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    Instructor Waivers / LLC / Insurance

    Well.... for what it is worth to anyone else who may run down this path. I spoke with my attorney. Creating an LLC with a separate / designated bank account is about the best I can do. Other than making sure my DZ has the LLC's certificate of organization on file and pays all future checks to that entity there isn't much else to do. Insuring my LLC may actually make my LLC a target in a lawsuit where as being non insured means they would only be able to go after what is in the actual LLC bank account. Maybe more if they really really want to lawyer into going for my personal assets. Waivers may just be overkill. And it sounds like I should actually read the one at my DZ to see if it already stipulates that the DZ and any of it's affiliates / employees are to not be liable etc. So there ya go. Hope this helps someone else one day. If it does - let me know...
  2. woppyvac

    New Square1 Fullface Helmet KISS

    $428?! The flipping equipment prices of gear just keeps climbing and climbing... sheesh.
  3. woppyvac

    Container Flap Closing Order

    Why not close it like normal and just run the bridle and pin from underneath like on a racer or new vector etc? http://youtu.be/49Kw0ZafG4c
  4. woppyvac


    Bought a FUEL for tandem work and the occasional fun jump with a go pro. It's very comfortable. I have a XXL (typically wear an XL with most other manufacturers) and it fits like a glove (I suggest sizing one up than normal for a FUEL). The chin strap adds an additional layer of comfort as well. It has a slew of options you can order with or add later BUT it's limited on camera compatibility. I jump a GoPro2 and I have no issue but a contour or sony camcorder would be hard pressed to fit. If you are looking for an excellent overall open face this is one.
  5. woppyvac

    Screaming chute sound ?

    lol - now here is a question i've never seen before!
  6. woppyvac

    Shadow Racer

    History: I was on my 2nd custom rig (no need to disclaim whom) for the last three years but wanted a backup rig for camera work. Looked around and got a 'steal deal' on a 3rd hand Racer Elite set up. Over the next few months I gradually found myself wearing the Racer more often than my custom rig because it was just that much more comfortable. After awhile I made the custom rig my backup and my 3rd hand Racer my go to ride. Eventually I decided I'd rather just have two Racers and ordered a Shadow 2K3. BINGO - made one of my better skydiving decisions! 1st - COMFORT - I fits like a glove! I'm 5''11, 200lbs, jump a 150 main/reserve and this thing was cut perfectly to my measurements. It molds to my back and hugs over my shoulders like only a Racer can. I've put on/jumped numerous rigs but my 2K3 trumps them all. 2nd - COST - $1,500.00. BINGO! Parachute Labs & company were also kind enough to allow me to tag on a custom reserve pilot chute cap to my rig for a few more bucks. So even though it's like a Ford Model-T when it comes to color, "You can have any color you want - as long as it is black,' I was still able to give it my own personal branding and for relatively cheap. 3rd - CONSTRUCTION - Very Solid. I inspected and tugged on every part of this rig. It's going to hold up and for quite awhile. This is going to be my main ride for the next 5-10 years. Other Pros: Along with my customized cap I was able to get a low profile ripcord handle, a pull out pilot chute and pud handle, kill line pilot chute, snap toggles (LOVE THESE), and it comes with magnetic riser covers (LOVE THESE). It is definitely freefly friendly and tops all around. Cons: As I stated it comes in one color and you are limited on any other bells and whistles. However, it's still a ton of bang for not that much buck. All in all this was a great buy and I strongly encourage folks to take the Shadow 2K3 into consideration when looking for their next rig. It's an impressive set up and for the sales tag it's being marketed at - worth the look. Blue ones.
  7. woppyvac

    Help me decide on a container

    People purchase for different reasons... Safety, Comfort, Price, Style, Options, Popularity, etc. Before committing so much money read, reread, then review it a few more times before going forward. Those rigs are similar. But of your choices, I prefer the Javelin because of it's reserve packing/semi exposed pilot. Good Luck! (If you are so inclined to have the reserve opened with a main release system but want to save $ you could go with a Wings and get the Boost system. Personally, I'm a Racer fan)
  8. woppyvac

    Can rigger add a RSL?

