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  2. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers Wingsuit_paperIACAS2.pdf
  3. Call Alex Kinnaird also There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  4. This is the best post I have seen here in a while There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  5. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  6. Coming to theaters! Fall 2021 Starring Will Smith There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  7. You've been here long enough to know that if it was linked one would believe that Lee actually posted that. I an sruprised to sea that their aare mo seppling miskates. For the record. Lee is a national treasure and one of the best reasons to come to There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  8. Only 5 hour away! I will make the trip. Why is this not at every single iFly yet? There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  9. Best $7 ever There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  10. "Tunnel bats" I can't wait to see professional ski jumpers fly in this tunnel There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  11. When there is an asshole in the room: they are an asshole. If everyone is an asshole in the room: you are the asshole Come to Orange,VA. I jump with newbs and assholes. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  12. The subscription model can bee moot if you also make a "Remote area base receiver" like a mobile cell tower that works for ~1mile. This way, a dropzone that has a bunch of people and difficult area of operation can buy a base station for everyone who jumps there. No yearly cost for network, no sim cards no ransom-ware fees. I built a similar thing a few years ago with an RFID sticker and a long range pinger. The maximum range I got was only 50 feet so it is useless for skydiving but OK for finding things around the yard. Rough maximum size should be about the size of a golf ball. Just for reference: the main canopy activation handle comes in various sizes but most of them are hacky sacks. I think that the size and weight will matter less if we attach it to the deployment bag or the canopy directly. It would be more critical for attaching to risers. This size should work for general rig and helmet inventory tracking purposes. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  13. Chris, Some skydiving locations have spotty reception and this is exacerbated by trees, ponds, rocks... The $60/year charge is a bitter pill to swallow. Is there a way to do a "pay per use" model. Like: you just pay for the tracker then only if you lose your canopy, pay $20 for the pinging to work? Installing in the pilot chute was my first thought too. Take a look here: The little ball is the activation handle for the main canopy. it is the size of a hacky sack. But you probably can attach it anywhere on the canopy (Dbag, risers, slider... these are all places that the skydivers here know). If this can send 600 pings per charge and only turns on after the cutaway happens than there should be no problem to charge once a month, keep it passive until the cutaway. Even if it just sends one ping once it lands with GPS coordinates accurate to 50 feet...then this is a good thing. What I would like to see is a tracker that is permanently attached. I charge it once a month or just make sure it is charged before I jump. (so even if it is inside the packjob, I am fine). The tracker can be totally passive for hundreds of jumps. If there is a cutaway then it turns on and sends pings once a minute until it stops moving. Then one ping each 10 minutes for 24 hours then once an hour until it dies. The ping can go to a website with GPS coordinates. You only pay to access the website without a yearly subscription. Just to give you some perspective about frequency of occurrence. The average cutaway frequency is once every 700 jumps (Not trying to start an argument just giving the guy some idea...). Some skydivers will not cut away in several years. Paying 60$/year is a bit harsh especially if I buy 2 or 3 of these things. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  14. Hello Chris, Welcome to the wonderful world of skydiving. I would like to help you better serve the skydiving community. (Disclaimer: I am a malicious idiot who might have no clue what I am talking about...Be warned!) There are a few things that a small GPS tracker can help with in our sport. 1) Find main canopies that have been cut away: A main canopy costs anywhere between $800-$2,000. Sometimes a skydiver may decide to release the main canopy and attempt to land a reserve canopy. This can happen at at many points in the skydive. The released canopy will then be carried by the wind and land wherever it lands. If the canopy can be recovered and reattached then the skydiver does not need to buy a new canopy. Skydiving usually takes place in rural areas that may have trees or farmland around (Bad network signal). A canopy that falls in to a corn field could be invisible to a low flying plane and in some occasions they get completely lost. For this scenario, there is no need to track the main canopy until it is separated from the parachute container system. Once it is separated from the system then a ping every 1-10 minutes would be nice. 2) Cutaway + reserve handles and freebag The process of detaching a malfunctioning main canopy from a parachute container system involves pulling a "cutaway" handle. This handle ($60 minimum) can get lost during the process since the person's hands