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  1. This really isn't about safety. EVERYONE will have to get current when this is over - not really up for discussion IMO. This is about how we administer the process. The FAA and ICAO are currently allowing commercial flights to be flown by pilots with expired medical exams. A 'no exceptions' style policy could potentially cripple the industry and is wisely being avoided. To me, this is a show of flexibility under very unique circumstances. And if the people who regulate the safety of the worldwide aviation industry can do this, why can't USPA? And actually USPA will grant extensions and waivers if you get hit by a drunk driver. RDs, Ron Bell, the S&T committee and the BOD regularly work with individuals who find themselves in unique situations and figure out ways to get them back in the game. It's just not publicized but ask your RD and I'm sure they can provide recent examples.
  2. So Mike Wadkins (who I trust with my life) and Ron Bell say that they don't see an issue with ratings expiring - yet. This is of course dependent on how long the lockdown goes. Not sure I agree. My issue is the renewal requirements after you expire and significant. A 60 day extension would allow plenty of time to get current. Wondering what others are thinking...
  3. I have to say that I'm disappointed in USPA's response. I've read the USPA email blast and it does not address instructor ratings, only medicals. Tom Noonan has released a definitive statement saying that UPT will not change any TI rating requirements. The 90 and 180 day currency rules will still apply. For USPA instructor ratings one day late equals a year late, which costs time and money to get current. Guess I'll have to take it up with the BOD directly.
  4. USPA BOD - please take note. The AOPA is taking action advocating on behalf of the GA pilots they represent. What's USPA's plan? Let's get out in front of this rather than react to whatever happens.
  5. If the IRS can push back the tax filing deadline, i would think that USPA should be able to find some flexibility as well. All I'm saying here is that there isn't a chapter in the governance manual that covers pandemics. And this is happening right in the middle of our pre-season. Right when lots of folks are typically getting ready to get back in the air.
  6. Has there been any discussion of rating renewal extensions? Some of us haven't jumped all winter and can't get current due to the virus lockdown. It would make sense to me to push the deadlines a few months until this thing is under control.
  7. Outstanding article and great job Danielle. Many of her sentiments are shared by skydivers of color. And (almost) any exposure for our sport in a mainstream rag is a good thing. Love to see efforts like this that can not only promote positive skydiving images but bring our community even closer than we already are.
  8. Bitburg is good to go. Great people running the place and they take care of jumpers. Yes, it's more tandem than fun jumpers. But it's a 182 DZ that's upgrading to a Porter this year. It's worth stopping by and seeing for yourself.
  9. Lots of USPA members support this project. The BOD is representing everyone, not just the folks complaining about it. It's easy to complain, much harder to get things done.
  10. I'm looking for recommendations for DZs to visit. I'll be in Germany for the next year or so and I'd like to see and jump Europe as much as possible. I just had my gear shipped over and I'm ready to get in the air. I don't know squat about the skydiving scene out here and would appreciate whatever info might be useful. I'm about 5 hours away from Pink Klatovy and so far it's the only place on my list to visit. So any recommendations would definitely be appreciated!
  11. Martin, I believe that there's value added when the BOD gets out among the members. Having the meetings across the country gives us the opportunity to attend in person when they are in the vicinity. Personally, I'm not too concerned about the costs. They do a decent job of regulating spending and there aren't a lot of frills. After all, these guys and gals are working on our behalf. Shouldn't there be some benefit to it? If the whole thing sucked, who would ever want the job? Louis The brave may not live forever, but the timid never live at all.
  12. Maybe there are several TIs filming each other's exits. It would work for everyone except the last guy out. Just a guess. The brave may not live forever, but the timid never live at all.
  13. Do you have any facts or details to go along with all of this generality? Exactly what problem are you addressing? Exactly what solutions are you proposing? Have you ever dealt with another country's skydiving laws and requirements? I'm currently in Japan. Based on my experience, the USPA makes skydiving much easier than what I've dealt with in other countries. The brave may not live forever, but the timid never live at all.
  14. Never been ramp checked, huh? Yes, the FAA will levy fines and pull licenses. UPT and USPA will revoke ratings. And FYI - WE are a SELF governed body. By policing ourselves, we keep the FAA and other government entities out of our business. Examiners, S&TAs, RDs, NDs, and DZOs are all part of a system that is only as strong as it's weakest link. D The brave may not live forever, but the timid never live at all.