    Master Rigger.
  9. woppyvac

    Cookie G3 Cutaway System

    200 jumps would be something to be recommended as well b4 doing camera jumps... the cutaway systems work on latched/strapped closing helmets. I believe the G3 doesn't have one.
  10. woppyvac

    pushing w/l limits

    365? thats tandemesque... did u have a typo?
  11. woppyvac


    I've got just over 20 jumps on a 146 Firebolt. Wing loaded at 1.55. I highly recommend folks to demo this canopy! Openings: This is the biggest selling point. SOFT. It's just amazing how wonderfully this canopy opens and is the reason I had to have one. You've gotta experience one to understand it. Packing: It's F111 bottomskin and ribs make packing the Firebolt easy to control. I found it easier to pack than the Sabre 2 150 I had before ordering the Firebolt and the Sabre had 200 jumps on it. Additionally, I had a jumper with less than a hundred jumps pack it for me in between loads today and he had no problem getting it in the bag. There are two brake lines. Only the out board lines get stowed and the excess inboard lines get pulled back toward the canopy meaning you aren't spending time stowing excess line - thats a plus onto itself by saving time. Flight: It does exactly as advertised. At 1.55 wing loading it's a spirited wing and wants to get back to the ground quick. Long spots may be the only semi con I could think of... Flare: Good and strong. I like to pick up speed for my landings and it's sweet spot is easy to find and creates great glide across the ground. Price: All the above and it beats out the competitors on price. Demo: Do It. Edited 9.23.2013 ---- update. I've put over 150 jumps on my Firebolt. The craftsmanship of this canopy is excellent - minimal wear. It's still opens amazingly (i've yet to have a hard opening). Flare is still strong. It's the only canopy I'll buy from now on.
  12. woppyvac

    Does this thing work

  13. woppyvac

    3D Spacer Foam, Back Pad & Leg Pads

    Personally, if you having it custom built to your specs the foam isn't really necessary. THAT MY OPINION. Space foam would aid you if your rigger or yourself packed bulgy on your back.. I say save the 200 bucks.
  14. woppyvac

    Wings W5 and Velo 111

    Why Wings doesn't post a container size chart etc. ? --- I don't know.
  15. woppyvac

    Virginia Skydiving Center

    This is the newest / oldest DZ in Va. The school and club moved from West Point to Dinwiddie near the end of last year and, true to form, have again established themselves as the safest and best run drop zone out there! I'm a fun jumper who started jumping when they were at West Point and now gladly trek the extra distance to jump with them at Dinwiddie -- It's worth it!!! I've done roughly 25 jumps at VSC out of either the Caravan (this thing is clean with a Large Door) or the 182 Cessna. The landing area is very large and would take a bit of doing to land off, the packing area is rubber matted, music is normally on, and they keep making new additions to the building every time I journey out to keep their students and jumpers comfortable and happy. I'm proud to claim it as my home DZ and encourage jumpers - new and old - to make it theirs as well! Blue Skies!
  16. woppyvac


    I'm 175lbs in my jumpsuit and about 195lbs out the plane fully rigged putting me close to a 1.1 wing loading on my Fusion 175. I have her packed in a Mirage G4 M4 and it's a perfect fit. Openings: SOFT! My first 10 jumps with it I was experiencing 1,000-1,500 ft. snivels. Spooked me something awful on my first jump which was a hop n' pop. I've altered my packing technique by favoring the slider more towards the tail and not pushing the nose into the middle. I'm not constantly having openings at 1,000ft. HOWEVER - almost ever opening is off heading! After 35 jumps I haven't figured what it is that is causing this but will continue to tweek both pack jobs and body position. Flight: Simply excellent! She does it all. I truly enjoy how much ground I can cover if need be from bad spots or if I just need more room to set up good landing patterns. Landings: In docile winds you have to give her a good full flare jerk and then your set. If not your gonna come in a smidge fast on low wind days. But overall - I love em. Packing: Packs like every other new chute... pain in the rear! But after your first 10 pack jobs you should be able to have her pretty well figured out. She uses HMA lines - I learnt that using a mixture of large rubber bands for the Dbag flap and small rubber bands for the remainder of the stows gave me quicker openings. Customer Service: They've been good to me when I've called - each and every time.
  17. woppyvac


    My DZ has an abundance of Sabre 2's for students and rentals and I've given most of them a try. I'm only posting this because I wanted to focus on their slow openings at lower weight ratios. I'm 190 out the door and taking a 210+ for a spin can get interesting once the pilot chute is out. I know a lot of beginners like jumping lower wing loads but at a .9 wing load I found the sabre 2 will snivel 1,000 -1,400 feet. Granted it's soft - but when pulling at 3,000 feet it can get concerning quick.