may need to pull the handle and then do something else. Students are routinely taught to ditch this handle after activation. Without the cutaway handle, the parachute system (AKA: Rig) can't be used. The skydiver would need to procure a replacement before being able to jump. The reserve handle ($90) has a similar procedure but the reserve packing is regulated and the associated handle has certain requirements. The freebag ($250) is a deployment aid for the reserve canopy. During a Cutaway, the freebag will detach from the system and land on it's own. They are also only packed by a licenced rigger and it can be difficult to legally add a tracker to them. 3) Stolen rigs and general inventory management Several rigs ($3,500-$8,000) get stolen each year. They look like backpacks sitting in a car. Some skydivers (and teams) have multiple canopies and rigs and sometimes the only way to know what is packed in a rig is to open it up. Skydiving schools or rental shops also need to manage their gear inventory. Even skydiving helmets ($300-$600) have a tendency to get lost. Some helmets have cameras and other gadgets on them that can drive the price even higher. Some operational considerations: The average skydiver jumps ~100 times a year. The tracker can't be charged after every jump. The main canopy can be disassembled, packed and accessed by the skydiver unlike the reserve that most people will only ever access once in 6 months. I think that 600 pings per charge is a better metric than usage time. Bluetooth connection is nice but some people do not jump with their super expensive smartphones. What is the range on your tracker signal? Attachment: don't worry about that too much. Make it small and give us the ability to sew, glue, ziptie or whatever it to stuff. The closest GPS tracker I can think of is the Flysight system. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  15. Disclaimer: I don't work for iFly and generally don't know what I am talking about. Pricing: About two years ago I bought bulk time at iFly Loudoun at the pre-opening rate of $860/hr. I have been using up that time in 10-15 minute increments since they opened. This weekend I used up the last few minutes on that account and inquired about adding more time. The bulk account rate is $1,000/hr ($16.67/min). I and my "team" can use it as long as the names are on the account. I can't bring a random coworker or even a family member. There is a return flyer rate that goes for $160 for 10 minutes and includes coaching and you can bring up to five people. You have to use it at 10 minute increments. You can't use more that 20 minutes in a single "block". There is a "standby" flyer rate of $12.50/min but it does not say that you have to buy a bunch of it in advance. I am not sure I understand how the terms of payment work. The flying looks simple: show up and fly what ever time they can give you on the spot? I also know that there are some coaches/instructors that buy really large blocks of time. You get coaching with them that includes the tunnel time at their low rate. Other stuff: iFly just recently changed the way they talk about arrival time and flight time. When you call iFly now, the time you are given is arrival time and NOT flight time. The staff will tell you to be there at 10 for flight time at 11. The whole idea of "Blocks" is funny in the newer tunnels with the doors that can open and close while the tunnel is running. For first timers it make sense but for us it is very fungible. This brings me back to those 10 minute blocks with coaching for $160. If you get 3 blocks, you can book 20 minutes in one "block" and 10 minutes in the next "block" so you can effectively get 30 minutes for up to 15 flyers. SO the whole "Block" idea is nice for the instructors and staff to plan their day but the flyers should arrange their own way around this. If I am missing some point here, please let me know. I don't write this for your benefit, I write this to get the correct information so please help if you can There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  16. How not to train Amazing swoops to make Eagles jealous. Wingsuit flights so long that you would run out of map. Head down carves that make a propeller dizzy. In my ten years as a skydiver I have not even come close to any of these feats. If you also wish to be the same mediocre flier (or worse) in 100 jumps that you are today then you are in luck. Just folow my easy steps of Not training and you could fool the best of the pros that you are just off AFF. 1) The internet Why go through a training regimen when you can just watch online videos and read some online posts. Of course training with a coach works if you want to improve your performance but getting the bowling speach demands extreme uncoachablility and a lack of awareness. Extra points can be awarded if you buy a book and never read it, argue with people on the internet withour reading their posts or watching online videos. Jumping with organizers is a waste of time because "Those who can't do:teach. Those who can't do or teach:organize" 2) Change disciplines frequently Commitments are for marriage. You are a skydiver and live a life of freedom. Why be shitty at belly flying if you can suck at tracking, freefly and wingsuits too. Don't do more than 10 jumps in a row of the same discipline. Start freeflying right after AFF because you can't go low on a big way if you never try. Wingsuits make you 100 times cooler even if you can't track, that is what the wingsuit is for. 3) Commit to a ton of tunnel time Skydiving is all about the freefal, period. The tunnel will sort out all your issues and get you to the coveted freefly group as fast as possible. Altitude awareness, exits, breakoff and approaches are not relevant skills if you can take a solid dock on your head. Canopy control will take care of itself because awesome freefliers use velos all the time. Do so much tunnel time that you are too sore to jump and skip jumping altogether because rigs are expensive and the plane takes so long to get to altitude. There are no weather holds in the tunnel either. 