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  1. Roger Nelson. Gene Paul Thacker.
  2. Ashtanga

    where is Joe

    Was he talking about you in the tunnel?
  3. Ashtanga

    In memory of Tom

    I spent many a day and many a night with Tom. I know he is in a better place. Tom was homeless and living in the desert before he found Skydive Arizona. He had many local and international friends because of his job. Avid reader, he also impressed everyone by bringing his guitar and completing a live acoustic and vocal set at the Bent Prop. Blue Skies, Tom!
  4. Ashtanga

    Error 99 on Canon Rebel XT?? Please Help!

    The lens contacts are dirty. Get a pencil with an eraser on the end, just a regular old pencil with a red rubber eraser. Detach the lens from the camera, hold it so that the lens’ gold contacts are pointing down and lightly erase their exposed surface, cleaning them of any hand oil that might have gotten on them. Do the same thing with the gold contacts inside the camera body. This is a bit harder but it’s doable: just hold camera so lens opening points down so no gunk falls in. Erase lightly. I used a lens cloth and dabbed at the contacts rather than blow them so as not to blow the erasings inside the camera.
  5. Ashtanga

    Eloy Christmas Boogie - transport.

    Call B2 at Eloy. They can recommend a Airport Shuttle that has a van that can you all. Greyhound would be a little silly.
  6. Ashtanga

    Getting started !?!?!?

    Who was your tandem instructor?
  7. Ashtanga

    Mamba Is Here Any News

    Here is the link to the discussions here on;search_string=mamba;#1808568
  8. Ashtanga

    Skyride owners indited on wire fraud

    Will they go to prison for life? That would be awesome.
  9. Ashtanga

    NYC area picnic ?!

    Should everyone bring baskets, blankets and kool aid?
  10. Ashtanga

    tandom trips !?!?

    It's tandems.
  11. Ashtanga

    help, wind tunnel in TX?

    Skydive Arizona.
  12. I was on a temporary assignment working in DC a few years ago and I always went to Skydive Orange in Virginia. It's a little bit of a drive but it's a way cool dz.
  13. Ashtanga

    Atlanta Area Dropzone

    Skydive Atlanta in Thomaston, Skydive Monroe is good, Skydive The Farm is good. Stay away from Atlanta Skydive Center. Ever see the movie Deliverance?
  14. Ashtanga

    most newbie friendly DZ out of big three

    Do you want coached jumps? What discipline? This could determine where you go also.