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  1. The GoHawk did get funded. They have taken our money but haven't shipped any product yet. Poor communication as well. Getting pretty fed up with them. Blue Skies, Jason
  2. Thank you for posting this topic and your results. As a new AFF-I, I am currently looking to set-up an LLC and your thread was helpful. Thanks again and Blue Skies, Jason
  3. Thankful that I had the pleasure of knowing Orly. One of the kindest souls I ever met. Blue Skies.
  4. It's supposed to work offline according to the quote below taken from their FAQ page. Blue Skies, Jason
  5. Thanks for the info! Sounds like a pretty good option. I guess it's basically like paying "rent" to use their programs. See the quote below from their FAQ Page. But you are also getting all the latest upgrades and updates as well as 20GB of cloud storage for $10/month if you join by March 31, 2014. Any idea what the cost will be after March 31st? The agent that I chatted with wouldn't say. BTW. as seen in the attached chat screen shot... you can run the applications on two machines under one license (they can't be run simultaneously though). Thanks again and Blue Skies, Jason
  6. As far as I know.. he hadn't flown jumpers since one of his Westwind Twin Beech 18's did a ground loop in Tullahoma back in 2004. He was back in Tullahoma 2 or 3 years ago and I was helping him disassemble that airframe for transport..which never happened and its still sitting on the airfield out in the weeds He sure had a lot of interesting stories. BSBD
  7. Saddened to hear of Jim's passing. He will be missed. BSBD.
  8. Congratulations on 200 shows!! Hope y'all do another 200! Thanks and Blue Skies, Jason
  9. I've got an HP i7 laptop that renders and burns just as fast as my custom built editing machine with a 6 core AMD processor. Here are a couple of good deals that i found with a quick search: edit* this price expires today : ( hope this helps. Blue Skies, Jason
  10. Wow!! The documentary was amazing!
  11. Assuming that you are in fact posting from his account (seems to be the case since it was registered in 2009), he may already know what you are up to The default forum setting sends an email anytime someone responds to your post Perhaps he doesn't check the email account linked to his profile very often and you can beat him to it and delete those emails and then change his forum setting for him edit to add..Just thought of something else. What happens if he gets on and sees this thread started by himself?? Blue Skies, Jason
  12. Pop-up while on my phone This is really getting annoying Blue Skies, Jason
  13. Thanks!! And I have NO desire to be on your list, Mr. Schindler Thanks again and Blue Skies, Jason