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  1. 4, but who's counting?!!
  2. Let me rephrase that, The tunnel can't replicate the exit or the hill. FREEFALL is does... Better.
  3. I would totally disagree with tunnel time. the tunnel doesn't replicate FREE FALL. I would focus on the simple tasks required for the next jump. Because THAT jump is the only one that matters. You NEED to relax. Try meditation or other ways to help get the jitters off. Envision the jump and every task you struggle with. We've all been there dude. Exit, arch, watch the plane. Relax. The rest is kind of easy, IF YOU RELAX. HOPE THIS HELPS.
  4. I get the same response in the back of my ambulance rushing to the ER. You know, where the COVID is for sure!!! I'm tired of feeling sorry for selfish people.
  5. fuck yeah, hitting people in the wallet does have an effect.
  6. Correction, the DIFFERENCE is now were adults with the power to decide fate. WHEN your "fate" includes hurting the gen pop, THAT'S when I expect big brother to step it up...
  7. The REALLY sad part to this story is, 99% of you reading this have received MULTIPLE mandatory vaccinations already within your life time thus far. How or why is this any different??? It isn't. We ALL know the current perils this pandemic has caused and look at where it's going. Round them all up and move them to Montana. You know, to become dental floss tycoons! (Any die a fitting death.)
  8. https://www.thirteen.org/programs/nova/rise-of-the-rockets-l6f1cj/ I've spoke these very words before, "No one is taking into consideration all of these holes the "space community" continues to keep punching through the atmosphere. Think https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ozone
  9. The focus shouldn't be in poe dunk needles, but the water usage for the entire state of CA. Half of that goes to the valley, to grow BILLIONS of dollars of produce to feed the country and abroad(?). The story of the Sultan sea SHOULD have been a wake up, a long time ago. Greed blinds...
  10. Heavy sigh. Just seeing this. I met Moe at Skydive City a few years back. He approached me, asked if he could look at my rig as I was wingsuiting. He told me that he was working on an article for Blue Skies mag on the topic of zippers and wear/tear on the main lift web... He gave me a Tee shirt and a business card. I looked him up when I got back home. It was then I knew, HE WAS LEGEND!
  11. One can only hope for a special form of karma, where his new "room mate" is someone he incarcerated.
  12. I can relate. For me however, it's the negative impact on the plants and animals. The things I hold dear. It IS painfully clear that WE and our convenient lifestyles do indeed kill needlessly. I see the need for change. But rather than ask all my neighbors to stop growing there green lawns and stop spreading poison on THERE OWN PROPERTY that has a negative impact on my health, I'll just move to an area with "greener" like minded types...
  13. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/saving-the-dead-sea/ So THIS is a great topic of debate. On one hand, the desalination process works. But what's happening at the Dead Sea currently and what/where they want to pump that leftover stuff is going to end up REAL bad, for many... We will reach a global tipping point, the no return. Will we see it? It could happen pretty quick in the grander scheme. Doom and Gloom baby!
  14. I don't know about you, but I'm going to bed with the peace of mind knowing that some kind hearted Canuck's give a rat's ass about my well being, here south of there border. GOD bless America.