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  1. The "C" in CR+ stands for Colugo! See where I'm going with this? And YES I fly a RACE suit!
  2. For starters, they DIDN'T burn the ships down before the white devils landed. Then they befriended the devils, and the rest is...Fucking sad.
  3. Until death/famine/EXTREME weather reaches/effects these nay sayers, they will continue to go about there day to day lives, uncaring and oblivious to what is happening GLOBALLY. Be the ant and not the grasshopper.
  4. She died a cowards death. MAKE A STAND. I get that this IS a form of communication and a way of getting the message/point across, however, in the end, it's just plain cowardly. I can't blame Bari 100% for this course of action, it takes balls to go up against the establishment. BUT, THIS IS THE TIME when we NEED the TRUE HEROES to rise up and get the message to the bullies at the top... I'm not exactly the person for the job, but when you HAVE the access to the SPOTLIGHT, let it shine on you brightly for all to see! (it's easy to ask someone else to be the martyr)
  5. Hang in there bird brother, and get rid of that freakin Storm already! WINX for the win! Also, ask Squirrel for a demo on the mutation2, It's AMAZING!
  6. BIG difference between accident and idiot. But I can totally get behind the theme of "guns aren't toys" so treat them accordingly...
  7. I encourage the power of KARMA! Reap what you sow...
  8. PRE gaming is essential... Days prior is when the concerted effort to hydrate needs to take place... Banana/kiwi anything berries or fresh fruit is your friend. Pedialite is better than "sports drinks" to add electrolites into the body... There are other things on the market that target trace elements as well. Stay safe my friend.
  9. timski


    If by casting people of color other than white in roles that in real life, are portraying white dudes, then yeah, it's racist as fuck. But when you can see past the BS and actually SEE the message that is being delivered, it's a real work of art... Just like the stunt pulled in Gettysburg last weekend, this will root you out for all to see.
  10. Hi Jerry, Agree to end it and make my vote count! It's an idea that has outlived it's cause...
  11. timski


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamilton_(2020_film) It's amazing, it's genius, it's HIGHLY ENTERTAINING. Worth every minute of your time. Enjoy.
  12. The staff SGT who was there the day I signed my Army contract told me, after looking thru my paperwork, "never admit guilt, even if they saw you do it". I was arrested for a "controlled substance" and having a pipe. It amounted to just a pipe full of weed as per the amount... It was thrown out of court due to unlawful search/seizure on the cops end. Long story short, even though I wasn't convicted, the CHARGE doesn't go away (even with an exspungement). ANY job that looks at a true background check can dig that shit up... TRUST ME!
  13. ALSO, I have a reserve for sale, wings container and nice 170 Storm... will part out.
  14. My statement is more directed in the accessory devices, not the container/harness... My first rig is an older wings that came with a sabre (with two holes)!! So yeah, I get the sentiment!
  15. When rendered in the right way, a choke hold stops the flow of blood to the brain, which you then "pass out" from. See cage fighters... This can be achieved within seconds. They tap because they know there going out. Also a ref is there to step in... So the "deadly" reference is super vague and depends on blood flow and oxygen restrictions/duration...