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  1. iluvtofly

    Skydive Pennsylvania, Grove city PA

    That is where I started. Great DZ. Most DZs up there are closed this time of year due to weather. But I highly recommend going there to learn. Great people and you'll learn a lot.
  2. iluvtofly

    freestyle pictures

    This is a great idea! As a judge this would be incredibly helpful. I'm a visual learner. So reading about the move in a book doesn't really help me much.
  3. iluvtofly

    Where to skydive in December

    Florida is a pretty safe bet during December.
  4. iluvtofly

    Lift from ATL to Carolinafest should have said something at Good Vibes this weekend. There are some people from the Farm going but I think they left this morning. Unfortunately I'm not going or I would offer you a ride.
  5. iluvtofly

    Ed Ristaino

    Many thoughts and positive vibes headed to you and your family. Your father died a hero and will never be forgotten. For myself and many others he was the pilot for my first balloon jump. A very fond and vivid memory that would not have been the same without him. My deepest condolences. BSBD
  6. iluvtofly

    Congratulations, theonlyski

    Congrats!!!! And I think that's the best description of him I've ever read.
  7. iluvtofly

    Skydive New England's Tiki Boogie

    I'll be there to play.
  8. iluvtofly

    Helicopter at Skydive the Farm this weekend

    Yes there will be a helicopter...along with a balloon. I know the balloon is $85. Not sure how much the hellicopter is. And to my knowledge they'll both fly so long as there are people wanting to jump.
  9. iluvtofly

    Bunkhouse at Skydive the Farm

    Clean-is any bunkhouse at any DZ truly clean? Loud-only if you go to bed too early. Safe-yup. I sleep at the Farm on a regular basis. Be it in the bunkhouse or on a couch in the middle of the hanger. So it is a good place to crash.
  10. They have some of the BEST customer service out there. Myself and several other on this site have had something break/malfunction and they replaced it free of charge. I'm not sure what's going to happen since you took a screw driver to it but, give them a call. I'm sure they'll do whatever they can to help you out. And since when is an audible a couple of GRAND??? Aren't they typically a couple of hundred?
  11. I still haven't fully recovered from the last boogie.
  12. iluvtofly

    more old pix

    are his lines connected to the hips??? or is he sitting on his risers or something?
  13. iluvtofly

    what's that from ?

    That looks very much like a freebag from a reserve to me. It also looks fairly new. Although I couldn't tell you anything more specific about it.
  14. Ignorant American speaking many pounds are in a stone???