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  1. That's where this troll lives mostly... Any reason for the waste of cyber space? It's rhetorical. Move on.
  2. SOLID reply. Tracking jumps, both slick and with a two piece dedicated helps. Same boat, I'm a 201 guy, just find A GREAT COACH and live the dream man. Can't echo the right set up enough, get your gear RIGHT. Get ready to relearn skydiving all over, because it's different, real different. Also, if you ask the guys at squirrel real nice, you can get a demo... Enjoy.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/celera-500l-plane/index.html It could be fitted with a belly door just for jump ops... just saying. A man can dream.
  4. How long is the border to the north??? How much shoreline does the Coast Guard cover??? OPEN your eyes!! It's all or nothing. All isn't possible. However, we have some serious tech to watch the borders and then dispatch as needed... But I digress.
  5. I'll ask, what is the motivation for posting this? If you throw people under the bus, at least give up ALL the details.
  6. Granddad away's said, got a hunch, bet a bunch. My overwhelming common sense gets in the way... I HAVE A HYPOTHESIS!!! That's a Dinosaur Train reference if you didn't get it.
  7. Ever heard of putting a bandaid on a tourniquet wound? Not trying to take away any glory for an event that does some good, however, it's clearly not enough.
  8. Back in 98 While stationed at Fort Bragg I made my segue from rounds to squares. I was afforded the opportunity via a sport parachute club, one of two at that time ON POST. The 82ND Freefall club and The Green Beret Club. Both offered to active duty and family. The 82ND club was ran by former Golden Knights. It was AMAZING! Club dues were cheap and gear rental was 25.00 for ALL weekend. All brand new rigs, very well maintained and serviced. This naturally freed up all that cash to rapidly gain my A license and get a lot of jumps. I bring this to light because these clubs no longer exist. THAT in it self is a crime. Here we have a PROVEN outlet for soldiers that is a game changer/life saver and yet here we are. It's heartbreaking to say the least. we all know about the number 22 right? Those under the rocks, that's the DAILY average suicide by military personnel these days. Ever thought about spearheading a worthy cause? This ones it.
  9. Did you watch the drama unfold last year on the BIG island. I for one am totally fascinated by anything volcano... The take away: This is the most studied volcano on the planet, and when the caldera suddenly drained suddenly and sprang up miles away in the middle of a development, well, that's impressive! The exact same thing happens on Iceland. Did I mention these two islands (Greenland/Iceland) share what I would call "close proximity"??? There is MUCH going on under the surface that we have NO idea about. I don't see my correlation being far fetched.
  10. I get the affiliation, but I'd come up with a different name for the NON fire equipped version! This coming from a very active skydiving career fireman.
  11. I have a novel suggestion to help mitigate the snowball effect. It's a model that is used in more than a few countries, that works... Mandatory public service. I can speak from the inside, I've seen it with my own two... It works. This isn't per say military service either (for the record).
  12. you're an educated man, Greenland is fairly close in proximity to Iceland. See where I'm going with this??? Being one of the planets hottest volcanic locations I'm making a correlation. Discuss.
  13. CORN certainly isn't the answer for ANYONE! Get behind HEMP my dude. It's all about the seed, not the weed (in your pipe).