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  1. Yea what’s more interesting is the risers release but not the skyhook , keeping the riser and baglock attached to you . Here in lies the problem , I’m not a fan of main reserve entanglements, having survived one.
  2. Hi I’ve had an issue with skyhook getting stuck with baglock malfunction. Essentially just keeping the baglock attached to you. Thought it was just really bad luck until I came across some other instructors who knew this does and has happened in the past as well. Apparently it’s a malfunction that exposes a problem in the skyhook design. Before going into great detail , what are your experiences and thoughts on this malfunction associated with the operation of the skyhook
  3. my .friend this was Not a cry of any sort I have many friends who are foreigners from all over the world really good friends this was more a question about law. you know USPA Claim to govern skydiving so I was curious about laws being broken . I find it funny that people keep referring to Americans as the only legal people. you can be from another country and legally work in the US just not with a travel visa. anyway I was just curious on legal aspects. not who works harder than another
  4. Just curious on thoughts on the massive influx over the summer of illegal workers who travel to the us under a travel visa and work under the table for dropzones. Taking away from the legal instructors. they also dont pay taxes since they are not reporting illegal wages. Is this right? we all seen it. Does USPA care or do they see it as not their problem as they may have the "rating", even tho they are illegally working? just curious on thoughts, i see it at every dz.
  5. afrin! spray some in your nose, then clear your ears,. pushing the afrin through your eustachian tubes!
  6. Sure I have. I take care of my gear. Sometimes I fly underneath other during a freefly jump (just like everyone else). Tandem jump is no different. Flying underneath is no big deal. I dont really understand where this double standard is coming from. this guy lol here it is straight out of the book! maybe sigma UPT is creating the double standard. i surly wouldnt jump with you 1) No one should ever pass directly over or under the Tandem pair in freefall or droguefall. On exit, the Tandem Instructor needs room to deploy the drogue, and at any time after that, the drogue could suddenly become a deploying main canopy.
  7. To finish your A if you only have 4 to go, those would be coach jumps. If you dont finish in time, i am sure there will be plenty of coach's there that will do a coach jump with you! so dont miss out n come on out, you wont regret it! You can probably even finish your A there
  8. my service from alti 2 was not the best it could be, by far. n2 broken screen, shocker. sent it in during middle of season for screen replacement. well after the season ended i wrote them telling them my address will be changed as the skydiving season is over. i gave them my address to send to, they said they would put it in the notes. 6 months later my screen is fixed and sent to the old dz where i worked 6 months ago. should it really take half a year to repair a screen. my n2 is currently broken again, screen. and i didnt even care to send it in again
  9. Tell them if you dont get your feet up higher your going to break your leg(s). You will be amazed at how much extra height they can lift them after that, but with old people yes it can be a problem!
  10. I think the initial intention was to keep an eye on the other plane as y climb to altitude, as air traffic controllers didn't want to have to keep an eye and tell both planes where they are at all times. The pilot seemed to do this at another dz, so I gave it a go thinking he might know what he was talking about. After the trial run I knew my instincts were right as they most always are, and it was one of the dumbest ideas ever! I asked you other skydivers because this pilot was also a low time jumper and gave me the attitude as if I am dumb for even questioning him! But yes I know to go with what I believe and he is an idiot!
  11. A pilot wanted to fly 2 cessnas in formation on the same jump run and drop tandems. I expressed my concern and he acted as if all cessna dz operate this way, saying they all do it. I observed my concern as another tandem opened 500 ft above me just off to the side (too close for my comfort). I agreed planes do fly together in formation when there are big ways and the people in both planes want to be on the same jump, but TANDEMS? he even went to the length to say its in the FAR and reg. So thoughts?
  12. So is legal for a DZ to refuse to pay you for your work jumps if you dont have an LLC and EIN? I kinda thought being a subcontractor you can run your business as you see fit. But this is the boat i have been put in now. Refuse to pay an individual but will give me my money if i am an LLC. Yet hired and made money off an individual. Thoughts?
  13. Well i have worked for 4 DZ that dont require you to own a company to take someone on a skydive, it was a 1099 under my SS.
  14. Also i thought you have to have an LLC to get an EIN?