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  1. What is the legal definition of embezzlement? Embezzlement Law and Legal Definition. Embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of money by someone entrusted with it's care on behalf of other's. Embezzlement typically occurs in the employment and corporate settings. I and I don't believe Skyfox are accusing the BOD or the ISMHOF of this at this time. However, to say the funds given for this "Project" wude fall under this description in a court of law wude not be a stretch. Because of the lack of any transparency of where those funds have gone and what they're being used (or are going to be used) for, by either of those parties does make you wonder what is really going on. Instead of choosing to give ANY updates on progress (or lack of), they CHOOSE to not do that and instead, induct folks into a non-existing museum and continually ask for more funding. I have reached out to a few BOD members and I plan on calling the rest next week. I am hearing the same thing about dis-enchantment over lack of progress. From what I am being told, not a single member of the ISMHOF attended the BOD meeting this summer. Granted, they aren't required to be there. However, they are accepting funding for this and some effort from somebody from there, wude most certainly been welcome. Now before anyone gets their shorts in a twist (again) I have no ambition of getting anything for any effort I put into this. I have no intention of ever being mentioned in it If it ever gets built. I simply feel it's a sad day when so many members that shude be in it and some of their artifacts and contributions have nowhere to go at this time. Sad and wrong. Something to think about, for a little bit more than what the USPA BOD has agreed to give to the ISMHOF, they cude have bought an R44 with a trailer and toterhome, found a retired heli pilot that wanted some adventure and sent that rig out over the year for members to enjoy. The lift tickets would easily support it. How Cool wude that be!
  2. I pay my dues so I can keep my ratings and jump. My DZ is not a GM. Doubt it will ever be. Don't think that qualifies under the Sheeple definition but, that's your call. Don't believe pointing out what is clearly a problem, qualifies as "Bitching". If the USPA or the ISMHOF do nothing to fix this, I am prepared to attempt to remedy it. No guarantee I will be successful but, I think I can find a solution. Time will tell but, you'll know sooner than 50 yrs. 1st step is to bring awareness....
  3. So yer a Crusader! Always good to have purpose in life. Happy to take yer money, tell me after you get yer next allowance and I'll forward my PayPal info. Still waiting for you to show us where I have any of the historical facts wrong. Lots of accusation of "Fallacy" but, no facts to back it. Perhaps its just a 'Phallic" envy syndrome. Mite explain the Meat Missile handle....
  4. Is this what insulted you? Sheeple Sheeple (a portmanteau of "sheep" and "people") is a derogatory term that highlights the passive herd behavior of people easily controlled by a governing power which likens them to sheep, a herd animal that is easily led about. I wude be also. You can change that. Choice is yours. Instead of avoiding the question on the dues, you could simply answer it. Yes, I am a dues paying member of the USPA. Watching the BOD give those funds to an organization that has an almost 50 yr track record of failure and in the next breath, asking for more money, is unacceptable to me. I don't mind funding this to get it done but, with this kind of record and complete lack of credibility, it's a reasonable request to ask for oversight and updates on progress. When funds are donated for projects like this, there is an expectation they will be used for what they were asked for and get the project finished. The lack of any response from any BOD member seems to indicate they simply don't care. Any of them can come here and voice an opinion or a fact. So far, that hasn't happened
  5. Or embarrassed. Sheeple like you are what allow irresponsible behavior like this to continue. Do you pay USPA dues?
  6. Apparently you didn't read any of my posts. The whole point of this, was to point out how a project that has been in the works for almost half a century, still isn't anywhere near completion. How is that a fallacy? The BOD has a fiduciary responsibility to how members funds are used. Throwing money at this project with no semblance of any plan to get it done, is not only wrong, it's stupid. Show me how that has ever worked in the history of the planet? Yer quick to point out an incorrect opinion but, fail to provide any facts. Keep defending this kind of stupidity, yer doing a terrific job of that......
  7. Appears you are correct. The BOD doesn't seem to want to respond. Since they continue to fund this with no progress or accountability, I'd be ashamed to respond also...….
  8. Feel free to correct anything I have wrong. Funny thing about Sheeple, they're so indoctrinated, they get angry when facts are pointed out......
  9. To all the BOD members that continue to support this, you need to come here and give an explanation for why. You shude also give an update of how much has been given, specifically where those funds were placed and what they are being used for. As stewards of members money, you have a fiduciary responsibility to know where/what that is being used for.
  10. That's funny. 18 months huh? Well, that breaks the half century barrier for sure. maybe they can apply for a Guinness world record for most delayed project in history. I mentioned before how ridiculous the idea was that IFly wude even get involved in this Fiasco. They are way too smart for that and I knew it. So now what? Oh wait, I had to read to the end. Of course, Donate Now...…...
  11. 13 trustees, A treasurer, A secretary, A Vice-President, A President CEO, A former Honorary Chairman and an Honorary President.19 living and a former President on the board here. The only thing to show for all of this is a pie in the sky rendition of a facility attached to an Ifly that, at this point is not even in the planning process for completion. But, they sure can plan events to raise more funding. Nice to see they're good at something.....
  12. Duh? Just so it's said (1 more time), that's been my point from the beginning.....
  13. We all do. Where is it?
  14. This is just Amazing to me. Of the members that do support this project, what exactly do they support? Giving money to a few individuals that in almost 50 yrs haven't so much as put a plan in place? Do they support a few individuals that operate with continued immunity to any kind of oversight? Blindly giving money to a group that in 50 yrs has done......Nothing. Unless you consider inducting individuals into a non existing museum and continuing to beg for funds a success. At what point is someone (Anyone?) going to start holding some accountability here and actually get this project finished? And finally please explain to me how exposing this as the failure it is at this point, a negative? If you are going to accuse someone as being just a "complainer" then bring some proof that those involved with getting this done are actually doing something.
  15. The BOD was elected to represent its members and their interests. They agreed to use members funds to get this project to completion. A full year after the 1st funds and nearly a half a decade since it was started, there isn't so much as an agreed upon building site. If it wasn't so pathetic, it wude be laughable.......