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  1. yea, right now sized a rig for a 170 main that can hold up to a 190 and will hold a 190 OP reserve. I'm jumping 210s right now and will be right on the downsize train to 190 by the time this thing gets made and delivered. So planning this rig to be my ride for a good while. I'm not trying to jump a napkin into the swoop pond any time soon... or ever. I enjoy the freefall... not trying to worry about landings.
  2. So cherry A license jumper looking for advice on a canopy, still doing light wing loading at 1:1 at the most, looking at 210 Pulse or Sabre 2. I like the idea of the well rounded canopy in the Sabre 2, but the flat glide and easy landings of the Pulse along with the low pack volume will allow me to put it in a 170-190 container for future downsizing... any help on a guy who's only really flown rental rigs? They'll be going in a vector 3.
  3. what makes it annoying to pack if you dont mind me asking... and yea I'm looking into used for a first rig... problem is all the rigs I seem to find are sized for a 180 or below main canopy and me being 30 and liking beer I dont think that's going to be my first main... (210 exit weight), looking at 210 sabre2's. So I'm keeping my options open. Appreciate the input!
  4. Hello brothers and sisters of the silk, Military static line jumper who is working through to finishing my A license and getting my jumpy boy on regularly. Looking for opinions on rigs that will be freefly friendly as that is likely the discipline I would like to get into once I finish and continue to perfect my belly flying and rw. Have been mostly looking at wings for the comfort and appearance, and vectors for the reviews and general price point. Any opinions on where to look would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to your experience and snarky, witty humor. V/R Cody K