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  1. rohicks

    First Rig

    The obvious answer is your instructors know you and your skill level and you should ask them. I personally think your suggestions are maybe a little aggressive. Others might disagree or back me up. I'm coming up on 160 jumps and I'm still on a 210 pilot that I downsized into coming off my A license. It puts me right at 1:1 or just a tad under pending what I eat and my activity level that month. I have the skill level to downsize into a 190 at the present time, but I'm not going to just yet because I only jump a few times a month (and the money isn't there). I bought my rig a couple of years ago close to my B license and it's sized for a 190/190. Take that for what it's worth.
  2. Read this article in the Wall Street Journal this morning and thought it might be worth a discussion for our community to see what people think about this topic. Not sure if this belongs in this forum or the speaker's corner. Mods move if needed, please. Original article - Without the paywall -
  3. rohicks

    Wings Vision

    I'm a small time jumper compared to most people here, but I've been jumping my wings from mid to late 2014. Not had any issues with mine. I had it designed for a 190/190. I pack a pilot 210 and smart 190 in it. I like it and it's the only rig I've owned to date. I plan to keep it for a long time and customized it with that in mind. The latter was a major reason why I decided to buy my first harness new instead of used. I've not had a reserve ride on yet so no comments there. It was a great price and that definitely factored into my decision. I got it fully loaded with options, custom fitted to me, and designed for $2,100 (that includes a 50% off gift certificate on the harness price). I know of a lot of people that jump them including some of my friends. As gowlerk has been saying, you're fine.
  4. rohicks

    Logan Paul AFF Cutaway

    Not going to tell you how to parent, but... ugh... I would absolutely restrict access if I found out my kid was watching this asshole.
  5. It's better... but can someone please get rid of that damn smooth scrolling.
  6. rohicks

    Skydive Palatka

    I was referred here by a friend that had done her AFF at this DZ. She was right about this DZ they are very friendly, professional, serious about safety, priced reasonably, and are always having fun! If you're in the area this is the place to be for skydiving. They are open Saturday and Sundays, and then open during the week by appointment only and sometimes open up on holidays during the week. I started my AFF here the weekend of Jan. 19-20, and I was able to get through 2 levels. Looking forward to jumping more and making some good friends here. Their tandems (at this time) are 185, and that's a pretty good price when comparing it to other DZs. If you ever wanted to jump don't hesitate and don't psych yourself out about it; head to Skydive Palatka and take the plunge!