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  1. mbohu

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Is it essential that it exists on every forum category? This can be done, but don't want to add extra content where not necessary. We've added this back to the main forum page. If you go to the primary forum landing page, you can see that the bottom of the forums will now show the latest 10 posts from across the forums. It would be convenient if it was on every page, as I was used to just browse it that way: Click on the first post that was new and had a title that interested me; read it and then just continue to the bottom of the page and click on the next most recent post; BUT: I don't think it's essential. Going back to the main Forum page is just one click, after all. BUT: I realize that on the old site you must have had a filter, where the listed posts only applied to the strictly skydiving related forums. I never found a political or other post there. It was all skydiving, wingsuiting, safety, gear, etc. Now most of the posts are campfire or Speakers Corner related. Not why I come to this forum...but that's just me! ;-)
  2. mbohu

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    One of my favorite features of the Forum was the list on the bottom of every Forum page, which showed the 10 most recently added-to Forum topics, independent of which category they were coming from. If your current system has the capability to add this feature back in, I think it would be a great one to add. That was pretty much the way I navigated the Forum 90% of the time. I can't imagine I was the only one. Thanks, and congrats on the update!
  3. mbohu

    Easiest Stability Exits

    Love it! Awesome! Congrats!
  4. mbohu

    Easiest Stability Exits

    Caravans are some of the faster planes, so there is definitely lots of airflow that you can "lean into" on exit. Again: All the advice here is great (and coming mostly from people with more jumps than I have) AND I would mostly focus on FEELING the air as it comes at you at 100miles an hour as soon as you leave. If you can feel it on your body, you will automatically make the right micro-adjustments, even if you initially aren't 100% in the right position. That way you can also keep your mind much more empty and calm on exit (rather than: "ok. where does my foot go? Where do I need to put my hands...f**ck I'm 13000 ft up in the air!!!...ok, calm down...arms stretched out...look at the airplane...f**ck!!!!!...up..down..FEAR!!..out...what do I do with my legs?..sh*t I'm tumbling, what now..................................................(mind calms down as your body starts flying and feeling)...Now I'm stable. I'm flying!...................................................(no more thoughts) PEACE! ") Since it is much harder to focus on FEELING when your adrenaline is really high (as it usually is when you face "the door" on your first skydives), it's easier to learn that aspect in the tunnel first.
  5. mbohu

    Easiest Stability Exits

    Assuming you are jumping from a larger aircraft that has some decent speed (Twin Otter or faster), this may help. It's what helped me the most: Go to an indoor skydiving facility and spend enough time there so that you can enter the tunnel from the door and immediately fly on your belly. This gets you used to feeling the wind on your body and immediately trusting that it will "hold you up". Then pretty much do the same when you do a poised exit (facing forward into the wind) except that you need to keep in mind that the wind will come from about 30 to 45 degrees from the bottom-front, rather than 90 degrees from the bottom, as in the tunnel. This helped me much more than any description of where to put my arms, legs or how to position my body. Instead, it established an intuitive relationship with the airflow that I could rely upon and trust. Before getting this feel for the wind, I actually found diving exits towards the back the easiest, because if I just stretched out my arms and folded my legs over completely, they would always work themselves out automatically. If you are jumping from a really slow, small Chesna, I can't help you. The air feels almost dead, and when I jump from those, it still feels like it takes 5 to 7 seconds before there is enough airflow to really feel stable (Then it's more like jumping from a diving board, where your body position depends completely on the launch)
  6. mbohu

    DASHWARE Total speed.

    sqrt(horiz^2 * vert^2)
  7. mbohu

    Recommend a DZ (US)

    If you go in the fall (or winter, or spring) I'd go to Skydive Arizona. When I visited, I got 5-8 jumps every day, all day. Almost all of them with an experienced organizer. (In the summer it may be less, because it gets too hot in the middle of the day) The on-site wind-tunnel and various hot-air balloon options are pluses too (and landing out in the desert isn't as bad as it would be where there's more civilization either) They've got a gear store and rentals, as well as a restaurant and you can stay on-site over night as well.
  8. mbohu

