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  1. Report it to your regional director, Jim Crouch at USPA, and Tom Noonan at UPT (assuming that they are using Sigmas). They will investigate it.
  2. Most competent coaches should be able to train you in 1 jump. Not to perfection of course, but to meet the standard. So doing extra jumps in order to train the skill should not be necessary. Once you have completed the training I would recommend continuing to jump with coaches and small RW groups. Doing solo jumps will not allow you to judge things such as fall rate and level adjustments. Get video as much as possible - its a great teaching tool and allows you to see exactly what you are doing up there. D
  3. Deisel

    Digital Logbooks

    It depends. Mostly yes, but it depends on the person reading it. USPA requires signatures to verify jumps, which most digital logs such as altimeters, protracks, etc. can't accommodate. But there are phone apps that offer the feature to sign jumps. But at the end of the day, it's up to whoever you're presenting it to. I've used my phone app for years now and have never had an issue. Any log electronic or written, can be forged. D
  4. Deisel

    Winter Coach Courses

    Steve Hetrick at Skydive Orange, in Orange Va. He has a regularly scheduled course in April but will run one for you by request. PM me if you need more details. D
  5. Congrats Chuck! My tools were collecting dust but now I gotta catch up. I can't let you army boys out do me. But I'll keep an eye out for ya brother.
  6. Deisel

    What's going on here?

    What's going on here is assault. Not sure if I'd call a lawyer or kick his ass. Best case is that he ONLY loses his rating.
  7. Deisel

    Skydiving/Dropzone related jobs

    The only white collar type positions on a DZ would be DZO or manager. And that's using the term quite losely. Most places are too small to need or afford admin staff unless youre a cute manifest type. The entry level position with the lowest barrier to entry is a packer. The best way is to start packing for free, develop a reuptation for being fast and good. Once you're in demand doors will open. Just my 2 cents worth. D
  8. Dewolf is running a course from 17-24 January.
  9. Deisel

    Friday jumping, VA, NC

    Where are you coming from? What route are you taking? These are pretty close to I-95; Skydive Orange, va. Virginia Skydiving Center in dinwiddie va Triangle Skydiving Center near Raleigh Durham Raeford Parachute Center in Raeford NC Skydive Costal Carolina near Wilmington NC All great places with great peeps!
  10. The canopy and its pilot by Brian Germain. After the SIM, of course.
  11. Sorry to see such closed mindedness at a supposed place of higher learning. But the ball's in your court. Are you going to accept this as the final word or continue to push it? Trust me, she doesn't have the absolute last say on what does or doesn't happen on the campus. Find someone more influentual that's friendly to the cause and continue to push. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Keep squeaking
  12. Deisel

    "stay safe out there!"

    Great point about complacency – it kills. I jump at a tandem factory with a total of 8 jumpers. We have our process dialed in tight from working it all summer. Everything is buttery smooth at this point. But in the last week and a half we’ve had 3 chops and several canopy conflicts low in the pattern with one resulting in a last minute change of direction that sent a tandem into the high brush. But right along with complacency we also have to worry about burn out. Especially for instructors that are at seasonal DZs and hitting it hard before the winter comes. It’s easy to wear yourself out and not know it. If you’ve never experienced burnout before the warning signs can be very difficult to recognize. Please keep an eye on each other. Watch your buddy for signs of slowing down and loss of sharpness. Day dreaming and forgetting simple things can be indicators as well. D
  13. Wait until you go to a boogie. The gear manufacturers usually bring out a variety for jumpers to demo. But please remember, never change more than one thing at a time! My first full face jump resulted in a fogged up visor and I had a spinner on top of it. Don't give yourself too much to think about.
  14. Deisel

    Our unknown influence...

    Not to dwell on the negative but I think it's worth the time to mention the other side of the coin here; those instructors that only give a shit about their paycheck. Far too many of us don't have time for those that aren't paying for our services. But I don't think that it's always intentional. Hopefully this story can serve as a reminder to MAKE the time for younger jumpers. Great job.
  15. Have fun and enjoy the ride! But to address some of your concerns, I can offer the following; - yes, it will be cold. Bundle up but not too much. Your hands going numb will most likely be the biggest issue. Wear whatever you would normally use for staying warm on a cold and windy day. - let your instructor know that you would prefer to not do any spins. Its a typical request. - don't go out for heavy drinking the night before. Do whatever you normally do and you should be fine. You will quickly learn that the gas that goes in the plane isn't the only kind we use! - I'd check to see that the other DZ was a USPA group member. And even if it is, use common sense. If it doesn't look and feel right it may not be. Drop by on a random day and see how they do business. - you will probably be ok with a good luck charm in your pocket. But once again, talk to your instructor. I typacally tell people not to jump with anything they aren't preparred to lose. But there are ways to do it safely. Have fun and blue skies! D
  16. Deisel

    Fall rate

    The term fall rate is used to describe terminal velocity in freefall. What you are asking about has to do with wing loading. Each model canopy has a different descent rate that is determined by how it's made. The jumper affects this by how much weight is suspended under the canopy. More weight = faster canopy (if all other inputs are equal). The formula used is exit weight divided by canopy square footage. For example; 220lbs exit weight (jumper + all equipment) on a 190sq ft canopy equals a wing load of 1.15:1 ratio. And for a comparison, we typically start student jumpers with a very conservative 0.7:1 ratio in order to slow them down. A competition swooper could easily be in the 2.5:1 range, which is extremly aggressive. D
  17. Deisel

    Repack near Camp Lejeune

    The closest full service rigger that MIGHT be able to do it is YNot Rigging at Raeford. 910-875-6962 Good luck
  18. Deisel

  19. Bravo brother! Great call when it was needed. The rule book is a suggestion, not the law. A heads up instructor should always fully asses the situation and do what you FEEL is right. Of course this is only ok with experience and judgement but something that comes with time in the trenches. And also another reason experience requirements should NOT be lowered.
  20. Yup - too easy. I don't usually head over until Friday afternoons. But there are plenty of folks coming from that area regularly. If none of them responds here just PM me and I'll look into it. D
  21. Deisel

    Smart phone log books

    I spoke with a BOD member about this very subject over the weekend. It was discussed and most seem to be in favor of supporting a rule change to allow these apps. From what I gather from folks who attended the meeting, the issue didn’t gain any traction because 1- there was no formal proposal before the board, and 2- they were busy with other shit. I’m currently in the process of drafting a formal proposal for the summer board meeting. There’s no reason not to use the electronic logbooks.
  22. Deisel

    Another new DZ in Virginia

    Congrats! I just took a look at your website. Can you talk about the DZ more? Is there camping available? Showers? I'll definitely be checking you out this summer!
  23. Is this a recent development? As much as I appreciate the 'tip of the hst' I also take offense. Dont try and drum up military business once you find that your sales are dropping off. Be honest and you will reap the benefits. Be a golddigger and the world will see you for who you are.
  24. Deisel

    Deepseed - THANK YOU after the plane crash!

    It’s always awesome to hear about great customer service. Typically, people only take the time to write when they’re pissed about something. Glad you’re ok and good to see unsolicited praise for a company that obviously cares!
  25. Deisel

    Big Way Training Camp

    Contact info?