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  1. CarpeDiem3

    Allen Flynn D-7889

    Photo attached.
  2. CarpeDiem3

    Skydive Dubai Buys Empuria Brava

    Duplicate thread.
  3. Wondering what the connection is between the CIA and parachute meets... Back in the 70's during the Cold War, the communist nations used to mingle with the democratic nations during world meets. The commies had "handlers" with their teams to make sure that their participants didn't stray from the party line. And in one case I know of, a guy named Nick used the Pan Am games in central America to defect from the Cuban parachute team, and went on to reside in south Florida, and jump at Indiantown and Clewiston. That's the only connection with international intrigue that I can think of.
  4. It's too variable to refine down to such a finite set of numbers like that. It depends upon the canopy wing loading, canopy type, traffic density, wind speed, wind direction, size and shape of the landing area, and so on. Hitting specific altitude numbers for your turns is the least of your worries, compared to avoiding other canopies int he air, and obstacles on the ground. Keep it dynamic and flexible.
  5. CarpeDiem3

    Can't hear my audible altimeter

    See the thread titled "Not noticing my audible in my new full face Phantom X?" about a dozen lines down. We just covered this.
  6. CarpeDiem3

    Opinions on Skydive Oregon?

    They might be thinking of Ted Mayfield, who used to run a drop zone in Oregon. That was a very long time ago, and no longer has any bearing on current Oregon drop zones. That's my guess...
  7. CarpeDiem3

    another demo incident

    Why the heck weren't all those people cleared off the field while the parachutists were landing?
  8. CarpeDiem3

    New Gear, Free Fly PUD question

    What does the owner's manual say?
  9. That's okay, we can wait for a few months until the official story is told in Parachutist.
  10. CarpeDiem3

    Canopy Dimesions

    Buy one that's bigger than the wall, and fold back the edges to fit.
  11. CarpeDiem3

    frontriserpressure on Fusion vs Sabre2

    I don't like that statement.
  12. Looks like they jumped above solid cloud cover, couldn't find the LZ under canopy, and landed off on a jeep trail in the woods. Doh!
  13. It doesn't advertise well that you're selling computer software, and don't even know how to make a clicky-link to your web references... And you also get negative scores for using language like "create an abstract component to modelize the regulation mode...l" that nobody can understand. With the database stored on the internet instead of the source computer, what's to keep competitors from hacking into your database to find out who your customers are and what level of business you're doing?
  14. Do you have to be a "friend of Bill" to participate in these get-together activities?