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Just one more, and I hope you can see the humor in this: No, no, no! In a free market no one has to PROOF anything to anyone. If a company succeeds in marketing something completely useless so well that everyone wants it although it doesn't benefit them at all, then that company is absolutely free to do so and will be hugely rewarded for it. Who would they have to PROOF anything to anyway? There are countless examples of that. But I do think I get it now: You want either ALL or nothing: fully "enforce the GM pledge or drop the GM program" (I added "fully" because they clearly seem to enforce it to some extent. You just listed examples where they failed in that enforcement) My guess is the "fully enforce" option would mean more money and more invasive procedures which many won't like.
  9. mbohu

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    So then just clarify for me what you actually are arguing FOR. This quote sounds like you DO want these kinds of ratings and license requirements but you want stricter and better oversight. Is that what you are saying? (Maybe your "free market" arguments were confusing me here because it sounded like you wanted the opposite: no ratings, no licenses, no oversight)
  10. mbohu

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Yes, and I am saying having something here is better than nothing...and the only way to have something better than the SOMETHING I am relying on, is to have something else with MORE oversight and rules. There is simply a continuum that goes something like: 1. BASE: no oversight, no requirements, it's all completely up to each individual. 2. Something like USPA for skydiving: A membership organization that sets some rules and has SOME capacity for oversight and enforcement, but not really THAT MUCH 3. Governmental oversight and laws with strict enforcement and stiff penalties. I don't want 3. for sure. I think 1. may work well for BASE jumping, where there is generally much less need to rely on others...but for skydiving I like model 2. It's a good intermediate model and keeps oversight from outside sources outside of the picture. Nothing at all. That's not the point. I DO know that the one with an A License has gone through a training program and has a minimum number of jumps. That is all. If he jumps without an instructor at my DZ, I know that he has a license. (exception would be the small number of jumpers cleared for self-supervision before they have a license but they would always jump alone and in a specific place in the exit order)
  11. mbohu

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Ron, your logic is faulty. You say you're an instructor and have ratings, and then say that ratings are irrelevant and should be dropped. Well, of course, if you are dropping your membership now and loose your ratings, you don't loose your skills (or my trust in you--EXCEPT: that I may have no way to verify your skills if I didn't already know you). But the point is you DID go through the training and ratings process. Did you learn much more in other ways and are you much better than what's necessary to achieve these ratings? I bet you are! But none of that is an argument against the ratings. And as for the free market: Correct me if I am wrong, but ANYONE can come along, create their own organization, get people to join it, get DZs certified and do everything the USPA does in order to compete with it. They can require the DZs to require jumpers to have membership in their organization, or not. It's completely up to them and I am certain there is no law preventing this and the USPA has no way to prevent it. Where is the market not FREE in this case? If anything, you are complaining about the USPA having a de facto monopoly--just like companies like Amazon.com have--but this is exactly a feature of the FREE market, that this is possible and generally a likely outcome in most industries. It would require outside intervention into the market (from government rules, etc.) to prevent that. Even if I had the same problem as you with the USPA requiring member DZs to require their jumpers to have USPA membership, the fact that they can do so is exactly a FEATURE of the FREE market. Just as Amazon.com requires me to be a Prime Member of their online service in order to get the cheapest prices at the Wholefoods stores they now own. Yippikayeahh MFs!!!
  12. mbohu

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    That's exactly what I meant.
  13. mbohu

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    So: You are asking for MORE stringent requirements and monitoring? From your previous posts, it seems like you asked for LESS! There are clearly specific requirements for the licenses (after all that's how the whole post started and the people who did not agree with the BOD decisions wanted LESS, not MORE) As I see it, the USPA may not audit individual student programs but does seem to be more active in monitoring Instructor Examiner ratings, which should make sure Instructors are taught correctly, which gives at least a decent chance that most students are taught correctly. Better than NOTHING and, in my opinion, also better than TOO MUCH monitoring and too much oversight (again, I thought most here opposed to the rules were arguing for MORE FREEDOM after all) I'd also assume that MORE oversight would mean more costs and therefore higher membership fees. No one here seemed to be wanting that.
  14. mbohu

    BOD Meeting July 2018

    Of course not. But how would I know it's you? How would I know how many jumps you have? Right now, I'd still don't know it's you...but at least I know you have at minimum an A License.