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  1. I may be posting this just because it's Friday and I don't feel like going out. Or I may be asking because I just recently listed my 1998 Vector II container for sale in the classifieds here... and before that I hadn't logged onto this website in years. Either way, as I was taking pictures of my container to post, I started reminiscing over all of the good times and great friends I made when I was active in the sport (like a million years ago). I even started wondering if I'd enjoy jumping again. I've changed so much over the years (yeah, I grew up ) and would likely approach the sport a bit differently, with a different mindset. So, at the risk of sounding lame, I'd like to ask you all why you are currently jumping or why you are currently not jumping? (I doubt anyone here remembers me... but it's good to see a few familiar names still posting.
  2. What do you know about EA's Origin? Or Spawn Labs? Impulse? Stardock? Kongregate?
  3. I'm looking for a video gamer who is familiar with the industry and can answer a few questions for me. I'm analyzing GameStop (NASDAQ: GME) and need to better understand how games are being distributed to gamers on the digital front. Thanks in advance.
  4. Nice. Thanks for sharing.
  5. hehe. thanks for sharing.
  6. I second this. My father taught me how to maintain and repair my car growing up (I consider myself lucky) and it's not that difficult. Get your hands on a service manual and lean on your mechanic friend (or on-line forums) for supplemental support, if you need to. That being said, changing the oil and filter in my Mazda3 is a bitch ... but I know how to do it, if I need to.
  7. 1) Under promise and over deliver. 2) If you don't like something in or about your life, you have two options: one, change your approach or two, change the people you hang with/around.
  8. I'm a little surprised at all of the YES responses. I'm also very grateful that my family (extended and immediate) members are generally pleasant people. Crazy perhaps but still, pleasant. It can not think of a single family member that I would consider cutting off ties with and there are a handful of them that just drive me absolutely crazy or frustrate me to no end. If your family isn't there to help you in a time of desperate need, who will be? And if the negativity associated with this particular family member is destroying you, maybe it would be beneficial to learn how to stay in control of how you feel about the situation / relationship. This thread reminds me of a quote: "Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."
  9. Sounds like you need to either a) change the people you hang with or around OR b) change your approach. Often times accomplishing task B also takes care of task A.
  10. There isn't much I wouldn't do in order to have good pain-free knees again... sigh.
  11. Thanks for sharing this. While many of us know that most magazine images have been photoshopped and are unrealistic, I still believe that there is a disconnect between what we see and what we know - and that this disconnect often leads to unhealthy thoughts and/or behavior. Very sad, indeed.
  12. Last week, I screwed up... big time. And now my screw up has gathered momentum, involves a few more folks, and is eating away at my conscience. eekk. I hate hate hate this feeling! I've apologized to those involved but I've never been that great at apologizing so I'll probably be hand writing apologies this evening. When stuff like this happens, I tend to dissect the situation and analyze the commitments and priorities in my life (probably overkill, but that's what I do) to better understand how it all happened. Perhaps I need to make a few changes.... Anyone care to share a situation where they personally screwed up big time?
  13. Ah, yes. This week is going to be brutal. Business Statistics HW due on Monday. Finance Exam on Tuesday. Stock Valuation Analysis Case Report due Tuesday. CUMMULATIVE business statistics final on Friday. Marketing Final on May 9th (Monday). I've literally been eating, sleeping and dreaming corporate finance since Thursday or so... corporate finance and Transocean, the company my team and I are analyzing, that is.
  14. This. Plus, supplement Vitamin D. Not the measly 400 IUs that you get in a multi-vitamin, but 2000-5000 IUs per day. It's done amazing things for my overall well-being (during CA winters and almost year-round when I was living farther north). Dare I second this post?