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  1. timski

    How to Flare

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9-wPrR_fNs Not the best form but you can clearly see the change in AoA...
  2. timski

    Drogue entanglement and reserve ride, Mesquite

    So why did you bring it up then???
  3. timski

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    +1 on the Storm. Don't get me wrong, I love the canopy over all and it's not a terrible WS option, BUT there are better options.
  4. timski

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    They minimized the height of the cells. Top to bottom skin I believe.
  5. timski

    Pilot 7 vs PD Horizon?

    Food for thought on the Winx. Contact Jarno directly for info. He gives pretty good return on inquires... He is also the dealer I went through. I had ZERO issues with my business experience... (Yes you need a middle man!) On that same line, if someone is selling something and not "pushing" it, well usually the product speaks for itself... So think about it! it will be a few months before this daddy can provide direct feedback.
  6. timski

    182 engine failures

    POSITIVITY! Thank you for posting something WORTHY! And to the others, Biting one's tongue is a tough choice. Choose to be better.
  7. timski

    Spectre or storm ?

    DEMO, or other??? I'm on a custom 170 Storm and love it. A VERY high profile DEMO team use the Spectre... https://www.facebook.com/denverbroncosthunderstorm/
  8. timski

    Pack Monkey experience anyone?

    I'm a guy who prides himself on packing his own rig and owning whatever happens... That being said, even after several hundred jumps/pack jobs I'm always looking for ways to refine my work... J MO is a SKYGOD and is going to make ANY pack style look easy! That being said I am very interested in trying this method. Sooo, to echo a fellow jumper, pick a way and make it work! I do find that packing SLOWLY and methodically helps A LOT. Watch EVERY pack job you can, and practice. Youtube is your friend
  9. timski

    Interested in getting into Wing Suit flying

    http://arcusflight.ws/ Happy flying
  10. timski

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    Stay focused people! Dear Jon, this is the SKYDIVING forum, please see the BASE thread about people who made bad decisions. On THIS topic, you wish to compare apples to marshmallows. Two very different suits... I do however find ALOT of useful info about the two leading makers of wingsuits and what separates them apart...
  11. timski

    Container WS friendly

    Seams like we got a little off topic, BUT on that note, I LOVE MY SKYSNATCH, for ALL types of jumps...
  12. timski

    Container WS friendly

    ALSO, i see some pilots who recommend the following: pilot7, the horizon and epicene, but this guy is pulling the trigger on a new: WINX!
  13. timski

    Container WS friendly

    Too echo some other birdmen: Pretty much any container that has the corners taken out is OK. Yes you need a nine foot bridle. If you fly a camera fly it backwards to see your opening and body position during the openings...(get coaching) On that note, YOU control YOUR openings with a WS. YOU have much to learn as this wingsuiting life is a whole new animal. The two biggest things for me early on was stability during deployment and continuing to fly thru the entire opening without looking up! "Flying" the suit is pretty basic, mastering the deployment takes time/practice. Enjoy the ride
  14. If you go left then right, it should be immediately clear that something isn't right! My first rig was a Wings...
  15. WINX for the WIN! For the record I jump a 170 Storm. I did my research and needed a WS friendly canopy. It seemed like right after I pulled the trigger on a Storm, ALL the WS specific canopies strung up! The Storm isn't a bad WS canopy BUT I really want a new WINX! The Epicene and Horizon are "WS Exclusive" , where the WINX is a general use canopy. The other HUGE factor is the material and longevity of... For us regular types who don't get free shit thrown at as, it's a no brainer.