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  1. I sent request for info to Juliens auction to check what is actually listed. Informal second-hand info indicates that it indeed is the complete rig used in famous "Adios Amigos" exit, possibly also altimeter and goggles aside, but I can't confirm at the moment. Lets see what Juliens reply is, then it can be verified with Jim and Don. I was put in contact with Don today through a mutual friend. Love never fails
  2. Indeed, when I saw the auction announcement, it crossed my mind that Skydiving Museum would be the right place for this gear. Although I didn't intend to start an action with initial post, I'm glad to see that there is an interest . I would chip in too. I am close to several people from still strong Patrick's fan community and mentioned the idea in Facebook chat – and got overwhelming response, more than 100 messages in my inbox in last 3 days, asking is somebody coordinating the action and how can they participate. So, if USPA or Skydiving Museum would be willing to coordinate the action and bid on behalf of skydiving community and fan base, I am willing to coordinate action with fans – raise awareness about the action, keep them informed and anything else needed. If I can help, please put me through to USPA or Skydiving Museum people who would be willing to coordinate, or just message me in inbox here. Love never fails
  3. Just stumbled upon this in newsfeed. Julien's Auctions in LA announced that Patrick's widow puts up for auction a number of his possessions, including the skydiving gear and surfboard from Point Break movie. Allegedly, a part of the proceedings will go to pancreatic research fund. Skydiving gear is estimated at 1000-2000 USD. [url] Love never fails
  4. Well, indeed something is wrong with this seller. I am a local there, we are a small and pretty close knitted community, so even if one doesn't know the person selling gear, it's very easy to get info. The fact that no one knew anything proven about the seller and gear (only some rumours) raised a red flag. Some more red flags came along: - the person registered here (and submitted ads) as Lela Zecic from Croatia. No one from any of Croatian clubs did not know of such person nor anything about gear offered for sale. - same ads appeared in two FB groups: "2nd hand - skydiving" and "Buy/Sell Skydiving gear, posted by a person with FB profile Lejla Zecic from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Again, the FB profile may be real, but still no one locally was able to provide more info. - another ad appeared here on but submitted by a profile skydive7 from Yugoslavia - there is no info on gear in any of ads (on DZ and FB), at best there is one photo not really showing anything, and nothing else. The seller wants to be contacted on PM only, does not reveal any other info nor replies on FB posts on group wall. We heard also from two local skydivers that their PMs in local language to seller were never replied. - It is not clear what and how many different canopies this person sells – so far there were ads posted for Safires 2 in 150, 170, 219 and 239, Neos 119, Vector SE and Mirage RTS. Here is a link to offer at FB group Buy/Sell Skydiving gear: Also, while it is true that Safires can be ordered in any size, it is weird that none of Safires offered were in standard production size. I know personally a local skydiver who sent PM to seller inquiring about true size of one of offered Safires (in local language), but never got a reply. She, however, confirmed that the FB PM was read. I apologize for long post, but hope it will be useful. Moderators of both FB groups were already informed. Love never fails
  5. Don't worry Sandy, it will be there, and waiting for you. Once the bug is there with you, its not likely toleave any time soon, just hides for a while ;-) There is quite a number of us with a long pause from the sport - for me it was 23 years. Love never fails
  6. Um, no, but I know of a few European Commission skydivers (me included). Would that count?
  7. +1 And for the love of God I just can't jump into the water head down, pool or sea, regardless. I tried many times, but it always ends up a painful flat belly splash. I'm endless source of fun for my folks when I try. No problem though to throw myself out of the plane head down. Love never fails
  8. Ha, ha... love the embroidery on handles, great idea
  9. Just stumbled upon this one: Kinda old, but wuffo ignorant comments never cease to amaze me. Love never fails
  10. Could this help Shah? Implicitly, it could say a lot about nice pair of tits inside :-) Love never fails
  11. It used to be 10 miles, some 15-20 min from my bed to DZ. Ex H and I even planned to buy a house next to DZ. Recently divorced and changed DZ, now I drive between 65 and 350 miles one way, to one of neighbouring DZs around. Love never fails
  12. Good old Don't Stop Me Now by Queen Love never fails
  13. QuoteSize 8 female Mech Eng here, looking for me Jerry? Love never fails
  14. Shah? Na. Too much real data. Khm, engineer here