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  1. Absolutely I remember that article. If I'm not mistaken that article was inspired by an event at CK which resulted in a low reserve pull/cypres fire. PJ was really pretty good when it came to safety. I recall one day quite a few years ago when he was running the packing mat and noticed that a visiting jumper's reserve risers were frayed. PJ pulled her aside, explained what he had found, offered a few opinions as to how it might have happened and if I recall correctly suggested that she stay on the ground until that problem was fixed. I'm not sure that many other packers would have noticed something like that - granted, that was more than a few hundred jumps ago for me, but I didn't think that it exactly jumped out. - Jim
  2. I don't have anything to add here, the skydiving community has done a pretty decent job at summing up PJ and I think that's nice to see. Hopefully the honest words in this thread can bring comfort to his wife, Donna, and to everyone else who knew and loved the man. PJ, you were my friend and I'll miss you profusely. Take care, my friend. I'll see you on the other side. - Jim
  3. Jimbo

    Viper - who to contact???

    Atair Aerodynamics. is probably your best bet. - Jim
  4. Jimbo

    JVX review

    Completely taught? No slack at all? And there's no tail deflection? - Jim
  5. Jimbo

    Caching attachments

    My experience in IT and dealing with a major provider of managed hosting services which is also a data/voice carrier tells me exactly the opposite. Bandwidth is the commodity item while disk space is something that most will charge a premium for. That could be done with a file locker, depot, call it what you will . . . On the other hand, you could always use a different email account when sending attachments (Gmail allows SMTP access to their servers - and POP, too, for that matter), or post the attachment to a personal webpage and send a link. - Jim
  6. Jimbo

    PD Reserve

    I recently had the opportunity to jump my PD160/R loaded at approximately 1.6:1. The opening was soft, and on heading. During flight I thought I was flying a square main, not a reserve. A few practice flares and then it was time to land, a perfect tip-toe landing on this beast. This was my third reserve ride, with the previous two being on a competitors product. I'm sold, from now on it's PD reserves in my rigs, nothing else.
  7. Jimbo

    alti or no alti?

    Perhaps he's presenting the scenario on behalf of another jumper, perhaps he's just trying to provoke discussion. - Jim
  8. Jimbo


    I jumped a navigator in AFF. It opened every single time and it never tried to kill me. My current canopy has tried to kill me several times. The navigator opens very nicely and has a great flare. When I flared at 30 feet, it landed me and I only broke one bone. I think everyone should get a Navigator. They're cool.