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  1. timski

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    1st three jumps on my new WINX (166), all slick/terminal. My conclusion: compared to my 170 Storm, WOW! SO much more GLIDE, so much more FLARE. The brake lines were pretty slack and didn't "grab" until about half brakes and still had ample flare(on a fairly windless day)! I'll be hooking up the Race suit next time out.
  2. currently you are NOT current! Yes is the sense of being current for your license, but to echo the group, JUMP MORE! I also think the tunnel is wasting your jump time at this level of your progression... It's a great tool, but doesn't teach you how to skydive in the true sense of the word. IMO!
  3. NOW THIS I CAN GET BEHIND. I started my skydiving adventure thru my affiliation with the 82ND AIRBORNE back in the late 90's. There were at least two clubs on post, the Green Beret, and the 82ND free fall clubs. The clubs supported active duty members and there family members. I can't thank the men who ran the club and all they did for me and the rest of us. Thank you. THAT BEING SAID, I've heard(sadly) that these clubs no longer exist, AND THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Simply for the NEED to have an outlet for all these men and service women returning from the field of battle, scared forever, carrying around that baggage and VERY much needing that HEALTHY OUTLET. So, there you have it. Scrap the four walls idea ALL TOGETHER, and put MY money where I want it. = BRING BACK/FUND MILITARY FREE FALL CLUBS. 22 a day...
  4. timski

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    FOR SURE! We all start out from jump #1 and progress. Trust me, as a brand new WS pilot trying to make pull time less stressful, you look for ALL the answers!
  5. timski

    Canopy options for wingsuiting?

    Allow me to add my .02. A few hundred WS jumps only, BUT certainly have learned a lot along the way! Firstly, glide ratio is a nice thing, however, if your flying/navigating the flight correctly, this should NOT be an issue! I bought my custom 170 Storm with wingsuiting in mind. Yes, it's ground hungry, BUT I knew this BEFORE I order it. I love it, but there are far better options IMO. Yes, I still get line twists from time to time, but don't blame the canopy! "See body position"/pack job! I'm SOOOO stoked to hear the glowing reviews about the Winx, mine just got hooked up and hope to jump her on Friday. So, to echo some experienced pilots, canopy selection certainly plays a role in the outcome of the deployment, BUT, there are other critical areas to consider in the dive.
  6. timski

    ACLR with Cadaver, will I ever fly again?

    did you stand up the tandem? No shame in sliding in intentionally... Food for thought. I say this because I jump with a woman with a double knee replacement.
  7. timski


    BEER after jump time IS the time for serious debriefs... Stay in the harness, it gets easier, we promise! I have an opinion on tunnel time, It can't replace the plane... Speaking of, what are you jumping from? If you truly feel that your not getting everything you could from the staff, go somewhere else(with a big plane!).
  8. timski

    Are AFF students allowed to buy gear?

    step 1, get licensed. step 2, buy gear. Any questions? Most DZ's will provide ALL equipment needed for students and as stated above, for safety concerns first and foremost. Gloves and goggles are a good first step. ASK your instructors NOT the trolls!!! lol
  9. timski

    Sabre 2 openings

    The Sabre 1 has a long history of "hard openings", hence the need for the "2"! You should have scored yourself a nice 7 cell. ;^) Pack for yourself, that way you know who to thank for the opening!
  10. timski

    Javelin Aurora

    I'm still using a traditional D bag and rotating up. My only mods are dynamics corners on my vector with a sky snatch. I'm getting comfortable consistent openings and fly suits with a good flare... But thank you for the input.
  11. timski

    Tipping your AFF instructors

    Tips are for the one and done's. BEER however is ALWAYS welcome!
  12. timski

    Squirrel CORVID

    looks just like my C-race, only sexier!
  13. timski

    DB Cooper

  14. timski

    Best wingsuiting audible?

    +1 on the Quattro.
  15. timski

    Javelin Aurora

    Just a thought: A couple of years ago while jumping in Z-hills I met a man. He approached me and kindly asked if he could look at my rig as I was jumping a certain one piece tracking suit and he stated that he was writing an article for Blue Sky Mag about wear and tear of equipment directly related to zippers and containers and the like... Naturally I said look all you want. Later he showed me his novel approach to placing his deployment bag inside the container and rotating it down instead of up (WS specific naturally). We talked that day and he gave me a T-shirt and a business card. It wasn't until I returned home and looked him up that I discovered I was talking to a FUCKING LEGEND! Moe Viletto. If by the odd circumstance you BASE jump and don't know who he is, look him up! I bring it up because I've never heard anyone discuss his approach to the D bag positioning...