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  1. Don't have to worry about Jose because Trump won't let him in the USA!
  2. Is there any confirmation this is going to open? If so I am excited and will be there all the time.
  3. I use to be a packer and got yelled at and belittled by the TM because this happened on one of my pack jobs. I did not pack it any different than I did the 1000 packs before that and it had never happened before.
  4. And I am the one who came up with the idea after you posted about 10 separate disgusting threads one day when nobody was online. I logged in and saw a page full of Billy posts and said hey billy why not start one thread. lol
  5. AssMonkey...that funky monkey...
  6. You are scratching a sleeping lions balls with a hot fork. - Sangiro He owns the place he can do whatever he likes. The last few posts on Billy's thread had shit all over an airplane bathroom. Who posts shit in a bathroom on a forum? Last person who did that got banned as well. Hide behind an avatar and be on Facebook and post a picture of your shit or someones else's shit and you will be deleted or banned. Sangiro has the site for people to come and learn about skydivng and people involved to post instructional recommendations and info about boogies. Be a post whore he'll fork you good...nobody messes in his neighborhood.....
  7. I think around my 50th jump I stopped being scared. I never lost being a little scared. You are jumping out of a plane but it becomes so much fun you lose the fear and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Then you lose the adrenaline rush and the fear and want to be better each jump. Then...
  8. Betsy's and Lou Diamonds pets remake their photo. ~Some might get this~
  9. I hear you and your husband make great food never had the privilege to have it myself. Maybe someday.
  10. I do not agree with Cary and Ben Butler and what they do at all don't get me wrong.
  11. Wow you did not just work there but posted "Announcements" of boogies there etc.;search_string=Atlanta%20Skydiving%20Center;#1129978 But you were being paid you needed the money so you did it. Pot meet kettle. Surf's Up Biotch....Back the FUCK UP! they said in Arizona.
  12. You worked there for years. Didn't seem to have a problem with it while you were there. I never said Hans was a God and I also did not say I was more of a person because Billy does not jump. Don't get your panties in a wad.
  13. I don't. I lurk on here and there. But Hans was my AFF Instructor and I spent a few years living the DZ life and still consider him a friend. I won't let someone smear his name who does not skydive anymore. Hans has made a decision and whether or not you agree with it or not so what. I don't agree with Cary and his decisions but I would have Hans back in any situation. Stay calm, don't have sleepless nights because there is a new drop zone that Cary is the benefactor. I think Hans runs a great drop zone, as he did at The Farm, and there maybe a change in Cary and the new DZ. Hans has a lot of friends and instead of smearing him on a public forum they should sit back, watch and see what happens.
  14. Billy you don't jump anymore anyways why don't you lay off the merger and and go be productive in life.
  15. We all know Hans is a great person. He deserves a DZ and runs a great one at that. He had to relocate and wants to make the best place he can in Rome. We all have heard about Cary and his operations. He has great business ideas but too bad he is in the wrong industry. Hans needs the backing of someone to have the DZ he wants and Cary is a great benefactor. Hans does not want to leave skydiving ownership it is in his blood. He will open a new DZ in Rome and it will be great. Maybe he will convince Cary to stop the money sucking and contribute to a good DZ. People will disagree with his decisions and that is understood. But Hans has skydiving in his blood and I believe this whole thing will turnout for for good.
  16. I enjoy a PB&J with bananas.... The shit is bananas...b-a-n-a-n-a-s....
  17. I met Stu in Naples and jumped at his Skydive America (the original) as he called it in Immokalee. He signed off on my AFF level 5-7. Saw him again in Atlanta when I cutaway from my real life and was at a swoop meet. Sabre was a good wolf mix dog and Stu was an excellent skydiver, pilot. We all have demons unfortunately Stu could not deal with his.
  18. Thought about Ash today...watched this....
  19. Sky was not shy...that is for sure. When I met him at Eloy was was still trying to get over the loss of his wife. He was a free spirit like I was. Blue Skies Sky.
  20. Ashtanga

    Pop Tarts

    I don't eat them.
  21. Airtwardo. I would respond but I respect Senior Citizens.
  22. Good. I don't like Fire Crotches anyway.
  23. Who the fuck are you again? "I read deaf people..."