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  1. I don't need to have suffered a gun tragedy to be against gun deaths. I don't need to have suffered a highway tragedy to be against traffic deaths. I don't need to have suffered a terrorist tragedy to be against terrorism deaths. Understood, so, just what is your personal motivation? Humanity. Are you suggesting that unless someone has suffered personally from some gun tragedy, that they should just not care about the issue? Leave it to only the victims to speak out?
  2. Hopefully while he is on vacation, he can't find anything else to F UP That's a good point. He spends more money than that when he's home in D.C. So maybe we should just keep him on vacation somewhere at all times and consider that a bargain!
  3. News: Gov. Pat Quinn vows to pursue assault weapons ban Quote: "An aide says Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will "vigorously pursue" a ban on assault weapons even though the Senate rebuffed his attempt on Wednesday. The Senate voted 49-4 Wednesday to override Quinn's rewritten legislation to prohibit the sale or possession of semi-automatic rifles, high-capacity magazines and .50-caliber guns. Spokeswoman Brooke Anderson says the Democratic governor will continue seeking a statewide assault-weapons ban to enhance public safety.",0,4033425.story Nice try, Gov. Quinn. Keep up the good work.
  4. I think I'll go on a 20-day $4 million vacaton to Hawaii to think about it.
  5. I'm told that wearing big floppy sweat shirts with hoodies isn't a problem, so I don't see how a 3-piece suit could be a problem. Besides, it would be cool! So just do it.
  6. I think that plane is getting LOTS of extra altitude.
  7. Let's see. We're approaching the fiscal cliff of a $16 trillion debt because we Americans are selfish and don't pay enough in taxes. Not because the government spends too much. Right? And at the same time as the country is driving over the cliff, Bronco-bama is going on a 20-day $4 million Hawaii vacation! Oh, and Geithner wants yet more stimulus spending, and to be able to raise the debt limit any time he feels like it. Not to worry!
  8. Web site: Oh look, they have a convenient "dealers" list to find their rifles for sale, they sell the ammo, they have training videos, and even in-person long-range training classes. $12k is nothing for a terrorist. Then all you need to do is go sit off the end of an airport runway somewhere and bag your game! Oh, I hope those noise-complaint nuts in Colorado aren't reading this...
  9. It's our job to make sure we elect people who will uphold that law, and to hold them accountable for it. Sure, it's not perfect. But we have a heck of a lot less corruption and suppression of freedom than many other countries.
  10. Fish don't have money, so there is no fiscal cliff for them. Salmon jump up and down small cliffs all the time, and it doesn't bother them. It's true, nobody cries for them, in fact, others like bears and fishermen rejoice in catching and eating them. So I kind of grin when a read a story about someone being bitten by a shark. Kind of serves you right. A fish's world is a tough, cruel world. Fish know reality and don't ask for sympathy, the way wimpy humans do. Where did you get the idea that of all the creatures on the earth that you are special? Oh, and by the way, would you assholes please quit polluting our water? How would you like it if I invited all my fish friends over and we all pissed in your living room? Thank you.
  11. I was thinking of the gap between the fixed horizontal tail surface and the movable elevator. I used to worry about this a long time ago at a loose drop zone where some jumpers would drink a beer on the way to altitude and then chuck the empty can out the door. I could just see the can wedging itself in there and disabling the pilots controls... Not to worry though, 'cause drinking beer on the way to alititude is cool!
  12. Ding ding ding! I've seen people chasing a cut-away main lose track of where they're going and what's around them, and almost collide with other jumpers. This is a similar distraction from "see and be seen".
  13. That's what I keep telling them. But they keep clinging to the idea that only machineguns are assault weapons, and they'll take that belief all the way to prison when their illegal semi-auto AR15's are confiscated. Semi-autos are not illegal. Full-autos are. Not now. But we're talking about the assault weapon ban, and when that was in effect, some semi-autos became illegal to purchase, or even to own in some places like California. And if the assault weapon ban is re-nstituted as Obama rightfully wants to do, then this wouild be the situation once again. If you think just because your AR15 is a semi-auto that it won't be in jeopardy, then you're wrong. Even machineguns aren't currently illegal. You just have to do some special paperwork and pay a fee to own one. That needs to change too. It's ironic how all these gun guys don't seem to understand the gun laws under which they operate. And me, a gun-hater, knows more about gun laws than they do. Ha!