. 2 points / Pass jump 3, you have an OK jump. 2 points / Pass jump 4, you have an OK jump. 2 points = Pass. For the old course, you are in real trouble. You have 2 more jumps to get 6 points. You could do OK on the next 2 jumps and come up 2 points short. For the new course, you are now an AFFI. There is a reason the pass rate went up dramatically overnight. Derek V
  2. What is USPA doing to address this? Derek V
  3. That is not what I agreed to. I was suggesting that even one child's life was not worth your freedom to fly around in your Mooney. Would you be OK with applying those restrictions to the Freedom of Speech? Of course you wouldn't. The 2nd Amendment is just as important as the 1st. Derek V
  4. Right and we could do more, but we don't. The result is 42,000+ fatalities. Society has accepted the current level of freedom (and cost). The current per year firearm fatalities and level of freedom balance is at the point where it will take extreme restrictions for decrease in the fatalities per year rate. One side loses nothing if there are more extreme restrictions to the current level of freedom and the other loses a lot. Imagine if someone was proposing the same types of requirements and restrictions on freedom of speech as you describe for vehicle ownership and driving? It would be a non-starter. Derek V
  5. Not what I’m saying at all. Firearm fatalities are a problem. Vehicle fatalities are a problem. We must balance freedom and cost. This is the basis of the 2 sides of the argument. One side says the freedom is not worth the cost and other side says it is. One side says 42,000+ fatalities in a year is worth it for the standard of living cheap privately owned vehicles provide. Is the freedom to own and fly an airplane worth even one child’s life? Freedom of speech comes at a cost. People are slow to say hateful, hurtful, and even untrue things. This is the price of the freedom of speech. Is allowing hateful, hurtful untrue speech worth everyone having the freedom of speech? Or do we remove that freedom to stop the speech we don’t like? Derek V
  6. https://people.com/human-interest/4-year-old-boy-identified-as-among-those-killed-after-plane-crashed-into-car/ How many more kids have to die so you can continue fly around in your Mooney pretending to Maverick? Derek V
  7. You alluded to what I believe is the meat of the issue. How many deaths is acceptable for the freedom? “According to the Gun Violence Archive, a total of at least 19,223 people lost their lives due to gun violence in 2020.” ”according to a report from the National Safety Council (NSC). More than 42,000 people are estimated to have died on U.S. roadways last year” We accept 42,000+ because we want our western standard of living; “No western industrial nation has shown itself able to function without motor vehicles.” If you didn’t need or want a car and didn’t own a car, it would be very easy to say we should ban all cars. Or require breathalyzer ignition systems, gps speed governors, airbags, etc. in all vehicles. And no vehicles older than 10 years. We could get that 42,000+ number to less than half. But we feel the cost is worth it. So we don’t. That is the gun argument. Is the cost (19,223 last year) worth the freedom? Some believe it is, some believe it isn’t. Both sides have valid points to justify why they believe they way they do. I do not believe increasing restrictions will have much, if any impact on the cost. If we require vehicle tires to be no older than 6 years and minimum 1/8” tread (and enforced this requirement), yes, some lives would be saved. But we do not do that. Because it is a relatively large restriction for a relatively small reduction in fatalities. For example, the universal background check and magazine limit laws from July of 2013 in Colorado have done nothing. Derek V
  8. I guess nothing can be done then, just thoughts and prayers. thanks to people like me? What did I do/not do? Derek V
  9. The cost to get a German driver’s license is $2300-$3700. In the US, it is $20-$1000. ”strong” is relative. I do not agree that the government’s reaction is strong. Imagine if auto braking, lane assist, GPS speed limiting, etc. were required. As long as the government’s reaction is ‘strong’, then you are happy with the numbers. 42,000+ fatalities is fine. If the government had a “strong” (in your opinion) reaction to gun violence, you would ok with 19,233/year firearm related fatalities? Derek V
  10. “According to the Gun Violence Archive, a total of at least 19,223 people lost their lives due to gun violence in 2020.” ”according to a report from the National Safety Council (NSC). More than 42,000 people are estimated to have died on U.S. roadways last year” I’m not seeing the same response (in terms of number of threads and number of replies) to vehicle fatalities as firearms fatalities. Derek V
  11. “My home tunnel is an iFly 14 Footer. 2 Fan Recirculating design.” That’s not a thing. Derek V
  12. Anyone have an XL G2 and need a L G2? Derek V
  13. “ i didn't pay a lot of attention as you were trying to convince me that safety isn't necessarily safe since the standards don't really enforce safety. from what you said, they aren't that great, but as i said, that's what they are and we should change them to make them safe, not ignore the ones we have. ” I can tell you did not pay attention. I never said safety isn’t necessarily safe. I don’t even know what that means. If you are going to argue a point, you should educate yourself beforehand. the annual AFFI renewal requirements are 15 aff jumps and some ground requirements. The problem is there are no performance standards for these15 aff jumps. The affi could exit with the student and never see them again until after they land and that counts towards the 15. So you could have sub standard (unsafe) affi’s meeting the minimum requirements that you argue must be enforced. Currency does not equal safety. Currency + performance standards = safety. I have always advocated for a annual or biannual check dive. This is what pilots do. I recently spoke with an awesome RD that is putting a program together for beta testing. Derek V
