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  1. swoopfly

    Tandem packing rate

    normally $10 a tandem, 15 if your lucky!!!
  2. swoopfly

    How to measure trim

    i am no rigger but my initial thought is if all your lines are in trim, then the steepness should be in trim aswell.
  3. swoopfly

    arms went numb

    Yes it happened on one of my first jumps, it was a tandem. The harness was to tight especially where it comes over your shoulders in the front. This is more then likely the same that happened to you, The bright side is this will not happen in your own rig, they are more comfortable
  4. swoopfly

    Saw my first intentionally damaged rig

    hey i was actually thinking of posting a related question so i will put it here. If someone did mess with your rig, and it was found out. Would the police consider that something along the lines of attempted murder???? seeing as you screwed with a life saving device. just curious.
  5. swoopfly

    Malfunction Inqury

    well you only have two options that i see, cutaway and straight to reserve or land using your rears. while lots of people have cutaway as low as 1000 feet, i probably would not. If i was in that situation, i would keep my canopy and ride the rears on landing with a good plf. This is the reason for your control checks after the canopy has opened and you still have plenty of altitude for a cutaway. Practice flares, turns..inspect your canopy.
  6. swoopfly

    Hornet Canopy

    hey i hadone still in good condition, i think i sold it for 600. dont rememeber how many jumps were on it but maybe this will help give a ball park figure for you. i was the third owner
  7. swoopfly

    CX100 / Rawa / battery question

    hey yeah it does, the size (nfph...something like that)70 is what it was made for.
  8. swoopfly

    Skydive The Farm

    Just had to stop in and say I am glad to have the farm as my home DZ. After doing my first jump at ASC and then going to the farm for my other jumps. I have to say The farm is the place for me. great people~~~ hans and woody you are the best. looking forward to graduate this weekend.