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  1. I am in full agreement with your overall stance, however I am begging people to stop using this analogy. It *is* protected speech to shout fire in a crowded theatre, the ruling in the case that everyone talks about was almost immediately overturned as a 1A violation.
  2. I've definitely become convinced of this, that's for sure.
  3. I didn't even watch the video, I was just mocking the source. While I'm sure they put out something that is factually correct by accident occasionally, PragerU are basically propaganda via pretty colours and shapes, so as not to too horribly tax their preferred audience's minds. EDIT: And now I've watched it. Yup, we all know *exactly* how those bloodlines get started....
  4. Posting a PragerU video as an earnest rebuttal to my point about how embarrassingly lazy reactionaries are? This is extremely funny, no notes, please continue.
  5. I'm rapidly approaching the point where I can assume that anyone using "woke" as a pejorative is not a serious person at all and can be safely ignored. It's so embarrassingly lazy.
  6. Tiny nitpick, but yes it is. The initial ruling in that case was overturned shortly afterwards. Otherwise in full agreeance!
  7. This phrasing is what has me curious. Is it a case of the teacher taking things there, or is it open discussion between the teacher and the students? Because I could easily see the latter being led in those directions by the students themselves....
  8. Mate I just went and checked my profile, and it turns out yesterday marked my 10th year on here. You haven't engaged in a single topic in good faith for at least half of that time. People respond to you in accordance with your actions.
  9. Worth also inviting him to source the events in these videos as well. Most of them didn't die, and most of them occurred either pre-Covid or at least pre-vaccine. It's an active disinformation campaign. EDIT: And I don't mean that as a "challenge" him type thing, I mean it as an actual investigative exercise. If he can see for himself that the people pushing these narratives are actively fluffing it with fake data, the better the odds that he'll be more sceptical in future off his own back.
  10. Well no. Nothing you just posted has anything to do whatsoever with what I wrote, which was about the platform as a whole, and who the users of that platform are choosing to align with. If you feel attacked by that, well a hit dog will hollah... You seem to show an interest in logical fallacies but also appear to have stopped your research at ad hom, and didn't continue on to Straw Man - perhaps more reading is required?' The irony... lol
  11. You have 15 separate collapses in your compilation. You have links to source videos for 2 of them, and a 3rd to another poster like yourself who has made their own edits, so not a super-reliable pure source. That's 80% of your allegedly damning evidence with zero attribution. But of course you know that already - if it *feels* like it's going to be good for your case, well that's scientific enough, right...?
  12. Yes. Looks like our resident bot has decided to start down the grifter path instead of just shouting into the void. I took the hit, since it was only a minute and not one of the 3 hour rants. I have learned that if someone faints and there is video of it, it means it was the vaccine, even if the footage happened years before Covid even emerged. They're just that powerful that the nano-5g can travel through time and kill you before you take the microchip!
  13. Every platform that operates on a zero-moderation policy always - ALWAYS - devolves into nazis and CP, it has happened literally every single time. So anyway, I clicked on 4 random videos from the front page of Bitchute, and the comments on every single one were filled with anti-semitic conspiracies. Just pointing out that's who one has chosen to align themselves with, if they want to use it as a mouthpiece.
  14. Why do you hate hard-working gymnastics coaches and ballet teachers?
  15. Except they didn't need to. They never should have needed to. Everything you just saw, is exactly as described in the original statements. I don't think you went down the rabbit hole on this one, but your "just asking questions" doubts give fuel to those who did.