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  1. Check the box...... Derek V Sure, but there's no incentive to do so right now. Discount the dues for people who don't want the mag, and i'll check the box. cavete terrae.
  2. If they were a bit more efficient with the magazine, it'd probably help. We don't need two copies every month at our house, for example. Frankly, we don't even need one… . cavete terrae.
  3. Hey kids, Just dropped a message to Bonehead since they're too cool to answer the phones when an asshole calls right before they close , but hoping someone might happen to know the specs on the bolts, washers, and/or anything else needed to reattach a Mamba visor. The lady of the house wants to get back in the sky and lost her attachment hardware . Hopefully it's commodity stuff I can get at Home Despot or whatever… cavete terrae.
  4. Shit, not out here it ain't. 100 hours might start approaching that, if you're paying retail for the time… cavete terrae.
  5. grue


    Stormy the Alaskan Klee Kai (1y old) and Samba the Bengal (6yo) cavete terrae.
  6. Skydive Adventures, in Luverne, MN. Great group of people, can't recommend them enough. cavete terrae.
  7. Nobody should ever host another olympics, until the olympics stop being a waste of taxpayer money. cavete terrae.
  8. I've got a nice long stay at ORD next Wednesday night and figured I might as well see if I can get some flying in during that. Anyone have a recommended coach? cavete terrae.
  9. Billy billy billy, you know that's a fake "news" site, right? cavete terrae.
  10. I'm the sort of guy where if I walk in and don't see a seat in the middle (horizontally) close enough to fill my field of view as much as possible but far enough to not hurt my neck, I just walk out and get a refund and come back for a different session. So for me, preassigned is by far better. It lets those of us who plan ahead benefit from doing so. I have better things to do than sit in line for a movie I'm excited to see, and with assigned seating I know in advance if I can get a decent seat or not. Admittedly, there are factors that make it a bit harder such as if you're not familiar with that particular cinema, but it's easy enough to make an educated guess. cavete terrae.
  11. I know I should condemn such things, but if someone had the stones to say "fuck it" and jump into a stadium without authorization I'm honestly quite impressed and highly amused. cavete terrae.
  12. Depends on how much I wanted to humiliate my fellow jumpers by having my father show them how to REALLY party. cavete terrae.
  13. A post from elsewhere. I don't support cheating, but from certain standpoints it makes sense. ______ I do 100% understand the logic behind a quiet affair from a financial standpoint (as noted in another thread). If you (general term) have an affair just for sex, you MIGHT get caught. If you get caught you MIGHT get a divorce. Or… it MIGHT make your marriage tenable. If you get a divorce because you're sexually unsatisfied so you can stick your dick somewhere new, you will almost certainly lose half your shit and be making various forms of payments for a very long time. Not my sort of gamble (I just refuse marriage on general principle), but I "get it." cavete terrae.
  14. 1 day cricket is great fun to watch. Compared to what? cavete terrae.
  15. Cremate the entire boring sport… When something makes baseball look exciting, something has gone wrong. cavete terrae.