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  1. soulshine

    Jumping with Bad Cervical Problems

    I have nothing helpful to offer with regards to your question. However, I couldn't help but to laugh at your thread first thought was why does he have a cervix and how could that effect skydiving! Haha... sorry...
  2. soulshine

    In memory of Tom

    Ya know, it's rare that I post here anymore. I couldn't resist when I saw this thread about Tom. He was indeed an incredible man. It's difficult to say anything about him without feeling trite and cheesy as hell. For those that knew Tom, knew what a tough old bastard he could be. He smoked like a freight train, was grouchy as hell sometimes, drank like a fish, and devoured Soduku books and read everything he could get his hands on. Damn, what an original soul. He lived more lives than most of us could hope to. The night that we celebrated him in the bar with lots of Busch in a can I couldn't help thinking of how god-awful that damn beer is. I hope Tom is drinking good beer now and chain-smoking without coughing. Best wishes to you, you tough old bird... wherever you are.
  3. soulshine


    A jumper I know has horrible knees, too many injuries over a short period of time. He always does a butt slide on landing to help prevent future injuries. It's not a 100% sure way to prevent injuries, but it is something that you can consider. Your best bet would be to go to your local dz and talk to the instructors and dzo there and get their input.