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  1. I did all AFF's in two days and got my A in another 3. The ground school and jump 1 will take most of the day but you could get jump 2 in too. If you insist on the tunnel I would propose the following alternative: FRI: Tunnel SAT: Ground school, jumps 1 & 2 Sun: Jumps 3-7, repeats Mon: Jumps 8-14 Tue: Jumps 15-20 Wed: Jumps 21-25, written test Thu: Whatever else you didn't do for your A Fri: Head to Florida Keys Sat: First jump with A license in hand!
  2. As a USPA member and constituent, I would like to voice my opinion that I disagree with this idea. First, about jump numbers: different jumpers progress at different rates. Anyone who denies this denies reality. Someone who does 1000 fun jumps with regular vanilla landings on a rectangular canopy hasn't progressed nearly as much as someone with 500 jumps who has dedicated each jump to honing their canopy skills, progressing toward more advanced landings, and making sure every jump is a quality one. IMO jump numbers aren't a very reliable metric for determining skills or readiness to fly something. Just like someone who has spent 100 hours at the race track is much more qualified to get into a race car than someone who has spent 200 hours commuting to work. It wouldn't be right to punish the 500-jumper who has spent all their time honing their canopy skills and may well be perfectly ready for an x-brace just because other jumpers with similar or greater jump numbers (but much lower skills) have pounded in on them. If you're going to implement a new draconian canopy licensing system, at least make it about SKILLS, and skills alone, not jump numbers. TLDR version - it punishes the innocent for the crimes of the guilty, which should never be acceptable in any society / community. But the jump number issue aside, I think it's a bad idea all around, simply because we don't need more regulations and bureaucratic red tape than we already have. I think it would be more effective to promote a better culture of EDUCATION rather than a bunch of draconian restrictions and licensing systems that will cause a headache for everyone because of the actions of a few.
  3. -Joey-

    The sad canopy

    Cool story bro
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    FFC with new canopy

    You should be using a 7-cell for WS...
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    hackey handle source

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    A Jump of Firsts

    This is the best post I have ever read on DZ....
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    Dropzones along I-5?

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    crossfire 2 vs stiletto

    Definitely the XF2