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  1. Clearly his performance wasn't worthy of applause.
  2. Isn't that just the Holy Trinity in action?
  3. It's not just the absolute change in temp, it's the *rate* of change. The earth has varied in temperature by well over 2 degrees throughout its history, but never this quickly.
  4. Wait, is it not actually a Pfizer document? I thought it was real, but just missing context and being wildly misinterpreted by the usual crowd (like these things usually are). As in, they see the word "fatal" on table 1 and just go "look at all these people killed by the vax, they admitted it!" without having any info on where that figure came from.
  5. I looked. All the articles are by Paul Joseph Watson, well known reactionary grifter. Lol.
  6. I agree that care is essential in reaching final decisions. But I vehemently disagree with reinforcing the narrative that all trans-women are just regular dudes trying to find new ways to enter women's spaces and assault them. And that's all the provided article was trying to do.
  7. So the outcome is people suing over imagined potential future incidents, not actual cases of assault? As per usual, the logic is predicated on the assumption that all trans-women are secretly just perverts looking for secret ways to assault cis-women. Quelle surprise.
  8. Ivermectin is most frequently touted as having done fantastic work in treating Covid in India, a country where the population is going to have a higher rate of parasitic worms. It may be that instead of Ivermectin actually being specifically a good Covid treatment, it just did what it's designed to do (kill the worms) and reduced strain on the patients immune systems to give them a better chance of survival. Which would confirm why it's not turning out consistently as a great treatment for any general population it's applied to.
  9. Is that just using an existing clause in the employment contract e.g. exposure to any specific class of infection means you're stood down with pay for 2 weeks, or is it specifically a provision brought in for Covid? I guess stuff like this is going to slip through the cracks unintentionally from time to time. One would hope that in general, anyone who can get the jab is still getting it regardless of a hypothetical bonus vacation.
  10. This was my biggest concern with the Trump presidency. Every single norm, rule or protocol he broke and faced no consequences for, established precedence for anyone who follows down the line to get away with the exact same shit, or worse.
  11. I finally used the ignore feature for the first time in the many many years I've been here. I didn't even use it on Rush when he still posted here, *that's* how little value these posts have reduced to.
  12. Don't make me tap the sign again...
  13. This "news" is literally more than a year old. Brent until you get a job again that isn't trolling these forums, there's really no excuse for letting something like that slip through, you've got more than enough time on your hands to stay up to date.
  14. The one consistent thread I've noted throughout this whole ordeal (in person and elsewhere on the web), is that any video or link or study posted by the Anti's is almost guaranteed to not say what they say it says.