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  1. Thanks for the input guys! I ended up going with a used Rawa helmet that a friend of mine had set up and was using for tandems. Has a mount for the Sony CX150 and a GoPro for stills. Came with the Sony, the GoPro, the Hypeye, and the lens DSE was recommending for the Sony. Also came with 4 memory cards for the Camera and GoPro. I know this isn't the set up for pro use but for now it gives me a platform to start practicing shooting video. And the fact that I got all of that for the price I would have paid for just the new Bone head helmet itself helped me in making the decision. Im sure once I get some experience I'll want to move up to a larger platform and start shooting with better still camera's and equipment. Thanks again! Lovin every second of it!
  2. Hey guys just wondering if I could get some help on things I need for a good Video and stills set up. This is my first set up. I am going with a decent helmet, thinking Bone Head Narrow, and a Sony Handycam HDR-CX150 that I already had laying around. Wondering what additional things I need. So far I know I want and should have a ring site and controller cable for the Sony Camera. Also wondering do I need another lens for the camera as well. Is there a specific mount that I need to get for the camera for this particular Helmet? I haven't chosen a Still camera yet as I wanted some opinions from you experienced guys. I'm assuming I will also need a shutter controller with that as well which may be specific to the camera? Any and all information any of you could help me with would be greatly appreciated! Lovin every second of it!
  3. This will be my Girl friends first real boogie too. She only has 56 jumps but is a little nervous as she has only jumped at our home DZ (SkyDive PA) since getting her license. I have been to a couple this year and my first one was in Georgia for the Saint Patties day boogie and at the time I only had 35 jumps. I went, had a blast, and made some friends. Super glad I went! You should go for sure even if only to meet new friends! Lovin every second of it!
  4. Opinion's, experience, Recommendations? Lovin every second of it!
  5. Hey people just wondering if there are any Chopper pilots out there? My girlfriends brother is leaving for Officer cadet training and his goal is to become a helicopter pilot. I would love to get him some sort of book or something that would be informative and also interesting to give to him before he leaves. If any of you pilots have any suggestions I would love to hear them. He leaves this Saturday morning so the sooner the better! Thanks guys, blue sky's! Lovin every second of it!
  6. Good Stuff By Joe Jennings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EylaHSlEa5E And "CrossWinds" By Patrick Passe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CCq3o0PGoQ These were the first 2 videos I bought when I did my first AFF jumps back in 2002. I thought these were the most epic DVD's! Lovin every second of it!
  7. I am a huge fan of anolog... just not under canopy. I know I should be able to use my eyes but I'm not happy with my accuracy yet. Viso seems to help with that for now. I just wish the display was bigger. Too bad they don't make one with numbers twice the normal size like a large text book. ParaSport Altitron. Hugh display and big numbers. i love mine http://www.chutingstar.com/skydive/altitron-digital-altimeter Lovin every second of it!
  8. Good luck! It's not like skydiving can kill you... oh wait... it can... never mind! Another classic! Lovin every second of it!
  9. Wow!! last year I got 1000 rounds of lake city tracer .223/5.56 for $375 shipped..... I still have about 700 to 800 rounds left. Although with the Slide Fire stock on the AR those probably aren't gonna last long when the weather gets warmer. Lovin every second of it!
  10. What a Fucktard is right! People like that need a public stoning! Lovin every second of it!
  11. Applause!!! Lovin every second of it!
  12. I guess I forgot about something/someone smacking you in the noggin. I'll keep that in mind next time I go to remove my helmet..
  13. I absolutely agree with both of you - ready to go the whole ride up. However, I've thought about it, and I consider my helmet to be non-essential gear in the case of an emergency, and I am more than willing to jettison it if necessary for an emergency exit. I will not stop to put it on if there's a GTFO situation. So I sometimes choose not to wear it above the "belts off" altitude. Leg straps, chest strap, all the "mission critical" stuff is set before I even climb into the plane, though. +1 I am still young in the sport, but I get so hot with my helmet on riding to altitude I can't stand to wear it after "belts off". Lovin every second of it!
  14. jrouse


    This one seems legit and very meaningful.... Lovin every second of it!