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  1. shah269

    History of Women in Skydiving

  2. shah269

    World Team Fails to Break Record

    Very sad to hear about the loss. Perhaps next year? Another attempt?
  3. shah269

    Hey Bro, Check Out my Go Pro

    I'm only at jump 125......i think it would be cool....but maybe next year>
  4. Only put on like 40 jumps on the one I have and I bought her with 50 jumps. It's a 210 and she opens really slow! We are talking....700+ ft slow. Like I have time to look around grab the rears and start thinking about the meaning of life...S...L....O....W I'm sure the older guys can help out more but that's what I have.
  5. shah269

    AFF student struggling with stability

    Breathing exercises? I mean are you spinning, are you flipping on your back, are you flapping your arms? Try and tell people what is going on and I'm sure there are enough very well versed people here who can provide you with more assistance. And don’t be too hard on yourself. If you had fun and landed safely and were able to walk off the grass under your own power you are doing great!
  6. I'm on my 3rd copy i read it, give it to a friend...and I never see it again, so I order another one....amazing book! Amazing writer!
  7. shah269

    Skyventure please

    Any one from Skyventure Montreal? Need a bit of help I have a young man visiting your facility in the next few days with his parents and though not a speical needs I would like to discuss in private the matter with any one so that he is treated with care......he's parents are a little nutty...I suggested they take the kid over to boost his self esteem but.....I'm affraid that the parents will get in the way. So if anyone is working please drop me a line.
  8. shah269

    Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving

    There were rumors last year that the two 2m tunnels that were going to go into NJ but were stalled were going to Vegas. But apparently the NJ tunnels are back on track. Who ever places one of those 2m 2 tunnel systems in Vegas is going to make A FREAKING KILLING!
  9. shah269

    Need help, having doubts.

    Are you near a tunnel? Can you get some tunnel time in?
  10. shah269

    Ground launching

    Ah forget about it just googed and read up. Yeah it looks like a great way to improve your skills walking up the hill crap.
  11. Shah puts down glass of bourbon, looks at right leg, notes 4 scars, looks to the left notes crutches. Looks at book case sees the SIM, goggles and altimeter. I don't know. I'll be honest with you Xtine I've thought about not going back. But then again I was only on jump #8 so what is there to go back to really? Well the guys at the DZ are great and I LOVE free fall.....but is it worth it? God I don't know. But I do know I would never forgive myself if I didn't give it another try next spring. So I'm planning on doing one tandem with my good friend and instructor to get my sky legs back and if that feels good I'm going to repeat the AFP jump that got me. In the mean time I have taken a canopy class, I'm going to buy an Ultima (that thing that will beep in my ear and let me know how high I am so as to line up my approach) and......I'm going to trust my friend to put me on the best gear possible to assure my safety. I'm sorry please forgive me I wish I had a yes no answer. I don't think there are real answers to your question. I wish you a speedy recovery. ps which leg? I took out the right one
  12. shah269

    When was your skydiving epiphany? bought all 21 jumps for the AFF upfront. Before I even did my first jump. Which I'm told is kind of odd. How did I know I wanted to do this? I had this funny feeling I would find peace via partaking in this sport. And after three jumps I can say it has brought me a good amount of inner peace and this sport will help me keep this level of peace. Shah