4) Get hurt After all that tunnel time and online videos, it is good to be back at the dropzone. It is now time to go "all in" on your swooping. So what if you only have a 300 jumps? You go head down and you read all about "the corner". How hard can it be? What could go wrong? That rolling landing is a warning sign. Ignore it and keep going. Pretty soon you will scare yourself so bad that your femur shatters just from the thought of misgudging an approach. Post your X-ray pictures online and surprise nobody. 5) Repeat If you follow these simple rules, you will be no better and even a worse skydivier that when you begin. If you repeat enough times, you might even have an ash dive and finally a bigway that you were part of. Repeat these steps for as long as you want to be a mdiocre or broken skydiver. it is impossible to be good at this sport, believe me, I tried everything short of commiting to a training regiment and working with a coach. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  17. Please explain this point. I would like to know why you think this before I strongly disagree with you. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  18. Why like this? There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  19. Agreed about the long intro. This is a fair point and I would usually agree. This is an excerpt from a Skydive Radio episode so it is mostly meant to be heard and not viewed. I just put it on with headphones and didn't really think about the video just like listening to the podcasts. The skydiving video is nice but the scare factor of this other activity he is doing is much higher. It terrifies me to see these expensive, time consuming and risky activities that Brian is engaging in: raising kids! Throw me out of a plane any day. Good job Brian There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  20. If you saw the whole thing then please keep that information to yourself. This is, an internet forum, and there is no room for actual information here. You should limit your self to speculation and wild guessing. Tangents are especially revered, the farther off field the better. Pseudoscience and buzzwords are appreciated too There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  21. quidditch anyone? There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  22. I am looking to jump as much as possible for 4 days in Europe. Greece, Spain, Italy wherever I can do several jumps a day even middle of the week. Skydive Athens? Lilo? There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  23. Not directed at Mr. Troll (aka enta). Directed at other would-be "400 jumps velo guys" that pop up all the time here... FIFY Now that you make that apologies. Why are you such a killjoy pussy? At 1.46WL you are barely getting any performance on a Sabre2. Did mommy not pack and balls in your lunch? It means that you don't think at all. No one is angry because of the question. Some are a bit bored with having to deal with the fallout and "I told you so". The most cardinal sin you committed here, beyond your horribly arrogant posts, beyond the fact that you are a troll, beyond the fact that you remain completely anonymous, beyond the fact that you don't say who these mysterious rigger, DZO, Instructor and S&TA are, beyond the fact that you don't give a clue as to who's canopy course you took, beyond the fact that you have not posted a single video of your awesome landings....Beyond all that, you have failed to use the search function to read the many threads that are ridiculously similar to this one. FIFY, again If the "scared straight" approach will not work with you: 1) I just want the name of the pilot, dropzone, instructor, DZO and S&TA who are allowing you to jump that gear. I don't care if you survive or not: they should know better and I want to avoid the dropzone when you are jumping. If you care so little about your life who knows what you will do to mine. 2) At 200 jumps you might be fine. PD makes a good canopy. Deep flare. Into the wind. Wing level. Wear a helmet. Stay away from anything/anyone else in the landing area. 3) Insurance ID card in the jumpsuit. Signed incident report at the DZ. You ICE contact info is updated. Car keys, tent, bags are in a known place. Pre-filled permission to sell your rig (unless the paramedics cut it off you). 4) Post pictures of your x-rays. You will probably be fine. Hope you don't kill anyone else. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  24. March 12, 2016 and ~400 jumps. There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers
  25. Please provide: Name of instructor Name of DZO of dropzone you intend to jump this gear at Name of S&TA on duty when you exit the plane in this configuration Name of Rigger that packs the reserve with this configuration I intend to file a formal complaint against all of them to the USPA safety officials. Just kidding. You are a troll. In this forum you are called "400 jumps velo guy" Troll motto: "Go in or Go home!" There are no dangerous dives Only dangerous divers