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  1. Choppy Wind The hold that iFly has is why I was looking into other tunnels, like LuxFly. It looks like LuxFly uses TunnelTech as their "Tunnel Provider", just don't know too much about them and how they compare to Skyventure's tunnel. Diffusing Flight Chamber Interesting, didn't even think of that, is this for safety or a holdover from "older" designs (if you know) Size Yeah from what @dolphinka said, I agree the middle of the road is what looks right to me too Wind Limitation Good point, while I'm not the heaviest of a person, I'm not the lightest of them either... I'd hate to spend all my tunnel time on the net. Is there somewhere that compares their speeds or are most companies the same (like all iFly tunnels "newer ones" the same limits?) Who's the maker of the tunnel near you? (So I can compare to what's around me) Thank you for your reply!
  2. Thank you for your insight! I agree that a larger tunnel is probably better suited, and one that is powerful is totally on my thoughts as well. It's always hard to find that perfect coach, I can understand why so many (I'd probably do the same thing, and not just settle) I'll see who makes the HurricaneFactory tunnel and see why it's more powerful, thanks again!
  3. I've been jumping for a while now (belly / freefly), and decided that I need to sharpen my skill set(s). The tunnel is my obvious pick, however I don't have the knowledge (that tunnel rats have) to make a firm selection on what tunnel is best (I want to have the best experience and not waste time/money fighting with things like unstable air in the tunnel) My questions for anyone that has flown in multiple different tunnels are: Does it make a difference to fly in a tunnel with a double vs single recirculating fans? Is one smoother / more powerful / etc? I've flown in iFly tunnels before, but I've also seen new tunnels like LuxFly (I know each tunnel has their differences) Has anyone flown in the LuxFly tunnel, and how does it compare to iFly's tunnel? What are the pros-cons of the two tunnel types? Anything else (besides the cost) that I should keep in mind?