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  1. There will be facebook posts and youtube videos though already asserting that the doc confirms that Obama eats babies and Clinton made furniture from the bones, I guarantee you. They know no-one who wants to believe it is going to actually read the document, they did the same thing already with the last deposition docs that leaked.
  2. That one was debunked immediately. Audio only? Yeah it was credible to assess that he may have said "good" instead of "go ahead". With video, you see him clearly make eye contact with the moderator who was waiting for Biden to finish and says "go ahead" for her to continue - he blurs the words together but he's not saying "good". There's literally thousands of things to attack Trump on, this isn't one of them.
  3. Man, I wish I had the confidence to declare, "racism isn't a thing any more so don't talk about race", like that just makes it so. It seems so easy, why didn't we think of this sooner?
  4. That wasn't my conscious intention, but now that you've highlighted it, fair enough, point taken. Agreed on your other points.
  5. With respect, you guys never left the 1st wave: I understand the cultural issues at play that were always going to make the US a difficult one to get under control, but this is still damning.
  6. I agree with your assessment that a change to pop-vote would change the dynamic, but I don't think it would have much of a swing in terms of party-support % amongst the population. Even if it did suddenly bring some massive groundswell of previously hidden conservative support, I still think it would be better than the wildly contorted system that is the EC. It would at least be an accurate assessment of the will of the people. Right now Republicans get two bites of the apple - one from the EC giving a disproportionate weighting to lower-populated states that lean red, and a second bite from the rules governing Senators per state that also tips the scales unevenly. I'd potentially be onboard with leaving the EC untouched if it could be rebalanced against the Senate issue. Also though, you guys desperately need ranked run-off voting to escape the 2-party system. My most commonly picked party is the biggest of the independents here, but at least I know I still get to preference which of the big two gets my vote if/when my preference doesn't win.
  7. Once again: Entire industries are built around the fact that the internet is an imperfect environment, with millions of people who make their living by either identifying security issues in order to fix them, or exploiting those same issues for personal gain. Voting fraud is, as you say, incredibly rare - mostly because it requires physical acts to partake in. Removing the need for any real level of physicality opens up the process to whole new attack vectors that are much much easier for state and non-state bad actors to drive a wedge in to. It *sounds* like a great idea, but it absolutely is not.
  8. This entire "scandal" is so painfully, embarrassingly obvious as a fake that I fully expect Rudy to turn out to be Jacob Wohl in a mask. It's about that level of incompetence.
  9. If a genie showed up and said I got to pick between guaranteeing a Biden win but Mitch remaining, or another Trump term but Mitch turfed forever, another 4 years could look like a reasonable sacrifice.
  10. mistercwood


    By all accounts, once you scratch the surface of QAnon that's exactly what you find underneath.
  11. That's not what he's said at all. Scenario A: Either a full travel ban from hotspots or mandatory quarantine for all incoming travelers. Everyone gets locked down regardless of citizenship. Scenario B: No travel restrictions, no quarantine. Scenario C: Let citizens return from hotspots freely, with no quarantining or tracing. Non-citizens blocked from travel, but this only reduces incoming numbers by say, 30%. Trump said he called for Scenario A. This was bullshit. What actually happened was C. B & C are functionally identical for the purposes of controlling spread. YES there are slight differences in the end case figures, no one is disputing that. What they are saying is that A was the method that would actually be a control. It never happened.
  12. There's an XKCD for everything lol: https://xkcd.com/2030/
  13. Watched footage just now of him clearly struggling to breathe and in a lot of pain. Considering that's with him on steroids, I don't believe he's out of the woods at all.
  14. Ah, but you repeat yourself.