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  1. By using a proven technique??? I 100% agree.
  2. What about the 100% RIGHT ON convictions then??? Is it right then? This isn't about wrongful convictions, this is about capitol punishment, period. Rope is cheap and public hangings were a thing not so long ago...Stop being nice to bad people.
  3. See my reference for change in another thread, Put inmates in the fields, in the ditches...you get the picture.
  4. You silly goose, I have one, through you!!! lol. And I love it.
  5. Come on Wendy, what happened to criminals from THAT time period??? We're looking for the fix...And where did it break down...?
  6. OH BOY, I HAVE SOLUTIONS. The penal system as we currently know CLEARLY doesn't send the right message or thwart people in ANYWAY to act civil. Why is this? To me it's all so very clear. The invested parties who maintain these penal colonies make money from such, PERIOD. So who's vested here? RIGHT, fucking politicians. The string pullers... My hard line solution will not be nice, in fact, the harder we make it on these criminals the better... At some point "we" got soft and gave these people "rights". SO, stop being nice to bad people. Waive there rights and send a clear message.
  7. Let's discuss "big city' gun violence and the what if's. I'm from Baltimore, MD aka Bodymore, Murderland. We all know the homicides that occur there and Chicago and L.A. and ...,are 99% black on black or "gang related" or the same colored people killing each other. I bring this topic up because, IF the different minority types were directing the focus towards the "good white folk' whom visit downtown and spend there money there, well, THINGS WOULD BE DIFFERENT. Correct me when I'm wrong. "We" let it happen...
  8. Give the guy a break, his moral compass is clearly spinning out of control and he's looking for co-signers. As much as I love the appeal of the sub tropics I'm just as home in the mountains or elsewhere. Nice to place to visit, or not!
  9. Except that this wasn't there first rodeo... When you have a track record of using the right steps in the past, and giving a fuck.
  10. Big enough for the front page of CNN. Slow news day I guess.
  11. OK Chuck, you still support this knowing about the FAA warning/refusal to let this happen, BUT it still did??? Make no mistake, this is about a current board member basically saying FUCK YOU to the FAA. That really doesn't bode well with me. It shouldn't bode well with ANYONE holding a current license to jump. Poor form from someone in a "leadership" position. Both parties should step down from any and all USPA titles...THIS dumb shit jeopardizes the entire world we know and love. BAD PR, PERIOD. This coming from an extreme "fun jumper". If I had my entire livelihood at stake, I'd want to see heads roll.
  12. If you want the gear to move, I'd use social media, aka FB. In a more BASE oriented page...
  13. timski


    Guess you missed this one I started a week ago...