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  1. Hey, did you open the dropzone?
  2. KrisS


    Hi, I’m in the process of buying my first rig. I have an A licence with only 85 jumps. I’m 90kg/198lbs and have been jumping a 210, I’m finding it difficult to find a new full rig in stock with that size of canopy, I’m wondering if 190 would be a big jump for me? Also I’m wondering if a 2nd hand 210 would fit in a container that comes with a 190 or if they’re exactly sized. I could probably buy the 190 complete and a 210 canopy then jump the 210 and save the 190 till I’m ready. Anyway I hope all that makes sense, I don’t really have a permanent drop zone for advice so any and all advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance Kris
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the advice and will take on board!
  4. Wondering if anyone has advice on a tool to help with a basic pack job
  5. Hi, I’m wondering which is the best place for a friend to do a tandom in Vegas, while I do solo jumps also, I have an A license and will need kit hire too! Any info appreciated. Regards Kris
  6. Hi, I’m planning on Jumping mid August in Perris but I seem to remember being advised in the past that the heat can cause major problems there. Would anyone have any input on how advisable this would be for someone that only has an A licence and looking to progress to B within a period of a week 12th-19th. I’ve heard Chicago might be the best option but I don’t think it’s possible. Also how would Sebastian be at that time of year? Thanks in advance for any input no matter it’s form. Kris
  7. Awesome, thanks for the info and advice, much appreciated 🤙🏽
  8. Awesome, thanks a lot for your advice, I think I’ll go for it 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽
  9. Hi, Long shot, but I’m wondering if anyone has spent much time jumping in the Algarve in December. I know weather is unpredictable but I’m planning on jumping there for 12 days or so and just worry about the weather, I don’t want to be sat around all day most days. I imagine if the wind pics up even mildly I won’t be able to jump because I only hold an A licence. As always any advice regardless of its delivery is appreciated!
  10. KrisS


    Awesome, had a feeling it wouldn't be easy. Very much appreciated, now I can make a cunning plan for my trip
  11. KrisS


    Hi, Has anyone got any good info on jumping in Vegas/Nevada in early Oct, best place, good atmosphere, free jumping as well as tandem for some friends as I want to get them a jump as a wedding gift, not to far from Vegas airport etc Any info massively appreciated, Kris
  12. Replies appreciated. Maybe I didn't word my question well enough. I'm more than happy to complete necessary training (A ground school and a few levels) but I'm hoping to not have to start at level 1 again however useless my previous training was. Hoping to respect my pocket a little in the process. Well thanks for the advice. Hopefully I'll have an A licence by the end of summer and will still be able to keep the lights on. Peace & Love
  13. It was $65/$165. I probably should have worded my question a little better. I'm more than happy to do a few levels/couched jumps and a ground school, but having to compete a full AFF from L1 would not be good for me financially. I'm willing to take a hit but not thousands. So it's a location I'm looking for. Advice appreciated.