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  1. patworks

    How To Tube: Managing Sessions and Understanding Rotation

    Well said. Cogent reality. Nice separation of two discrete realities. Post jumping (Polio) i fly fine, mostly. TODAY 10 minutes.... tunnel rat, ; Kurt 'learned' me back fly in ways superior to my airplane-windbourne FF which carries the mandate of backfly to catch new fish. Just now; I want MORE ! OTBTW i'm a flyer and fossil coach
  2. Today Hurts like yesterday. Mark waz my mate. Janner + me there to see your aging ugly afresh and kiss it towards beauty [long journey; bring supplies]
  3. patworks

    Michael Truffer

    Mike Truffer (and Sue Clifton) promoted skydiving, communicating clearly knowledge of joy, heartbreaks, skills, and survival techniques. They paid honor to our Communication Imperative as wordsmith and publisher both. Recall after all, that what ‘others’ don’t know could kill you. Of all skydivers, scribes are a splendid few. Publishers, a rare gem. Remember Mike Truffer. Recall and honor those who capture our history with their words and art: J. Scott Hamilton, Lyle Cameron PUBLISHER (RIP), Skratch Garrison, Dan Poynter PUBLISHER, Uve Beckman PUBLISHER (RIP), Matt Farmer, Roger Hull, Carl Nelson PUBLISHER (RIP), Roger Nelson (RIP), Bj Worth, Howard White PUBLISHER (RIP), Bill Ottley (RIP) Bud Sellick, Russ A. Gunby (RIP), Tamara Koyn, John Schuman PUBLISHER (RIP), Brian Germain, Charles Shea-Simonds PUBLISHER (RIP), Michael Horan PUBLISHER, C.W. Ryan, A.C. Keech PUBLISHER, Gene Hunnell PUBLISHER, Kevin Gibson, J. L. Seagull and emerging wordsmiths all. Hail our scribes & publishers or else our history is but dust in a wind. Honor our traditions else respect flees. Say your story else the world is dumb and trees fall silently in our forests. ... Mike was so much more than that. He is so much more than a friend. My lame words do naught to fill the empty that my heart cries into. All i feel is sorrow. All I hear is echoes
  4. patworks

    Jim Stoyas D-60

    Right on. Both Jan and I hold Jim Stoyas in high regard. He was an esteemed friend and fine person. He radiated the energy of blue skies but the reaper nabbed him that jump. It was a sad thing to lose him.
  5. patworks

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Hooper has better info than I re Bob Shafer... me thinks that he is mostly dead. - Memory fades... but shafer and his brother and Simon Fraizer, big guy from Florida wore cowboy boots. ... all 3 died flying North under the radar in AZ (??) returning from somewhere South w/ the Lodestall. Nap of earth flying. They impacted a chunk of rock that sat higher than they flew. (? Power line?) Crashed and burned. Heard the Feds were lurking it too. Big loss. Bob Shafer was jumping with us on the 1st CA formation team, Elsinore *Terminal Chaos * . ... at that time, we had to import Az divers like Bob to do sequential in Ca. because all locals were dedicated to round-only formations. Ref. Terminal Chaos at the North American Sequential Sweepstakes. Our 8-man team out at Elsinore had only six people "How do you do 8-man team freefall with only six people??" chapter 4, Competition
  6. patworks

    Jumping at Casa Grande

    Tom Phillips splattered on the highway just in front of the Casa Gulch town mayor. I was on the load. It was mainly the Elsinore A-1 Downers group who ate reds whilst jumping. When Stonely called the load on the PA his word-slurs scared me so that I grabbed my rig and got on a taxing plane, "Hey, ... you're not on this load!" Me, "Yes. Now, I am." …. 9-way; I landed out. A whuffo watching me field pack points, "Say, what's that falling...?" I say, "Just a D-bag." He sez, "Well that 'bag' had a screaming man with it." (Dead Tom). Like I feared, they broke off real low and hummed it. Reflexes slowed, Phillips pulled too low. Splattered he did. Sport Death. Later, loveable Terry Ward brought a small chunk of Tom over to my van and fed it to my cat Wizard. Wizard gagged and upchucked Tom. .... You don't need to hear the rest. --------------------- PS -- As Howard mentioned, the Gulch had a lot of bounces. Windy days we'd load onto the Trans Gulch flat bed w/ beer and do a bounce-crater tour of those who'd made their last jump. The famous Monty & Link dual crater is a highlight attraction. With respective holes about 4 feet apart, that was a dead serious two-way, that. Sport Death. + + + + PSS – Notwithstanding all that XXX stuff… Skr sez it best...Later on, with the sequential + USFET dives it was a Wonderful Time and place that changed our skies forever. [Ref. Watch "Wings" and see and agree.] BTW, both BJ and Randy DeLuca also made that long LA-Gulch weekend trip. On the trips home they’d stop by and share the weekend’s takes of "Wings" They flew our dreams
  7. patworks

    First 5-Way stars =1967

    Hey! Somebody has to have been in a 5-way on or before '67..... howsomeever probably not. There were no airplanes that carred 5 then 'cept the 195 and the 206. Hum?
  8. patworks

    Pioneers Reunion 2010

    Thanks for posting this Howard. Jan and I plan to attend.
  9. patworks

    Why we sign off with *Blue Skies*

    SKR, Thanks! Formatting is a pain but looks cool.
  10. patworks


    BIG parachute. Wraps and braces. Be in GOOD shape. Only jump when wind is 'right' Pay attention. Don't FU Have fun.