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  1. Looking for a 30 minute block at iFly Seattle on Aug 18.
  2. This is a really stupid poll that perpetuates stigmas associated with the disease. It's not like you're having unprotected sex in free fall or there is a high likelihood of exposure to blood. How about having to tell people you're standing next to on a bus, just in case there's an accident. How about we go back to making people wear scarlet letters?
  3. Has anyone else noticed the forums loading very slowly recently? It looks like it may be pages that are showing ads from travelad.net.
  4. If the instructors do not know the gear their students are using it might be a good time to find another place to learn to jump. If they don't know the gear, what else don't they know?
  5. Based on the way you worded your original post none of the 3 dzs you spoke to said you have to complete the full AFF program. They want you to sit through the AFF ground school and do a check dive to determine what you need to work on (which is exactly what you said you're looking to do - your post above).
  6. I'm a little confused. Your original post says you've been told by 3 dzs that you need to do an AFF refresher and a check dive which you seem to not want to do yet your post directly above says you're willing to do a few coached jumps. Any USPA affiliated dz should require you to do the AFF refresher plus enough coach jumps to finish checking things off on your progression card. Like another poster said an AFF refresher doesn't mean you're starting over from scratch, it's a review to see what you remember.
  7. We will start jumping Friday at 10AM with the King Air. The CASA is scheduled to be at the DZ by noon Friday. We have great organizers for FF and RW so everyone will be able to get on jumps appropriate for your experience.
  8. You can register for the boogie on Ticketbud https://memorialweekendboogie-akacrouchfest2015.ticketbud.com/-memorial-weekend-boogie-aka-crouchfest-2015
  9. May 27 - 30, 2016 Virginia Skydiving Center Petersburg, Virginia Come join us for a fun filled weekend at VSC. We will have our super fast King Air as well as a CASA and helicopter jumps. Full details can be found at http://www.dropzone.com/calendar/Detailed/Boogies/CROUCHFEST_6974.html
  10. From the angle of the camera it almost looks like you are pointing both feet off to the right instead of straight back. It might just be the camera angle or lens. I also had a minor spin during my release jumps but it was quickly solved in the tunnel. Be sure to tell the tunnel instructor that you're doing AFF and exactly what the problem is and they can watch for the cause. Good luck
  11. Starting to sound like a slyride scam.
  12. The key to point 1 is "for that part of the flight at those altitudes that is of more than 30 minutes duration". Unless you're in a very slow 182 it's unlikely that the pilot would be between 12.5k MSL and 14K MSL for 30 minutes.
  13. Any word on how the tunnel in Virginia Beach is coming along? I haven't heard anything about it in a while. Last I heard they were in meetings with the city.