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  1. Thanks for the info! Sounds like a pretty good option. I guess it's basically like paying "rent" to use their programs. See the quote below from their FAQ Page. But you are also getting all the latest upgrades and updates as well as 20GB of cloud storage for $10/month if you join by March 31, 2014. Any idea what the cost will be after March 31st? The agent that I chatted with wouldn't say. BTW. as seen in the attached chat screen shot... you can run the applications on two machines under one license (they can't be run simultaneously though). Thanks again and Blue Skies, Jason
  2. Great show as always!! We love Moe!! Thanks and Blue Skies, Jason
  3. freefalljason

    Pirelli "STUNTS"

    Wow!! The documentary was amazing!
  4. freefalljason

    Condolences for Chris Martin (GroundZero)

    Hard to believe it's been 8 years. Still miss you, my friend. Blue Skies forever, Jason
  5. freefalljason

    New Home Page

    Every time I load the new page, the ad at the top of the page loads over the tabs for the forums, Safety, Dropzones, etc. I can still click the tabs and nav. away from the home page. Using Windows 7 64 bit with Google Chrome. Blue Skies, Jason
  6. freefalljason

    Cypres 6 week wait time?!?

    It has happened to a friend of mine....twice. For his unit's 4 yr and 8 yr checks, it had to be sent back to Germany. Not sure why... Contact SSK and see if they can give you an estimated return date. If its gonna be a while, ask for a loner unit. Blue Skies, Jason
  7. Awesome show as always Guys!! Really enjoyed listening to Olav. Looking forward to part 2! We even got to hear from Moe! Thanks again for all your hard work. Blue Skies, Jason
  8. Contact [url;] Chris Warnock[/url] , he can hook you up with everything that you need and he's a really nice guy!! Blue Skies, Jason
  9. freefalljason

    video edit

    I do my own edits. I have also been editing for a few of the other camera flyers at my home DZ. I charge them $6 per edit, which includes postage since we usually edit at home and mail the DVD to the customer since we don't have packers or editors at the DZ. I am seriously considering charging more since I am in the VERY EXPENSIVE process of switching to NLE. I wonder what the going rate for an edit is..?? Seems like I paid $7 per edit at Skydive the Farm back a couple of years ago and they didn't have any postage expenses. Blue Skies, Jason
  10. freefalljason


    Looks really nice!! #6 in the base gallery is still my favorite. Such an awesome pic!! Blue Skies, Jason
  11. freefalljason

    Ultimate skydiving set up?

    WOW!! I can't imagine how much MONEY they are pumping into this project!! I wish them all the best!
  12. freefalljason

    Skydiving in West Virginia

    Looking at the listings for dz's in WV here on there is only [url]one[/url]. According to the listing they are opening in the spring of 2010. Hope this helps. Blue Skies, Jason
  13. freefalljason

    GoPro HD Carry Case - Pelican 1200

    Looks really nice, Congrats. Blue Skies, Jason
  14. freefalljason

    Backup camera's

    I have two PC101's and one of them crapped out this weekend so I just bought another one for $230 off ebay. Needless to say, I think it is worthwhile to have a back up. I even have my still set-up where I can use my 400D or my old 300D if I have to. I guess I feel like if I am prepared for the worse it won't happen Blue Skies, Jason
  15. I usually just send them in as is. I did crop one and it was published like that, the other two that I had published appeared to be just like I sent them. Jason