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  1. I know I should condemn such things, but if someone had the stones to say "fuck it" and jump into a stadium without authorization I'm honestly quite impressed and highly amused.
  2. One of the finest things that America stands for in the world is the equality in the justice system. Even a left-of-the-bell-curve genetic-throwback assbag twatwaffle like this can file a lawsuit and get his day in court. I sincerely hope that SDMB files a countersuit and takes everything that shitlord owns.
  3. grue

    Events that provide dinners

    I don't do big ways, but when it comes to boogies: if the cost works out to be about what I'd pay for food (I don't drink alcohol) anyway, sure. If I do the math and I'm being charged more than I'd be willing to pay for dinner, I'm out. Boogies for me are about jumping, and if it's more cost effective to jump during a boogie i'll go, otherwise I'll read about it on fbook from those who did.
  4. grue

    Stratos Documentary

    I'd really like to watch it, but I'll wait for a version I can download and watch at my leisure
  5. grue

    Paybacks a B***** :-)

    hah! Hope you weren't hard on him…
  6. grue

    To the boogie??

    First off: Go. It'll be fun either way. Make friends to jump with later when you're licensed and traveling. Nobody's likely to give you shit for being a student. We were all students at the beginning, and we're all still learning one way or another. Second: Talk to your instructors, it's entirely possible you might be able to do a student jump on the first load of the day since the other plane(s) won't be in the air yet (assuming multi-aircraft boogie).
  7. grue

    Rigger in Melbourne

    Hey Alex, When do you need to get it done, and where in Melbs are you? Matty Hylander is traveling until early Sept, he's near Tarneit or thereabouts if memory serves. The two others in the immediate area that I'm aware of area both traveling indefinitely as far as I'm aware. Nigel B from Skywerx was offering repacks in St Kilda though I'm not sure if that's still the case. I just messaged him not 20 minutes ago because I need a repack myself.
  8. grue

    West Coast Sundowner Boogie

    It's interesting conceptually but why in the hell is the rego so expensive? That's more per day in rego than most boogies charge for the whole event.
  9. grue

    Health Insurance?

    This may be irrelevant info, but I had the super basic coverage from BCBS Iowa until late 2006 when I left the US. It didn't cover day to day basics but it was only $80/mo and covered skydiving so it was the go.
  10. I've had trouble exactly twice: 1. Melbourne, where I had to open my main and repack it right in the terminal. 2. Auckland, where they jumped so far up my ass they could tell I'd eaten five minutes beforehand. In the future, I'd suggest thinking like this: There's a little electronic gizmo that runs the system. Here's the card from the manufacturer (they include the card. If you don't have one, they're not hard to get).
  11. I wanna know why you kids don't just wear a wetsuit or something
  12. dunno, but it's pretty spot-on with a lot of it. It freaks me out that some people don't know how to spot
  13. grue

    Speed Flying

    My brain just exploded.
  14. grue

    J3 fits in CRJ overhead?

    I can't say 100% for sure, however, I can say this: My Infinity I-66N with a Fusion 210 and a Smart 220 in it fits in one. I'd imagine your rig should.
  15. grue

    Wings / Fusion / R-Max Package

    What would you be loading the Fusion at?