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  1. I bet it's not easy to scrape together the rent money every month doing tandems and videos while living on food stamps, so if you need some spare change, all you have to do is ask bro. But being angry about my expensive purchases isn't going to help anything.
  2. Okay as much as I'd love to hear thoughts on everything ranging from the crisis in Egypt to selecting the right real estate agent, let me rephrase... anyone have any thoughts ON THE COOKIE FUEL? Skydiving is serious business
  3. What are you gonna do when a whirlwind collapses your main at 300 feet? Skydiving has its risks, believe it or not. But let's please not turn this into another one of those threads... okay?
  4. It's awesome 10/10 would jump The sizes run a little small compared to the various DZ-issued rental helmets I've used; the large I got fits slightly tight even though the mediums at the DZ tended to fit a little loose. The contour mount works beautifully (although it can be a bit of a pain in the ass to install at first). If you're thinking about this setup just make sure you order the left side mount in addition to the contour mount because that's what the contour mount screws into... Anyone else have one yet and have any thoughts? Skydiving is serious business
  5. I guess threads like this just aren't as popular... Skydiving is serious business
  6. Lol yeah I don't think I want to be in Arizona during August... Skydiving is serious business
  7. I've decided from this point forward due to the great and plentiful expert advice from davekapela, billvon, popsjumper, artwardo, wvm, and others that I'm never again going to aggressively downsize and will from now on follow billvon's checklist for each downsize and/or change in canopy type. I'm leaving the SoFPiDaRF (very hard for me to do) and changing my middle name from "Downsize" to "Safety." Skydiving is serious business
  8. damn you figured me out Skydiving is serious business
  9. And he probably initiated a 270 from something like 200 feet. You say he's "just like me," but I guarantee you I'm not dumb enough to initiate a front riser turn so low that my canopy hits first. I know good and well that low hook turns kill; I've read plenty of fatality reports. In fact, I think I have read every single one in the database here. Why does everyone assume that just because someone doesn't have a certain number of jumps that they are automatically ignorant of things like maneuver altitudes? I may not have the jumps (which are just a number) but I know how to read and do research. Your next reply will likely be: "No amount of book learning can replace time in the air..." Which I agree with to some extent and is why I plan to practice maneuvers up high and get a feel for the canopy's flight characteristics first, then develop a feel for sight picture by starting with straight in's on double fronts, then progressing to 90's, then 180's etc etc. Then once I downsize to a Crossfire I start over from the beginning and do all of the above again. Then when I go to the velo, same thing. Skydiving is serious business
  10. I know how to read. Skydiving is serious business
  11. I heard Start Skydiving in Ohio no longer has their balloon... is this true? I'm doing a cross country road trip in August and looking for a place to do a balloon jump. The trip is from Seattle to Boston on the I-90, but a DZ a little out of the way is okay. Any recommendations? Skydiving is serious business
  12. That's actually what I ended up getting... ...for now. Skydiving is serious business
  13. XF2 > Katana Skydiving is serious business
  14. Why get a crossfire 109 if you're just going to land it in straight? Skydiving is serious business
  15. I did all AFF's in two days and got my A in another 3. The ground school and jump 1 will take most of the day but you could get jump 2 in too. If you insist on the tunnel I would propose the following alternative: FRI: Tunnel SAT: Ground school, jumps 1 & 2 Sun: Jumps 3-7, repeats Mon: Jumps 8-14 Tue: Jumps 15-20 Wed: Jumps 21-25, written test Thu: Whatever else you didn't do for your A Fri: Head to Florida Keys Sat: First jump with A license in hand! Skydiving is serious business