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  1. So this may be a silly question, but do most camera flyers have both a video and still camera mounted on their helmets? I ask because the new GoPro Hero 3+ has the ability to take simultaneous video/stills - do other cameras have that feature? Is it a good thing for camera flying? Or should I just focus on a video camera for now and buy him a still camera for another occasion?
  2. Hi DZ.com gurus, I'm sneakily posting on my husband's account because I need advice on a camera for him for Christmas. Here's the deal: He's got about 500 jumps, never flown a camera, very safe and deliberate skydiver. 99% belly flyer, does 4-way formation competitions (intermediate level). Has his coach rating and C license; working toward D license and eventually AFF, tandem, and pro rating - he would ultimately like to skydive as a profession. Our family wants to get him a good camera to start with, but one that could also potentially be useful if he decides to learn how to fly camera for tandems to help gain experience and jumps. GoPros are all shiny and popular, but I get the sense that they're not the best for this purpose and I wanted to get advice from those who know. He's got a Cookie G3 helmet but I could probably swing getting him a different helmet if that's not good for camera work. Money's not a big issue - I'd say budget is up to $1000. Advice on mounts, memory cards, and other accessories would be awesome too! Thanks in advance from a non-skydiving wife who can't wait to see her husband's face on Christmas morning!