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  1. Will there ever be an option to order a racer freebag that does use multiple rubber band stows, 'speedbag' style? That is my ONLY gripe about packing my reserves. The 'two stow and stuff' method is more forgiving to my work allergies............ Woot Woot!
  2. Need plans for memorial weekend? Here it is! Woot Woot!
  3. Yeppers! All of that makes complete sense. I'm pretty content with my DZ's waiver. It explains that it's employees may be independent corporations / llc's etc. and that they are not to be held liable just as well as the DZ isn't etc. Woot Woot!
  4. Well.... for what it is worth to anyone else who may run down this path. I spoke with my attorney. Creating an LLC with a separate / designated bank account is about the best I can do. Other than making sure my DZ has the LLC's certificate of organization on file and pays all future checks to that entity there isn't much else to do. Insuring my LLC may actually make my LLC a target in a lawsuit where as being non insured means they would only be able to go after what is in the actual LLC bank account. Maybe more if they really really want to lawyer into going for my personal assets. Waivers may just be overkill. And it sounds like I should actually read the one at my DZ to see if it already stipulates that the DZ and any of it's affiliates / employees are to not be liable etc. So there ya go. Hope this helps someone else one day. If it does - let me know... Woot Woot!
  5. I've been an AFF/Tandem instructor for just over a two years and have basically gone under the assumption that the DZ waiver would be sufficient in providing me protection against any lawsuit, etc. That mind set has changed after hearing horror stories regarding lawsuits wiping out folks assets etc. - but those weren't skydiving related incidents. Anyways - I want to build whatever buffers I can to further protect myself. I have created a single member LLC to use and now I'm trying to find insurance... But it dawned on me that those things mean nothing if the student doesn't sign a waiver for my LLC - correct? So that is my question: Do I need a personal waiver for each student to support my LLC buffer? My own assumption would be 'Hell Yes!' as well as a contract with the DZ acknowledging that my LLC is a hired entity and not me personally. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have a couple calls out to my legal friends - but experience in the field is valued just as high IMO. Thanks in advance. Woot Woot!
  6. Wow. That was one heck of an update.... Woot Woot!
  7. I've been reading this topic with interest. Any update as to what the initial issue is that is being investigated? Looks like most of what has been written is speculation. Regardless, talk about a blow to PS... :/ Woot Woot!
  8. Everyone goes thru this debate... I've owned both and this is just my two cents... Cypres is more expensive (both up front and via maintenance) but because of it's mandatory maintenance schedules it also provides me a more comfortable feeling that the device is working optimally at any given time. Vigil is less expensive and I am pretty comfortable that it is working optimally at any given time. Get the difference? It's not that much... Remember this is your BACK UP to your BACK UP.... and you have to determine what comfort levels you want etc. Woot Woot!
  9. Oddly enough I just had this exact thing happen to my main canopy after a smoke landing... Except my canister not only stained the fabric but also put two penny size holes in the fabric. I'm currently researching whether or not I can get away with a wash & some stick-on ZP or if I need to cut out and patch this area on the canopy. I'll try to also post my findings. Woot Woot!
  10. Cables have been used for decades... Pretty good track record. Woot Woot!
  11. We don't call her the Queen for nothing! She's a large slice of the pie why I skydive. Amazing accomplishment! Woot Woot!
  12. Never thought of a SD card getting tired... interesting will investigate. Ty Woot Woot!
  13. I literally just held a packing 'course' at my DZ this last Sunday. Videos + Written instructions can help... but shoulder tapping someone to go over it with you a few times and then dedicated repetition is the best way to learn. I encourage folks being taught the geography of the canopy prior to starting. Example: What is the Nose is, what load bearing ribs/non load bearing ribs are, the different line groups, What stabilizers are, what the tail edge is, brake line attachment points, etc. And ask a zillion questions as to why you are doing things a certain way. Woot Woot!
  14. Why don't we see some student rigs with front riser loops or hook knives or freefly puds or katanas? :P Woot Woot!