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  1. Let's get this back on track - what does Biden think about the Oxford comma?
  2. I'd honestly thought it was just me, I get it every week or two and usually denies me access for around a day.
  3. Literally no-one made a comment about a comedian, boring or otherwise. You are making up parts of this conversation entirely in your own head and then arguing against them.
  4. You got me curious enough to click the link (thank christ for ad blockers!), and yup, of course it's Andrew Bolt. He's our local Tucker Carlson - an outrage merchant whose sole purpose is to puppet whatever angle Murdoch has decided will sell this week. Can be safely ignored in basically all circumstances.
  5. Jesus. I don't know what else people were expecting the cop to do, there was literally no time to de-escalate anything, he'd barely even arrived. I'm all for an investigation, but I don't see the officer in the wrong here, procedurally. It's a shitty, shitty outcome for everyone though.
  6. It amazes me when anyone looks at Owens and sees anything other than a textbook grifter. She started out positioning herself as a liberal influencer, tried for about six months but got no real traction. She vanished from social media, then reappeared only three months later completely rebranded as a right-wing talking head. This time she got that traction, and the rest is history. Anyone who goes through such a complete ideological 180 overnight and completely out of sight is plainly in it for the money and the attention.
  7. No I understood 100% you were being sarcastic. We both agree there are improvements to be made, but I disagree with your initial implications that these problems aren't being fixed primarily because we haven't thrown enough money at them yet. And just to be completely clear, I'm putting to one side the specific failings of the US healthcare system when looking at this. Cancer and heart disease are still pretty much the biggest natural killers for developed nations.
  8. No disagreement there. The idea of travelling to the States and getting sick is terrifying for someone from a country where you pay zero out of pocket (or close enough) for general or emergency care. There's plenty of room for improvement, that wasn't my point at all.
  9. I'm not sure he did either. Intent isn't required for a charge of 3rd degree Murder under MN law: "without intent to effect the death of any person, caus[ing] the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind, without regard for human life" Chauvin was told twice that Floyd didn't have a pulse. If your next action after being informed someone's heart has stopped is to continue restraining them instead of administering aid, you were more interested in them staying dead than recovering. I'm not saying it's a slam dunk but his actions on the day very much open the door for 3rd degree murder.
  10. If there are advancements in treating sub-sets and side diseases, but not in the big ones, the logical conclusion (like Olof said) is that the big ones are by far the hardest problems to solve, not that the will or effort isn't there. The secondary part of this is also that by definition, the ailments that are the hardest to treat or cure are going to be the most common ones that kill us off. Don't make me tap the sign again...
  11. The reason the US has over 5 times the infection rate per capita compared to the world at large is that most of us took the disease seriously. If you treat it like theatre, it spins out of control so fast anything you try to do after the fact, will of course look like theatre. You had a chance to look out for your nation as a whole. Your personal attitude isn't unique, and is a collective failing of your fellow Americans.
  12. This is why I'm going to find death really annoying - I don't get to see all the cool shit yet to come.
  13. Brent there is literally zero point engaging you on the topic. YOU don't engage on substance in the first place. Your ideas have been debunked repeatedly over many, many, many years. There's only been maybe two or three posters here over my entire time here that I wouldn't sit down and have a beer with. You're still not one of them. I was merely pointing out that - given that you have admitted that who you "are" here isn't really you - maybe there's some room for self-reflection on why you picked this version.