  14. “anyone who goes past 180 days can just go south and jump, then come back and do the 15 or however many they need and if they miss that, there are exceptions and ways to get current i presume, or have been told anyway.” You don’t even know what the currency requirements are for different license and ratings holders are. Derek V
  15. It would all be in the phrasing. I bet, “Are you in favor of using a small percentage of member’s dues to fund the International Skydiving Museum and Hall of Fam?” would get a positive reaction. “Are you for or against USPA giving the the International Skydiving Museum and Hall of Fame $25,000 per year for 5 years from your membership dues, without any guarantees it will ever be built?” would not get a positive reaction. I emailed Jim McCormick on Monday asking about the museum’s plans and more details about the wind tunnels. No response. Derek V
  16. The museum so far has raised a significant amount of money. They have not broken ground and may never break ground. What due diligence did USPA do before sending checks? What happens to the money if they never build the museum? A tunnel manufacturer (not iFly) is going to build 2 tunnels in Orlando where there already is 2 tunnels; Has this manufacturer released a press statement with their intention to build 2 tunnels? Have they built a horizontal tunnel before? What size tunnels are they planning on building? Which tunnel manufacturer has committed to these 2 new tunnels? Has USPA reached out to this tunnel manufacturer for any information on their schedule or experience in the industry? Derek V
  17. Except the micro stamping would be on the firing pin, which strikes the primer, which is not re-usable..... Derek V
  18. “In 2017, nearly 11,000 people lost their lives to drunk drivers that year alone, according to the NHTSA, or one death roughly every 48 minutes.” If the gun-control debate was about saving lives, why did this topic receive more discussion about strip clubs than saving lives? This is low-hanging fruit and could save ~11,000 lives a year. This is why I don’t believe anti-gunners stated goal of saving lives. I see their goal is to restrict gun ownership as much as possible, up to and including elimination of all gun rights. Derek V
  19. https://www.thedrive.com/news/30486/new-bill-could-force-automakers-to-install-in-car-breathalyzers-to-prevent-drunk-driving Derek V
  20. And you have something other than your gut feeling to support this? How much less? Derek V
  21. "But I also know the G3 isn't going to do much of anything to prevent a concussion. " For the same impact, how much will a G4 protect the wearer compared to a G3? Motorcycle helmets failing actual testing with DOT certification; https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.dot.gov/files/documents/final_sae_motorcycle_presentation_v2-tag.pdf https://ultimatemotorcycling.com/2019/02/20/4-out-of-10-dot-certified-helmets-fail-government-performance-tests/ Reading this; https://www.satra.com/ppe/EN966.php After reading this, I don't know how much of an impact a helmet with this rating will take and leave me injury-free. I also don't know if a G3 protects me the same, more, or less than a G4 from the same impact. Derek V
  22. Not all containers are equal. First thing to look at is re-sell value. The containers that hold their value more than others do so for a reason. Next is discussing what your rigger prefers to pack. Some containers require knowledge and experience with that specific reserve container to get it to pack up cleanly. If you have the only container of that type that your rigger ever packs, it will be more of a challenge fro them. Lastly, the Micron has magnetic riser covers. They do not open until deployment. They open at the same time (unlike tuck tabs), and they open before the canopy comes out of the bag. Microns have internal riser covers. Microns have the Shyhook as an option. Recently did 3 intentional cutaways on a Micron, 2 with Skyhook, 1 without. Skyhook is amazing. Microns have a semi-stowless main deployment bag as an option. Easier to pack and better openings. The freefly pud main PC handle is nice. New construction method on leg pads is very nice. UPT's customer service is industry-leading. With few exceptions, all containers are good these days. But Microns are better. Derek V
  23. I’m not frustrated. I am open to change that will have a meaningful impact on mass shootings without it being over bearing. See my TSA example above. There currently is restrictions owning firearms. Lots of them in fact. Some of them are not enforced and should be. I have not seen you, or anyone else propose a “common sense gun law” (love that label, who can be against common sense?) that will have a real impact on mass shootings that isn’t “confiscate all (most) or the guns. Derek V
  24. 2 separate points. General aviation point was we don’t, as a society, demand ‘something to be done’ even though we are more likely to die in a general aviation accident than a mass shooting. It is an emotional reaction. Same as a bus crash vs. many more car crashes. how many people died in the 2 recent shootings? How many died just in Chicago over the weekend? I explain my TSA point, over reaction for very little gain. Banning assault weapons will do exactly what to mass shootings? Remember, we tried that once. Derek V