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  1. Give the guy a break, his moral compass is clearly spinning out of control and he's looking for co-signers. As much as I love the appeal of the sub tropics I'm just as home in the mountains or elsewhere. Nice to place to visit, or not!
  2. Except that this wasn't there first rodeo... When you have a track record of using the right steps in the past, and giving a fuck.
  3. Big enough for the front page of CNN. Slow news day I guess.
  4. OK Chuck, you still support this knowing about the FAA warning/refusal to let this happen, BUT it still did??? Make no mistake, this is about a current board member basically saying FUCK YOU to the FAA. That really doesn't bode well with me. It shouldn't bode well with ANYONE holding a current license to jump. Poor form from someone in a "leadership" position. Both parties should step down from any and all USPA titles...THIS dumb shit jeopardizes the entire world we know and love. BAD PR, PERIOD. This coming from an extreme "fun jumper". If I had my entire livelihood at stake, I'd want to see heads roll.
  5. If you want the gear to move, I'd use social media, aka FB. In a more BASE oriented page...
  6. timski


    Guess you missed this one I started a week ago...
  7. Not what I would call the most stable region in the world... beautiful I'm sure. How about the Azores? They say the weather is "special". And hello, island life!
  8. Ok free thinkers, how do you think this shit show is going to play out??? I thought I recently heard that the Ukraine was the first to join the newly formed USSR. (back in the day...)
  9. timski


    https://www.fredericknewspost.com/news/politics_and_government/public_safety/frederick-county-firefighter-dies-from-covid-19-complications/article_3adbde69-a7e8-53ee-843c-8102cb548000.html A couple of years ago, I was told that THIS would take someone close to me. Here we are. Let natural selection do it's job. Rest easy Chief. It's real and not going away, because ultimately people are selfish and dim witted about a lot of things. "WE" all better start thinking globally. Now excuse me, I have babies to love, bows to make and rock to flint knap! ~Tim
  10. Are you saying that D license holders are exempt from recurrency requirements??? Asking for a friend.
  11. Well then, I'll consider my self, virtuous AF! lol Oh and thank you for the reference, I do love to expand my knowledge base.
  12. Nature is my "religion" and the planet is my place of worship. How's that grab ya? I love a good "christian" debate.
  13. No Bro, YOU bring a positive vibe! That my friend goes a long way.
  14. I asked Mike from Squirrel when they planned on releasing the Funk4. Clearly got pushed to the back burner. For reasons $$$. I'd say lack of a good business model, considering what has happened thus far in 2021.
  15. https://www.pbs.org/video/decoding-the-weather-machine-vgqhot/ Most excellent and enlightening ...