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  1. Not to beat you up, but this is a sport where I buy the upper end merch, rather than the lowest bidder... You get what you pay for. Lessons learned, thanks for sharing. We will do the same. ALSO, I bought a new analog alti from them as a noob, it worked for two years before the needle fell off!
  2. I'll part with my Squirrel Funk wingsuit for 600.00 US dollars. Feel free to discover ALL the secrets, right before your eyes! It's still VERY air worthy by the way...
  3. stabilizer lines (they don't always "fall" along the others...) I'm guessing that is what you are looking for.
  4. Welcome to the conversation DAVE, I'm obviously speaking of Tony in FL and NOT the SQL boys. Carry on. P.S. It's my personal experience that Asians take A LOT of pride in there work, and it shows.
  5. I know the crew, I know the suits, I also know a thing or two about successful marketing, and a couple/few are doing it right. But I digress. It is nice to have an AMERICAN MADE product as an option!
  6. Sooooo, about that Hog???
  7. clearly a Tony suit guy... At least I provided SOME constructive criticism within the realm of the topic. Carry on.
  8. I by no means am bashing Tony or his business, dudes been around for a long time doing what he does. I also look at Mickle and The Kid, THEY can out fly anyone wearing a fucking hefty bag! But I digress. I fly squirrel because not only are there suits PROVEN winners (again, see the pilot inside the suit) but the customer service is THE HIGHEST in the market. IMO. If you live on the other side of the world, maybe PF would be better in regard, but again, I speak from my own experience...
  9. If the web page is antiquated, perhaps so are the suits???! https://squirrel.ws/wingsuits/freak3 The 4 is coming!!!!
  10. yeah man, you will get advice, what advice you use is up too you!!! As stated, you learn the SIMPLE way first, focusing on SAFETY and getting you licensed. THEN you learn to become a flier! Enjoy the process.
  11. NOW you sound like an AFF instructor(or at least a worthy coach)!!!
  12. yeah, FF. So just turn blindly huh? I'll just keep flying solo wingsuit, where I feel somewhat safer.
  13. My take on where you find yourself: The tunnel is great to refine and to learn new disciplines, BUT unless one of your AFF instructors tells you that you NEED tunnel time, stop wasting that money. Get checked off and get that A license. On a side note, the other day I over heard a student tell the instructor that she didn't think it was good to look first in the direction BEFORE starting the flat turn, because I guess in her mind that caused instability. So just go into it blindly??? If your NOT a strong instructor who can be FIRM and educated people correctly, please do something else with your time. That being said Mr Wang, be a good student, if and when something doesn't sound right or safe, by all means question it. BUT also know when to listen and follow simple instructions. Excuse me while I step down off the soap box!
  14. Brian knows a thing or two!! Glad you've solved the issue! Also, buy a Winx.