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  1. Some friends put together a casual "loose" boogie for a small group at Southport, NC in 1991. We jumped the Seneca, no one died, no "incidents"..... WTF would you want to use a Seneca? Free Jumps?
  2. Anybody know of a DZ with a Great S/L or IAD Program?
  3. Very well stated. Whether the door is closed or open, and your proximity to an open door, are also important issues. Another issue is the configuration of the belts, standard two part belt around the pelvis, or some "modern" iteration interlaced through the jumper's harness.Quote
  4. Anybody know of a very well run IAD and/or Static Line FJC?
  5. Would appreciate guidance on which processor, how much RAM, and SSD or conventional hard drive for improving my render/burn times using Sony Vegas Platinum or Pro. What's optimum, what's overkill. Thanks...
  6. Just tried to set up a new Contour Roam 2, first video clips recorded and downloaded fine. When I re formatted the card, I apparently lost the 'magic file' , camera won't record. Any ideas? Not having any luck downloading firmware from Contour, questions about opening a .bin file.
  7. I am awaiting the arrival of a used Interceptor, size unknown as of today. Other than CRW, what might I use this canopy for (demo, accuracy or??) Any tips on packing, jumping, terminal deployments? Any known or unknown issues to watch for? Thanks in advance for the tips.
  8. My Dell M5010 Inspiron laptop is running an AMD Athlon II P320 dualcore 2.10 Ghz processor with 3 GB ram. Would a simple RAM upgrade to 6 or 8 GB result in a noticeably faster render speed?
  9. Shooting GoPro 720-60 widescreen, project properties frame rate doesn't have a 60 fps option, set on 29.970 NTSC. Rendering quality set to Good.
  10. Rendering to DVD, without going through DVD Architect.
  11. Currently shooting GoPro 720-60. Previously shooting CX 100 standard def. Any tips on setting up the input output settings,Quote
  12. How can I improve rendering speed with Vegas Platinum?
  13. Any tips on emailing CX-100 video clips before and/or after editing to Vegas Platinum?
  14. Vote with your money and your feet.