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  1. lol.. well said. I thought somehow it went towards the back of the helmet, not towards the chin. Makes much more sense now. I had it in my head that it sat close to the ear. no issues with them falling out or anything?
  2. I stopped by his house the other day and it was rather humbling to see the fence decked out in purple tributes. Also slightly annoying. The amount of money dumped into flowers and purple balloons and other things that he would have much rather seen that money spent on... like the hungry or the needy. Someone will have to clean that stuff up sometime. Planting flowers along the fence would have been a much better idea. Minnesota is 100% full on in mourning over Prince. We joke and meme... which is all in good fun and is never "too soon". One things was 100%. He loved art. I did a remix of "doves cry" and was told by his sax player that he appreciated the remix. Was never sued, or asked to take it down. I never did it for money. I just love music and art. SO I have to believe he looked at the motives behind your deeds before making a decision. anyway, I didn't KNOW him.... just wanted to post my 2 cents that he is gone before being understood or really appreciated for what he did. First Ave. is hands down THE best place for live music in Mn. Rest in peace sir. ))end rant((
  3. Can anyone show me a picture of how the audible goes in. I'm thinking about getting an audible as a backup and after staring at my G3 it got me confused. It looks as if there is a slit on both sides of the helmet... but it seems as if that would get super uncomfortable, or too loud. Doesn't feel like there is much space... can anyone show me how it sits in the helmet? I have to imagine the wind noise would cut down on the noise in freefall... but under canopy is it annoying? Thanks skyfam!
  4. I just got a viper which I believe is tighter... they are not skin tight but are relatively tight fitting with room to break in. Mine is a medium fit and I have room for a t-shirt and some under garments. as the fabric breaks down a bit and gives in i'll have a bit more flex in the suit, but they are meant to fit. hope that helps a little.
  5. I'm in the que for a lightning split. 34 weeks left. Black/smoke/royal blue.
  6. I'm still new.. and waiting the long 40 weeks for my first rig. I would recommend renting until you know what you want. Then pick a sporty yet SAFE size canopy that you can grand master before deciding where to go from there. I would expect you will probably want something in the 190 / 170 range when you are whole heartedly ready to buy. HOWEVER, the best advise you can get will come from an instructor who has seen your landings and has a solid interest in not seeing you hurt.
  7. Does "full fit" mean that you could stretch the container? Or simply that it will be a very tight fit in the bag? And loose means it will move around in container? Standard is what the container is made for and full/loose means you can, but probably shouldn't
  8. That's what I was thinking. I just needed to hear "you'll be happy for an extended period of time on a 190".... Not "you'll get bored in a season" I'll still keep my eyes out for that.
  9. Thanks guys, I'm not answer shopping (in a way I am.. But I'm not hunting for a preselected answer.) I'm comfortable on a 190... I was not on a 210, as strange as that might sound. I'm not against getting a 190 and staying there for a season or two. I guess the better question might be why someone would want to downsize under a 1:1? Is it more of a swoopers / go fast thing? I would guess you could have some damn fun at 1:1 and be fine for years. I'm just fighting an urge to buy new gear and get a used rig. I've stood up every landing except for 2 of my really early jumps. I'm not saying I'm cocky, because that can change at any second. However I'm new, and just looking to see what everyone with far more experience has to say.
  10. My exit weight is pretty close to 200lb... currently flying a rental sabre2 190 with 34 jumps ((in a relatively short period of time)) looking through used gear and waiting for something to pop up. I'm seeing a lot more 170's and lower come up. I'm not looking to cook through the downsizing chart, I'm looking for something to fly, survive, and enjoy.... then stay there. would it be absolutely stupid to buy a new 170 rig that wouldn't be ready till mid season (july/aug) and continue renting a 190 flying the hell out of it... or stay with a 190, and keep on a waiting for a nice 190 complete rig to pop up? I know this is a n00b question... but i'm pulling my hair out wanting my own gear. I'm sure you all have been there.
  11. I walked out today an A license holder. Wooooo! Was quickly checked out to a 210, which I load at .89. I'm comfortable here mastering this size for my skill level. 100% agree with what you have to say about a rig that can support smaller sizes when I'm ready to go any smaller. For now I'm going to master the hell out of this one. (Renting) There is only one rig at the DZ that is a 210, so I'm looking for some used gear at a reasonable cost to get me through a season so I can get on the plane as much as I want to crank out the learning.
  12. Nailed the 5,500 jump... No idea why it was getting in my head. Sadly the winds have been blowing pretty hard so I had to wait for the 3.5k. Finishing out the rest tomorrow hopefully. 3.5k, pack and jump my own and a check dive. Starting to look over some gear for next season to work through 100 jumps on.
  13. Just hit my 25th jump the other day. Super proud of that, just have a few small things to tick off on the card for the A license. Have the hop 'n pops to do. Not sure why its got me nervous... maybe its spotting my exit, or thinking I might not enter the wind correctly... ::shakes head:: anyways... HI!