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  1. In case anyone was interested, here you can watch the literal split-second event that has caused bigots' brainworms to riot:
  2. Oh of course, that'll be it then. So second TX trial payout will depend on what the actual damages figure ends up as, then we can still cross fingers for CT to wipe him out...
  3. TX was the one that just finished, I know CT is coming up and there is a third, but I forget which state. The current punitive damages figure is likely to be reduced down further, Texas law sets limits on punitive above the real damages figure and the current awarded is at least 10 mill above what was expected as a maximum. BUT, the other states don't have that limitation so yes, here's hoping a very big message gets sent....
  4. Why? Those would only be comparable if being trans was just a pick and choose thing, not something inherent in the person... so I don't know why that would bother yo-- Oh there it is.
  5. I was mocking up some data for work and saw an option to use Facebook's gender selections for a gender field, so finally decided to see what the list actually contained. For some reason I thought it was going to be all neo-pronouns and random shit like people choosing to be trans-cats or something, based on the reactions to it. Colour me surprised when it is actually as plain as you said - it's just minor variations on trans-X. So you might have: Trans-man Transsexual-man Transsexual-male Transgender male Transgender man Trans male Female to Male ...and a few others that would fit here, even though they might not really appear to be any different. I would argue sure, there's not a scientific basis for this delineation, but there doesn't need to be. These appear to be more personal/refined expressions of something that's broadly the same, but can have slightly different meanings to an individual - you know, like on a spectrum? It's to let people use words they are comfortable with to describe themselves, while still sitting within pretty stock standard English language variations. To interpret this as trans-people changing genders like they change their clothes (aka for "funsies") is a wilfully obtuse reading of the service Facebook are providing. It's barely any different to offering a preferred name or nickname option - my name is Christopher Wood, but I go by Chris or Woody depending on social context (never Christopher), however they're still all me. I just have a preference for which ones I use. As per usual, this just sounds like another generic conservative media beat-up topic.
  6. But are there any permanent transitions occurring with children? I believe the only surgery ever done is potentially a double-mastectomy - technically "reversible", though in fairness you would lose the ability to breast-feed. The point I was primarily making is that the narrative that these kids don't know what they're doing and are going to change their minds later, just isn't supported by the data.
  7. Laughably inaccurate take on what happened here. The vast majority of the LNP losses were to "teal" independents - conservative candidates who had basically all the same policy positions, with the exception that they wanted to take urgent action on climate change. The LNP didn't lose because they tried to go left, they lost because they stuck their heads in the sand and ignored the populace. Their reaction to this was that they think they weren't true enough to their "conservative" voters, which has no basis in fact or logic whatsoever.
  8. The implication that there is a flood of kids regretting their transition and detransitioning is a right-wing myth. Recent studies (Gender Identity 5 Years After Social Transition | Pediatrics | American Academy of Pediatrics (aap.org)) show that the rate of youths who socially transition at a young age who then transition back are extremely low, in the vicinity of 2%, and that the vast majority of those who do so are doing it due to family pressure, not regret. For comparison, the average regret rate on all regular surgical procedures comes in at around 7%. Kids who identify as trans early on, almost universally continue that position. Using emotionally charged (and blatantly inaccurate) language like "vivisection" as opposition to this is a tell that you aren't looking for a scientific basis for your views, and likely consider that trans people are just doing these things for funsies. You're wrong.
  9. Trump is weak to the core, in his essence as a person. Biden is weak because he's old as hell and showing it.
  10. While I respect your optimism, no, he's not. When he was elected I (and others, I'm sure) took a breath and figured I'd wait and see how he did once he was actually in there and doing the job. He's shown us all along exactly who he is, he will never change. He is a man solely invested in what he can get from others to satisfy whatever need he has, in that moment. Biden is weak, but so was Trump. Only one of them was actively looking out for their personal interests in running the country.
  11. HEY! That's our word!
  12. In an absolutist sense, I guess? I put in a specific amount when I started, and I withdrew that same amount about six months later. I have continued to withdraw chunks as the market reached new highs, but none of my original capital has been at risk since late 2017. I liken it to playing with my winnings from a casino - if I go bust, I am no worse off than when I first walked in the door.
  13. I wonder what sort of hits you'd get if you fed that text into a plagiarism checker? Seems to be a frequently overlooked ethical and legal question with AI generated text - it doesn't pull it out of thin air, it has to learn from large training data sets. If that training data is copyrighted in any way but was just pulled from broad data-scraping practices, how badly tainted is any future output? Anyway, for my contribution re: "AI is coming for everyone's jobs"...
  14. Crypto is an interesting underlying tech concept (blockchain) that will never do in the real world what it's proponents claim it can. It's a market that's absolutely saturated with charlatans and grifters, because the thing that makes it attractive to a certain personality type - "Hey isn't it cool how this is unregulated and a pure free market, no government interference, whoo!" - is the exact thing that attracts the scams. You can do cool things with crypto, but what it's *actually* used for is a giant ponzi casino. I've made thousands off it in recent years, but if it all went to zero tomorrow I won't have lost a cent of my own money.
  15. I've adjusted my position on this one, I no longer think he's on the DZ.com payroll for engagement purposes. I think he's the one paying the Mods now. I can understand them wanting to get a little sugar on the side...