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  1. Take away the rights of criminals. Stop being nice to bad people. Just for starters...
  2. timski


    Ted Nugent contracts Covid-19 after saying 'it's not a real pandemic' Karma!
  3. A properly executed "choke hold" will stop the blood flow AND the flow of air. It's the sudden blood flow restriction that makes you go night night (if done right). But I digress.
  4. THOSE folks are 100% CORRECT! The Parachute Landing Fall comes FROM the round parachute community. RAM AIR chutes are VERY different animals. And yes, while a parachute is a parachute is a... They fly AND land with very different circumstances... Hi, I'm formally known as SGT Ski, 82ND AIRBORNE. I've performed (still do for training) a couple PLF's in my day. That being said, modifications to translate that from round to ram isn't hard. The forward drive is of course the major difference. Pchapman said it best, think modified baseball slide. And yes, I know a few broke dick jumpers who maybe should hang it up, but keep grinding, and sliding it in on purpose. BIGGUN however gave the BEST advice: no shame in UP sizing and jumping in IDEAL conditions. Set yourself up for success. We've all seen tandems land, right???
  5. The south has always been there with humanitarian relief... And always will be.
  6. "WE" have glorified the gun. (Hollywood class action???) That should be weighted heavily in the whole mental health problem that plagues the U.S. If we all grew up watching too much black belt theatre while young and impressionable, this country could have a serious sword/ninja star problem instead of our current firearm debacle.
  7. Take a look from the other side. It must be hard being that kid always looking thru the candy store window, but never afforded the possibility (legally) to own such deliciousness... You gotta lash out somehow.
  8. In a word, avoidable. He falls into the "over experienced" group, where confidence clouds sound decision making.
  9. Flat pack, haven't seen a student taught that since the late 90's (That's me!) I jumped for a couple years and took a ten year break. Returned and the only flat packers I've witnessed are dedicated accuracy jumpers (the parachute requires a flat pack).
  10. timski

    The Future

    And I'm over here like, man I just want to go back in time before the white people landed on N America... Part of me is sorry for bringing my last two children into this "society" of ours. But like any father who deeply loves is babies, I'll do everything within my grasp to see them happy. Hate to be a Debby downer, but the future scares me.
  11. Sandy, What's the difference between the "U" and "V" bags? Not much info I've found. You're using the "U" bag pictured? I need that! ~Tim
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ipf6tLO43n0 Despite false rumors, see claim above, the old school classic D bag is alive and well. Perhaps it's an east coast thing?! That being said, the newer tech is taking over, because it works... ANYONE selling gear still sells the regular old D bag. Welcome back.
  13. German Engineering In this case, I go with the HIGHEST bidder.
  14. timski


    Orange, VA BRING IT!!! lol three flights saturday, 1:30 minute average from 13,500. It likes to go FAST! I also managed a decent "flare" on my second effort. Flysight data coming in the future!
  15. timski


    You sir aren't wrong. Rivalry is healthy.