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  1. I made that same rookie mistake. Mine worked for a year or so... In the future, buy this: https://www.alti-2.com/
  2. That being said, DO NOT waste a fire extinguisher (dry chem or other wise) on THIS fire...
  3. Sound judgement if you ask THIS FIREFIGHTER... So what is Brent's under lying reason for posting such blatant obviousness??? Yeah I get it, it's my job to know these things. IF you drive an electric vehicle, it's your job to know as well! FYI, the biggest problem with extinguishment is the amount of water needed to continuously cool the batteries... (and knowing where to direct the stream!). Also prone to reignite until properly dealt with...Good to know if your driving the tow truck and where to drop it...
  4. timski


    ZERO side effects from my second Moderna shot. Other than arm soreness. Many co works reported shivering and fever like symptoms within the 12 hours after administration. ALSO, people who tested positive who received the 1st round suffered symptoms much like the second round folks... Now it's my turn to return the favor and become the needle sticker!
  5. Looks like a great "water trainer" rig. In other words, NO longer air worthy... So we throw it and you together in the pool, for training... :) I'M NOT a rigger, but my common sense tells me things!
  6. The US ARMY will pay you EXTRA to learn how to PLF correctly. FYI. Also, you may learn the meanings of: INTEGRITY, HONOR, SELFLESSNESS, COURAGE and perhaps a few others.
  7. I like where you're going with this. Minus the rigger ticket. However, demonstrating complete knowledge of the entire parachute system would be a natural part of... Being proficient in ALL disciplines... 2K is a lot. Let's make it a little more accessible at 1K! Also, PRO rated... Swooping would be the grey area. I don't promote that shit!
  8. Bill, My biggest opposition is the conflict with native lands and the route proposed. Again I ask, why not run a new parallel line next to the existing??? Why run the potential of two mega spills??? (and naturally, have we not fucked over the natives of N. America enough already?)
  9. As a fellow bee keeper, we always cluster towards the center!!!
  10. Touche. It just seems to me that some people can clearly see a shit sandwich when it's presented to them...
  11. Simplicity, the CORE of what it means to be a human. Getting to the ROOT of the problem(s).
  12. He left out the HIGHLY ADDICTIVE nature as well. Crack ain't got nothing on this!!!
  13. But what about all of us white folk being offered the covid vaccine before the "black community"??? Guess it boils down to where you find yourself living life and where the vaccination locations are being offered. So what IS the truth? Obviously the vaccine roll out has been anything but perfect. Did you really expect anything other wise? But wait, before I run away on a covid tangent, THIS is a black vs white theme... You're not wrong Bill, the "white privilege" is REAL. Let's be problem solvers, not provokers. Because that is ALL you are offering here...
  14. You're banking on a lot of "IF". Clearly you can troll better than this.
  15. Well Bill, Mr Biden has A LOT of damage control, cleaning up after the last guys disgrace... Sooo, you're questioning his integrity based on his clean up efforts? For the record Bill, I know and respect you. I know you're educated and know where you live. It's interesting to see a man influenced by his surroundings/peers...