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  1. Is there anyone tracking this 'officially'? I've confirmed that USPA does not. So I'm looking for a website or something/someone that's keeping score.
  2. Yeah, this is worth looking into. I won't be able to get to it until later in the summer though. I'll be in touch.
  3. It would be great if somebody would pick this up. And as they say - I am somebody! And I'll be retiring soon. This may go on the short list... Louis
  4. Deisel

    Exploding Beer

    Still figuring out how the attachments work.
  5. Bill, I was literally in diapers, a newborn actually, in 1970. This photo is from the wrong timeframe - it's 2014 during one of Tom's examiner courses. But feel free to use if it's helpful at all. And thanks again for all you've done for our sport. I'm truly grateful for my time in Deland learning from the masters. Can't wait for the book. Louis
  6. Does anyone remember the young lady that used to maintain a list of boogies? I recall that it was an excel spreadsheet that listed all active and current events around the country. It was quite useful, way better than USPA or calendars. I've looked around but haven't been able to locate any trace of it.
  7. Looking for opinions of the most beer drinking people I know (virtually anyway). So I keep my beer bottles laying flat on the shelf of the fridge. For some reason, every time I grab one it explodes all over the counter when I pop the cap. At first I thought I'd set in down a little rough when extracting a frosty one from the box, so I started paying attention. I set it down gentle as a lamb but no change. Beer everywhere. I've never seen this before, and I've opened a few beers in my day. Has anyone else encountered this or am I having some twilight zone shit happening in my fridge? FWIW - They're Stone IPAs which are quite tasty and I would like to stop pouring half of every bottle down the drain. Help... 2E7FA916-524E-4A90-B0C8-6BF6C5E1DA8A.heic
  8. So Luke has admitted to his transgressions and says he withheld the FAA denial from the team.
  9. Before advocating for change, I always ask myself - what problem am I trying to solve? So I ask here - what's the actual problem?
  10. Maybe less feelings and more data. So whose rep would be cut? Why those people? Who would stay and why? It's true that some jumpers don't give a shit about the BOD. But it's also true that some of us do.
  11. Chuck, Is there a way to bring it back? Maybe take a general interest poll of some kind and see how much folks would be willing to spend. I always considered it a bargain at 20 bucks. It was full of large format and high quality photos. A cost bump wouldn't be crazy.
  12. Oops - meant 2022... Thanks for the update Chuck. Sad news indeed. I've been collecting those for quite some time now.
  13. Where's it at? I checked all the gear stores online and nothing. It's usually available right about now.
  14. This really isn't about safety. EVERYONE will have to get current when this is over - not really up for discussion IMO. This is about how we administer the process. The FAA and ICAO are currently allowing commercial flights to be flown by pilots with expired medical exams. A 'no exceptions' style policy could potentially cripple the industry and is wisely being avoided. To me, this is a show of flexibility under very unique circumstances. And if the people who regulate the safety of the worldwide aviation industry can do this, why can't USPA? And actually USPA will grant extensions and waivers if you get hit by a drunk driver. RDs, Ron Bell, the S&T committee and the BOD regularly work with individuals who find themselves in unique situations and figure out ways to get them back in the game. It's just not publicized but ask your RD and I'm sure they can provide recent examples.