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  1. alopatenko

    guidelines for landings in wrong places

    are there any guidelines what to do in case of landings happens to wrong places powerlines, hills, buildings, forest, water etc what to do in each case?
  2. alopatenko

    continuing after a break

    I had to break skydiving for 3 months to cure some back problems (had a bad landing)- now my doctors give an pproval what are my concerns on continuing after a break? what can i forget? what should i focus on? (i was doing one hour per week in a wind tunnel all this time)
  3. alopatenko

    stuck on plateau-- how to move?

    I am in plateu Do very good (by estimates of coaches) belly flying, pretty stable and controllable back flying and stuck on transitining belly to back back to belly i do it but not as good as i want and i do not improve much over time (doing 1-1.5 hour per week, last three weeks) how to move out of plateau?
  4. alopatenko

    Why You're Normally Deviant (And Why You Shouldn't Be)

    thank you :)