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  1. Look she inspired me to finally look up the definition of sophistry (from an earlier post) and the irony overdose almost killed me.
  2. I don't think we are in any danger whatsoever of that occurring.
  3. I moved on to random non-sequiturs. It made no discernable impact on the conversation quality.
  4. Aww, grampa I was having fuuuunnnnn..... It's like RushMC returned after spending all this time learning how to spell but not much else.
  5. Go practice with your spoons. Gotta crawl before you can walk.
  6. At this point I don't think you could be trusted to know how a spoon works. Yeah but did they? Was that *really* the distinctive characteristic being targeted? Reeaaally...? Nah. Position them as an ethnic and genetic ideal and remove everything non-white from existence? Also nah. I'm as confident about this as I am about how to use a spoon. Which is a lot.
  7. I did some googling and found other activity elsewhere on the web. You will be waiting forever, what you've been seeing is the standard playbook. It was interesting to see what even the denier's on wattsupwiththat thought of their theories.
  8. "The Nazi's weren't White Supremacists" is the most fascinating take you've brought to the stage thus far, kudos.
  9. I meant more in the sense that it's an OHS nightmare with completely unnecessary avenues for people to take a tumble, and clunky sightlines. But also yes.
  10. I've now bookmarked this thread for future usage, should anyone ever doubt me when I tell them "Confidence can get you much much further than ability alone".
  11. I think someone picked it on purpose, but I don't agree that everyone involved necessarily was in on it, i.e. not everyone involved in CPAC is a WS, but there are absolutely people at CPAC who are WS. It's no different to when Laura Ingraham did her nazi-salute at the 2016 RNC. Is she actually a nazi? No idea. But she absolutely chose to signal to those who are. Even if it was a troll, she made a choice of what group to align with. This stage design is in the same vein. It's also an incredibly shitty design choice if it wasn't done on purpose, lending weight to it being a dog-whistle.
  12. I knew when I clicked "start at first new post" and saw this, I was in for a hell of a treat... PS guys I don't think she's a troll or a grifter at this point - I think she's a genuine true believer in the theories she's made up and you have as much hope as reasoning with her as you would with a flat-earther. Good luck!
  13. I know this thread is titled "White privilege" specifically, but I think that's muddying the waters more than it should be, and I also think you're making a genuine effort to understand better. The core principle of privilege (as I understand it) that addresses what seems to be your main concern, is the phrase "All other things being equal"... All other things being equal, being white (in a Western nation) will give you an advantage over those who aren't. All other things being equal, being male will give you an advantage. All other things being equal, being heterosexual will give you an advantage. All other things being equal, being born into a middle-class family will give you an advantage over those who were born into poor families. Etc, etc. I'm a straight white male, as were all my peer group growing up. But they were largely middle class and above, with both parents around, whereas I grew up fairly poor with a single mother (for most of my childhood). All other things being equal, their economic privilege gave them a measurable leg-up on me. I could have done better than I did with hard work, but I also didn't have the role-models to show me how and why. It doesn't mean you need to feel bad about your successes, or that you didn't earn them. It's just a matter of acknowledging that others didn't always get the same opportunities you may have, based on something they had no control over. Comparing Tiger Woods to an average white Joe in Appalachia is pointless, because of course he enjoys some privileges they don't. If you compared him to a white golfer of similar fame levels though, you might see some divergence. That's all privilege really is.