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  2. decompresion

    Wingsuit research

  3. decompresion

    ISO 30 mins Tunnel Coach - iFly Seattle

    Call Alex Kinnaird also
  4. decompresion

    Boogie Calendar!

    This is the best post I have seen here in a while
  5. decompresion

    FBI serve search warrant in Lodi

    Coming to theaters! Fall 2021 Starring Will Smith
  6. decompresion

    3 Ring

    You've been here long enough to know that if it was linked one would believe that Lee actually posted that. I an sruprised to sea that their aare mo seppling miskates. For the record. Lee is a national treasure and one of the best reasons to come to
  7. decompresion

    Virtual Reality Jump Training

    Only 5 hour away! I will make the trip. Why is this not at every single iFly yet?
  8. decompresion

    GRAVITAS - LED Wingsuit Video

    "Redbull have continued to show what a large budget can do in terms of both stunt orchestration and production quality of video footage." In what way exactly? Did they also produce this? Because I would revise this statement to: "Redbull have continued to show what a large budget can do in terms of PERMIT GENERATION and production quality of video footage."
  9. Excellent show. Dave, thanks for getting us in the air in Puerto Rico. This was one of the best shows you guys ever did. I would rank it up there with the Bill Booth, Norman Kent or Joe Jennings interviews. Everything here is my opinion alone - In my opinion: the podcast was too short. (I download it and listen in parts so it is not one continuous session. It is just funny to hear you say "This is going long" when I have a pause button.) - The "inside" talk was excellent. I actually paused the podcast, looked up "instrument" and "retract" flight logs. I never knew about the whole "Complex aircraft" thing with retractable gear like the King Air and having flaps and variable pith propellers. I spent an hour doing airplane related reading because of a side comment. I even found a thing called IvoProp as a tangent. - I would like to hear an interview with the guy whose pyro went off in the plane. That would be a fun segment. - The seat belt discussion should be a must for every skydiver. It should also be a must for whoever puts the seat belts on the rails. Wouldn't the right method be to load up the plane with jumpers wearing full gear and put the belt in the correct locations relative to each jumper? - As a tangent: Chest strap discussion with gear manufacturers. I was surprised to find out that some people don't know that the chest strap is not an anchor point. Isn't it in the owner's manual? - So next time the pilots are standing around looking like they are in deep discussion about the weather...that is a good time to stroll over and have a chit chat! I will make note of it. - And on the subject of farting in the plane....1) Own up to your farts and be proud of them. 2) It's not worth whining about it is only a scent and not a flavor. - I think you can devote a whole other show to jump pilots and issues related to exits and jump runs. Like does it really make sense to give the green light early for a large group? What do the pilots prefer to do with wingsuit exits? How do you configure the plane for low passes? Zero G before exit? Opinions on bump up to 18,000ft? Boobies for extra altitude are sexist or awesome?(Professionalism?) What about female jump pilots? - I think that Stump did a good job trying to keep you guys organized. Usually it is Dave that rules with an iron fist but it would appear that with the pilot buddies the group mentality takes over. - I would like to hear more about the airplane mechanical configuration. What is the deal with replacing exit lights? One of the skyvans I have jumped has a cowbell to alert for jump run. What doe it take to configure a plane for jumpers rather than cargo? Is it just to attach seat belts to the rails? Are there standards for steps? handholds? I almost fell off an otter once because the camera step was tiny and not where I expected it to be. You guys have been doing such a good job with the podcast for such a long time. Thanks for all of it. I really hope that the radioskydiveuk and jump26 guys keep it up too.
  10. decompresion

    Upside-Down Otter

    [URL ""]Blown over by tornado.[/url]
  11. decompresion

    Wicked Wingsuits does Sky's The Limit - June 22-24

    Simon! What's the rest of your schedule looking like this summer?
  12. decompresion

    DZ close to DC?

    I jumped at 3 DZ's within 2 hours of DC Chambersburg, PA Aircraft: King Air Orange, VA Aircraft: Twin Otter Laurel, DE Aircraft: Twin Otter
  13. decompresion

    Not grid worthy "NGW"

    OMG How will I ever fly in this 9-way? It's not grid worthy!!! (and the flyers look like stick people!!!)