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  1. are there any guidelines what to do in case of landings happens to wrong places powerlines, hills, buildings, forest, water etc what to do in each case?
  2. I had to break skydiving for 3 months to cure some back problems (had a bad landing)- now my doctors give an pproval what are my concerns on continuing after a break? what can i forget? what should i focus on? (i was doing one hour per week in a wind tunnel all this time)
  3. I am in plateu Do very good (by estimates of coaches) belly flying, pretty stable and controllable back flying and stuck on transitining belly to back back to belly i do it but not as good as i want and i do not improve much over time (doing 1-1.5 hour per week, last three weeks) how to move out of plateau?
  4. other things to get confidence- i am not an instructor but i felt it helped me is tell you friend do back flying - even a little -- you'l know there is nothing terrible about it learn how to get back from back to belly - so you know you can always get back to belly whatever happens to you learn rolls so you'll feel very confident about your stability and ability come back to belly
  5. I failed the first attempt of level 4 spend around 1.5hour in the wind tunnel it helped a lot failure after thw wind tunnel I asked the wind tunnel coach specifically to make me lose stability so i would work n how to restore stability and we work on turns back to belly and rollover so i felt confidence that whatever happen i can go back stable
  6. maybe try different types of aircraft for me most of my AFF was in PAC but AFF 4 was in Cessna it helped me to lose fear of door exit and went i went back to jump from pac it was much easier
  7. until i get my suit from liquid sky (expected to arrive by the end of October) what would you recommend for a beginner skydiver(just passed AFF) I see some people use cycling jerseys what else? I am pretty heavy 210 pounds and need something what creates a good drag
  8. yes, i know it was my mistake repeated several times.i fixed it afterwards
  9. i have graduated my AFF i had several heavy landing when i landed on my bottom nothing really terrible but i feel some backpain around sacrum area it s diminishing, i do not feel contiously sometime when i stand or change body position is it something normal? should i check with a doctor (which one)? another question how do you push yourself after AFF, how do you encouage yourself/keep motivated