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  1. mcordell

    Separable rings

    Well that was fast. Got some ordered! Thanks!
  2. mcordell

    Noisy Collapsible Slider

    The loose material that is bunched up after the slider is collapsed will flap around and make noise. That's normal and won't go away. Depending on the type of links you have, those "caps" are bumpers of some sort. if you have soft links and mini risers then you should be able to pull the slider onto the risers but it's not necessary. Everything causes wear so yes technically that flapping causes some wear but it's really not a concern.
  3. have had my optima for 7 years and haven't had a single problem with it. You may want to check your setup again double check there is no pressure being placed on it. Is it possible something has hit it through the audible window on your helmet? I used a Z1 as well with mine and have never had a crack. Perhaps you have just had really bad luck with yours.
  4. mcordell

    Wings Coloring updated

    well.....I guess I like it since it's almost identical to my rig.... [inline img_0229(1).jpg]
  5. mcordell

    Skydiving Sunglasses

    Any sport style sunglasses that fit close to the face. You don't have to have the rubber gasket thing to use them for skydiving. When I jump my open face helmet I use a pair of tinted safety glasses (they look like regular sunglasses) that I got free from work. The wind never bothers my eyes with those. If you were wearing those giant bug eye sunglasses that seem to be popular right now (god knows why) then you may have a problem. Otherwise just jump whatever.
  6. mcordell


    They work like the reserve. There is a spring loaded pilot chute in the main tray and the container is closed with a ripcord. I can't think of any advantages. It's an antiquated method. The disadvantages are that spring loaded pilot chutes are likely to get caught in the student's burble. That would be especially true with AFF. Students can also lose the ripcord handle. It can also cause progression issues when switching from ripcord to throwout where students want to hold onto the PC handle of a throwout because they were trained to hold onto the ripcord handle. During this time the bridle dances around and looks for snags on equipment, body parts, fellow jumpers. I think starting students with ripcord mains makes no sense but that's my opinion.
  7. mcordell

    Opinions on reserve riser damage?

    As far as Velcro damage goes, that's about as minor as it gets. That should have no appreciable effect on the riser strength. I would have no problem packing that. If you are concerned you could send those pictures directly to sunpath but I suspect they will tell you it is a non-issue.
  8. Rolling the tail is great to help control it while you get it in the bag but doesn't affect the opening. Rolling the nose has some effect on how quickly the canopy inflates because the air goes into the nose. Rolling the outer cells toward the center and then opening the center across the outer cells is supposed to allow the center cell to inflate and slow the inflation of the halves of the canopy as they unroll by pushing against them. I suspect it's more likely the packer pushed the nose into the packjob prior to rolling the tail. In my experience that does more to slow the opening than rolling the nose. That pushes the rest of the packjob around the nose which delays the nose inflating while the canopy snivels. If you ever watch a high speed deployment you will see that it all goes into a big ball of shit pretty quickly. packing where the nose is immediately exposed to air will cause it to inflate much faster though. Pulling the slider where it sits in front of the center of the nose also makes it inflate slower.
  9. mcordell

    Javelin Excellent Customer Service

    I called them today about a customer's container. It's an older javelin with a retrofit RSL which was done per the rigger advisory circular from sunpath. During inspection I found the cutaway cable was setup for a lefthand rsl but the rsl is on the right riser. They are sending me a new cable set up for the right riser so I don't have to trim the cables any shorter. Great customer service!
  10. mcordell

    Where to find the Rigger Info disc?

    Everything is available for free from
  11. This is what I use and was the suggestion of a DPRE and master rigger. You probably have seen the Dixon pencils but they say "phano china marker" on them
  12. mcordell

    Wings and pilot

    I know this isn't a specific answer to your question but I have two wings containers. One is a W12-3 with a sabre 2 210 in it and the other is a W12-2 with a triathlon 175 in it. Both fit fairly well in the container and neither is "squishy". I'm not certain how their container sizing system works but I'd say with the difference in the sizes of my mains and both containers being the W12 size, if you go with the W11 I think you will find it fits just fine.
  13. mcordell

    Javelin with damage inside

    That looks an awful lot like Velcro damage. It looks like at some point (maybe after a repack) the reserve handle was inserted with the Velcro not fully mated inside the pocket which left the hook side exposed against the webbing. If that's the case, normal handling of the container and manipulation of the harness would cause the Velcro to rub and fray the webbing. Your rigger can clean it up as long as the stitching isn't broken or severely damaged but it looks pretty rough.
  14. mcordell

    Polaroid Cube Action Camera

    If your buddy has one you are in a good position to see the quality firsthand
  15. mcordell

    Anyone using air to air radios/Bluetooth setups?

    People do this?