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  1. Folks, both those threads have run their course. It is as simple as that. The sick and twisted thread was just that and I simply didn't want it on the site anymore - not at all. The word game was just post whoring. Rather than get your panties in a bunch or speculate about my deep dark financial motives for locking and or removing them; take a day off (heck, take two if you need to!) and try to get over the trauma of the loss. Then, if there's anything left thereafter that you feel still gives meaning to your life, pick up the pieces, pull yourself together, come back here and face the brave new world without your thread. C'mon... I know you can do it! Safe swoops Sangiro
  2. Turtle - I understand that you're trying to recreate a thread that's just been closed be reincarnating it as something else. I seriously suggest you move on to making contributions in another way to this forum. If you're intent on disrespecting the direction given and making this difficult then you'll need to find another forum to play on. Please, don't waste our time. Safe swoops Sangiro
  3. sangiro


    It's time to move on. From the forum rules: "Posts made with the explicit goal of soliciting multiple short responses (“Post Whoring”) may be locked or removed" Safe swoops Sangiro
  4. This thread is done. There's not much to learn from it anymore at this point other than maybe how to try and fight a position from the moral low ground. Very disappointing. Safe swoops Sangiro
  5. That username sounds completely legitimate to me... It's a good idea. We'll see how we can incorporate PMs into this. Safe swoops Sangiro
  6. Heya all, We've implemented a feature that will enable you to report any spam you see int he forums to moderators. In the top right corner of every post you'll see a little red no-spam icon. Please help us by clicking on that when you see a spam post and it will help us keep these forum clean. [inline report_spam_button.png] Use this button for SPAM ONLY please. Don't abuse this by reporting posts that you don't like or even posts that break the forum rules. There's some voodoo that happens in the back-end specifically related to spam that kicks in once this has been tapped a couple of times.
  7. Heya all, DSE is moving on from his role as moderator on and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for his tremendous contributions to this site. Spot has been part of the moderator group since September 2007. It's almost impossible to have been a member on this site for a while without having seen some of the incredible post and article contributions he's made on wingsuit flying and freefall photography (especially his annual action cam shootouts!). I know there are loads of people out there who are very grateful that he's been willing to combine his deep knowledge on these subjects with his love for teaching and coaching and sharing that with us on this platform. I certainly count myself among them and I hope to see more of that in the future. Thank you Spot!
  8. Heya all, We've added a feature that allows users to communicate publicly on a Classifieds listing. Comments are visible to the seller and all future viewers of the listing. This gives buyers an opportunity to ask questions about the gear or items for sale, though you still have the option to contact a seller privately. It also gives sellers the opportunity to add extra information to their listing or clarify any issues or questions that visitors may have. Importantly, it also allows buyers to point out details about the gear that others may have missed. This may include opportunities that the seller hasn't realized or caveats that the seller hasn't disclosed, for instance. Sellers will receive an email notification at the email address on their account when a new comment is posted to their listing. As with any public communication platform there's always the possibility of abuse. Comments should be helpful, factual, and use neutral language. Comments may be permanently removed by moderators if they don't adhere to this. Specifically, moderators might remove: silly or joking comments, no matter how well intentionednegative comments about the listed property or seller which fail to cite publicly available proofaccusations of dishonesty, fraud, or theft. Please use the "Report a Scam" link to alert us of any possible fraud or scams If you post these kinds of comments to a listing, you'll get a warning. If you do it again, you risk losing your membership. The purpose of this feature is to facilitate open, honest and efficient communication between sellers and potential buyers and hopefully help both parties to close a deal that will leave everyone happy. PS - we've also been looking at how you guys use the classifieds and have moved a large search box to the top of the Classifeds main page. Safe swoops Sangiro
  9. Hey all, I'll be the first to admit the photo upload feature on has been pretty cumbersome to use in the past. We've just changed all of that! We've rolled out a new multi-photo upload feature that'll let you to upload, or literally "dump", as many of your cool skydiving shots in our Photo Galleries as you like in a single go! Gone are the days of uploading one picture at a time, filling out long forms and then repeating it all again just to get another picture up there. With the new functionality you can apply some generic tagging, like the DZ the photo was taken at, the category and the name of the photographer to all the images you just uploaded or set them individually on a photo-by-photo basis. Your choice. I think you'll agree this is a much improved, faster and smoother upload engine. Now go post your pics. We'd love to see them and we'll be sharing the best ones here and on our Facebook page. Upload your Photos PS: We shifted photo moderation to post-moderation a while ago meaning, your photos will be online immediately. We'll deal with inappropriate photos after the fact rather than make everyone wait for their shots to be approved. Safe swoops Sangiro
  10. Welcome back Brandon! Safe swoops Sangiro
  11. Welcome to mate. Safe swoops Sangiro
  12. Ludo - good job. Thanks for sharing that.
  13. Still fighting 3 bots from China that's crawling the site and dragging down the resources. Will keep at it. Safe swoops Sangiro
  14. Heya all, Somewhat bittersweet for me to let you know that John (slotperfect) has decided to step down as moderator after 10 years. John recently accepted a new role as General Manager at Alti-2, Inc. in DeLand, FL. and to avoid a conflict of interests, that's where his focus will be in the future. John became a mod on May 29, 2004 and for the following decade has been a stabilizing force in the forums. John loves this group and approached his role with sincerity, a quiet confidence and great judgment which begs respect and admiration. He'll be missed in this role but I'm looking forward to seeing him around here representing Alti-2 in the future. John has also become a good friend over the years with whom I've had some lengthy and thought-provoking conversations about this community. I'm hoping for many more coffee runs to Starbucks or wherever in the future to continue to those. Thanks buddy, you did good. You made an impact here and for that I will be forever grateful. Best of luck and enjoy the "retirement". PS - In the interim John's workload here will be shared by the current moderator group so feel free to reach out tho them as usual. Safe swoops Sangiro