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  1. mistercwood


    I'm honestly in two minds. We've been doing roughly this type of tracking for pubs and restaurants in QLD for months, so I'm already used to it. Is it that the WA thing is a government maintained app? I can agree with being wary of that, as a minimum. Ours has been a case of venues being responsible for implementation, and liable for penalties if their version doesn't meet mandated standards. I've noticed enforcement at venues has been wildly varied too - some won't serve you until you've shown the confirmation screen on your phone after submitting, others haven't even asked. Most places I've been have a QR code and an online form, but my local up the road just has paper slips to fill out and throw in a bucket lol. Technically I believe they're compliant. EDIT: For added context, I never downloaded the CovidSafe app because of extensions made (from the app they copied) in the data storage timeframes, that never had a decent excuse from the government as to why they changed it. I think caution is warranted, but wouldn't be invoking Orwell just yet.
  2. For anyone interested, when I did my sign-up experiment I just followed everyone they suggested at the time of account creation. Here's the list of who they steered me to immediately in the main column, and a listing on the right of who they're suggesting I get on board with now, after zero posts:
  3. I read something months ago and I have no idea if it's remotely medically accurate, so make of it what you will. But the general gist was that we shouldn't be thinking of Covid as a respiratory disease, but instead as a vascular disease that primarily enters via the lungs. It explains the longer term effects much better.
  4. Trump exists in his current form entirely as a byproduct of never being held accountable for anything in his life. If you let him get away without accountability yet again - after ascending to the highest office in the land and shitting all over every rule and norm during his stay - there's going to be another one of him and they're going to be much, much worse.
  5. I had a moment of hope but this link isn't doing what one would expect it should be doing...
  6. I actually created a Parler account the other week just to jump on and see what it was like. Honestly I haven't seen anything on there yet that I haven't seen on Twitter, "conservatives" freaking out about censorship on Twitter are generally just mad that they won't let you post flat-out lies, and even that skates through reasonably often. Also Parler is incredibly clunky in terms of UI/UX. It's going to go the same way as Gab did before it, and fizzle away until the next "fReE sPeEcH!!!?!" platform pops up.
  7. In loose order of what appears to have the the most plausible evidence/case so far: * Obstruction of justice, as confirmed by Mueller. * Tax fraud/evasion. This could play out for a very long while, so maybe not ideal. There do appear to be some extremely cut and dry no-no's in the returns that were leaked though. * Defamation case w/ E Jean Carroll.
  8. From what little I've seen on it so far, it appears to be a list of ideals that a select group think capitalism should pivot to, without abandoning capitalism itself. These ideals/suggestions have then been interpreted by the usual suspects as somehow a gateway to some sort of totalitarian socialist utopia - a rehash of a rehash of a rehash of decades old NWO/OWG conspiracies. Scary words sound scary, kind of thing. To paraphrase a discussion I had yesterday - In terms of influence on global directions, I am much, much more concerned about Nestle than the WEF...
  9. For anyone interested in fiction exploring these concepts, "Devs" was one of my more enjoyed tv shows of this year. Made by the same guy as "Ex Machina" and "Annihilation", so be prepared for slower pacing but great cinematography. It was a one-and-done season as well, which I think improves it.
  10. mistercwood


    Tsk tsk, so narrow minded. Don't you know that Parler (and Gab before it) are solely about Free Speech, *not* White Nationalism?
  11. He'll make a big song and dance of hinting repeatedly that he's running again, but just to use it as a fund-raising grift.
  12. I genuinely didn't mean it as a dig, more just wanted to add my own personal experience. I know that there are libertarians who don't fall into the caricature I mentioned, they just seem to be fairly rare within the broad swathe of people who *say* they are libertarian. There's a lot of positives to the ethos, so long as you can control for the fact that people aren't starting on the level playing field that it would require in order for it to be fair.